How Much Do You Pay for Babysitting?


OMG, I am so glad that my kids are older now and no longer need a babysitter, because I don’t think I could afford it.

I live in Manhattan, and when I last used a paid caregiver, about three years ago, I was paying $20 an hour for two kids. That seems crazy expensive to me now, but that is pretty much the norm.

So going out to see a movie would automatically have an extra $60 built in, plus cab-fare for the babysitter if the movie let out late. That’s on top of what we’d spend on the movie and popcorn, and lord forbid we stopped for a drink on the way back. It’s really no wonder that when my kids were little I hardly ever went to the movies with my husband. The cost was just prohibitive.

What do you pay for babysitting? Does it depend on the age of the child? Does the person taking care of your children do other things, like laundry, cook or tidy up?


 Photo source: Wiki