How My Dreams Changed When I Became a Mom


Back before I had children I found that I would dream big. I would fantasize about a getaway with my husband, I would look forward to the weekends off work and sleeping in was not something I gave too much second thought to.

I could wake up and midnight and go out to the grocery store, I could stay out at a friends house and only had to worry about getting to work on time. I looked forward to dressing up in fancy clothes, putting on heals and make up and that was the normal.

When I became a mom, that changed. Not for the worse, not for the better — just was. I wouldn’t trade it for anything ever in the world, but my dreams changed too. What I daydreamed and fantasized transformed into something else.

I am not only talking about how my kids were now inclulded the dreams of my children, my hopes for them, my fears for them and how I would do anything in my power to keep them from pain. I am talking also about the ‘petty’ things, the everyday things and how our lives change that we may not always realize.

:: How did your dreams change when you became a parent? ::

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