Have You Ever Seen Art Like This?


bigfootHow do you sneak art (like shredded carrots) into you kids’ lives (like spaghetti sauce)?

An exhibit based on heroes and monsters from pop culture was just the thing for us. My kids had a blast at the We Could Be Heroes exhibit at BYU’s Museum of Art. It’s pretty much tailor made for my kids—Anakin Skywalker, James Bond, Captain America, Big Foot. It’s a marvelous introduction to pop culture and art.  We all loved it.

We aren’t the poshest family, but I do want my kids to like and appreciate art. We have a trip to London planned for next year so I’m trying to sneak in a little art appreciation this year so our visits to the Tate and the British Museum will mean more to them.

We are starting with baby steps. . . baby Sasquatch steps!

  • Sasquatch 1 of 5
    A living legend!
  • James Bond 2 of 5
    James Bond
    My hero.
  • Captain America 3 of 5
    Captain America
    Captain America is holding Saddam Hussein's severed head. What does it mean?
  • Alice 4 of 5
    An interesting depiction of Alice, you know, from Wonderland?
  • Anakin Skywalker 5 of 5
    Anakin Skywalker

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