How Do You Handle the Halloween Haul?


After asking what parents who don’t observe Halloween what their October 31st is like I realized that not only are there a dozen different ways to observe or not observe Halloween, there are a dozens of different theories as to what to do with all that crap kids come home with (except for Heath bars…those are not crap…those are mom’s.) I’ve heard some parents allowing their kids to gorge themselves on Halloween night and then toss the rest in the trash. I’ve also heard of dentist’s paying off children with small non edible rewards or money in exchange for their Halloween candy. Growing up we were allowed one or two pieces a day for a week and whatever was left over was tossed.

How are you planning to handle what your kids bring home tonight? Here’s my plan, and it begins with tossing out all the Dum-Dums and Bit-o-Honey’s.

While I’ve never taken my candy to be x-rayed, I always had my parents look over it and I’ve always done the same with Addie. Anything questionable, in damaged packaging or fishy gets tossed immediately. Addie then sorts out all of the fruity candy since she doesn’t like it. At all. She’s been known to look into a  bowl of Skittles, Starburst and Nerds on Halloween and simply walk away which makes the whole candy battle SO MUCH EASIER.

She then ranks the candy in order of her favorite and she will be allowed two pieces a day for a week just like I was. At the end whatever is left over gets tossed (or added to the super secret movie stash.)

So how do you plan on managing the bag full of delicious empty calories that walks home with your children tonight?


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