How to Use Pro-D Days as Bait for Good Behavior


empty school hallwayMy son’s school has professional days for the teachers about once a month.

He is only 5, and can’t read yet, and doesn’t fully understand the school schedule. He just knows he has to go to school when we tell him he has to go to school.

Soooo .. we’re using that naivete to our advantage.

The day off school becomes our behavior bait.

If my son listens, plays nice, cleans his room, etc. his reward will be no school on Monday, or Friday or whenever.

There are two instances of no school on my son’s schedule this month, so we are testing out the bait to see if it works.

There is a fine line between reward and bribery when trying to encourage good behavior in your children. I’m not too certain about using cutting classes as a reward, but I’m sure he’ll catch on to the notion of schedules and pro-d days soon enough.

In the meantime, just as with Santa Claus, we’ll take advantage of the bait for good behaviour where we can find it.

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