Home Sick? No Fun For You!

As the boys have gotten older, they’ve realized the “benefit” in saying they don’t feel well so they can stay home from school. As a 1st Grader, Dylan does it a lot more than Zachary, who is still in Preschool. But, Zach has definitely tried to pull this trick a time or two. Usually I’m pretty good at calling their bluff and end up sending them to school despite their protests and, believe it or not, they end up feeling fine and having a nice day at school.

Every so often, though, I get bamboozled, for one reason or another, and they end up staying home even though they really didn’t need to. Today was one of the mornings where I was unsure of the sincerity of Dylan’s claims of a stomachache. He waffled back and forth between really seeming to feel bad and acting perfectly fine.

After explaining that, if he stayed home, he couldn’t play video games all day, or play  in his baseball game this afternoon, he decided to give school a go. We packed up and headed out the door.

And then, just as the bell was about to ring, he clutched his stomach and started to cry.

Crap. This is the exact same thing that happened a few months ago. Despite his tears and insistence on a stomach ache, I’d left him at school and assumed he’d recover and be fine within a few minutes. Of course, a few hours later, the school was on the phone asking me to come get him because he’d gotten sick.

I took his face in my hands, looked him in the eye, and explained that I would take him home if he wanted me to, but that he would not be spending the day playing Wii with his brother or using the iPad. “You’re not going to go home and have a fun day off of school. And you’re not going to get to play in your game tonight, remember.”

He assured me that he understood the rules and but really felt that he’d be better off at home today. So we let his teacher and the office know, and then headed home.

At this rate, I’m going to have to put together a very strict school vs. no school policy wherein we utilize a checklist to determine attendance. When your kids are home sick, do you have a “no fun” rule for them or are they allowed to partake in their normal weekend activities?

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