How Did I Miss You Getting so Big?


I’ve been carrying my camera with me everywhere we go for the past few weeks. I certainly haven’t captured anything worthy of a Pulitzer, but I have caught some moments that I would have otherwise overlooked, like this one from Tuesday as we waited for your cat to be treated at the Vet’s office.

The ridiculous all pink outfit with ruffles and a kitten says you’re still a little girl. But your giant legs folded up underneath you as you read (READ!) about different breeds of cats says you’re closer to big than you will ever be to little again.

When you come in the door everyday I still see you as my little girl, my baby. When I look at still photos of you I don’t believe that you could have ever gotten so big without me noticing.

You’re wonderful. Simply wonderful.

And today I’m so thankful to be the one who gets to keep you, raise you and love you the most.


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