How Do You Buy Shoes?


Well, not how do you buy shoes in general, I KNOW how to buy shoes. But how do you go about buying shoes for your kids? Addie’s first shoes were two little pairs of Robeez then she moved into her first pair of Stride Rites. She had chubby block feet so she had to have shoes meant for wide paws. We stayed with Stride Rite for several years as her feet stayed as wide as they were long and once her feet began to even out we ventured into the dangerous land of any and every shoe. (When I say “we” I obviously mean “me.”)

Favorites emerged (ruby slippers!) and the quality of others proved to be a joke. Her feet seemed to shift and change overnight causing her to burn through more pairs of shoes in a few short years than I did in my entire 29 years. Now that she’s a bit older, I fall into the “spend more on less” group of shoe buyers, meaning I’d rather spend more money on two really good pairs of shoes (that can hopefully be passed on) than less money on a half dozen pairs that will just be tossed.

She has her running/play/gym shoes, New Balances as they come in wide and a pair of Dansko Mary Janes, also because they are wide, comfortable, and purple. We were lucky enough to have a friend that worked for Zappos for a bit and we were able to benefit greatly from her discount. She also has a pair of pretty spectacular cowgirl boots (90% off from a flash sale site) and a couple of pairs of church shoes from Payless, they only get worn once a week, no need to go fancy with those. With summer coming she’ll have to choose out some sandals but if she ever wants to wear them to school they’ll have to have a closed toe (no ripped toenails please!)

She begs me for heels regularly but thankfully in her mind a little stacked heel on a mary jane is heel enough, although she loves to wear my super high heels around the house (in fact she may be better at walking in them than I am.) Shoes are one thing that’s harder to find secondhand for Addie with her wide feet, we have yet to have any luck with a good thrifted pair of shoes. On the complete other hand, you can get Fryes and UGGS in Addie’s size – for around $200.

My foot won’t be changing sizes anytime soon and I still can’t bring myself to pay $200 for a pair of shoes.

Girls and shoes. It started young with us and I see many shoe shopping trips in the future, both out of necessity and mother/daughter bonding.

How does shoe shopping for your kids go?

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