How We Instagrammed Our Summer Vacation

It started with a camping trip on Father’s Day and ended with a trip to Vegas. In between, we learned new things, climbed mountains, explored our city, and visited with relatives.

Heading back to school is always a fun time to look back at “how we spent our summer vacation.” Now it’s not so hard to remember what you did over the past 8-10 weeks with the kids under foot, just have a flip back through your Instagram feed to see what happened.

I hope yours was as wonderful as ours and you enjoy this look at how we Instagrammed our summer vacation:

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    how we instagrammed our summer vacation

    I don't know about you, but I'm usually partial to Amaro.

  • Camping – June 15, 2013 2 of 32

    Father's Day weekend saw us starting a new tradition of Dad and both boys camping. We headed out to Dinosaur Provincial Park to hunt for bones.

  • Star Wars Pose – June 15, 2013 3 of 32

    The badlands of Alberta look a lot like Tattooine, according to my boys. Taking their pictures on these desert scapes saw the invention of "the Star Wars Pose." Ask them for a picture when they are together and they both assume the Jedi position.

  • Popsicles With Spider-Man – June 18, 2013 4 of 32

    The first hot day of the year and I spent it sitting on the porch having a popsicle with Spider-Man.

  • Report Card Day – June 20, 2013 5 of 32

    Our little guy passed pre-school and will head into Junior Kindergarten next year. Zacharie passed too, and moves on to a new school for Grade 1.

  • The Great Flood – June 21, 2013 6 of 32

    Those are horse barns. They're usually not part of a river. Calgary flooded badly on June 21, 2013. It will cost nearly $5B to clean up, some of our neighbours are still not in their homes as school gets ready to start. The flood showed the incredible spirit of our community as nearly 100k people were evacuated and there wasnt a panic at any shelter. We opened our doors to our neighbours and cleaned up the mess in less than 2 weeks to hold the Calgary Stampede, The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.

  • Pitching In – June 22, 2013 7 of 32

    My boys helped the flooded communities by donating some of their clothes and toys for the kids who lost everything. I brought them to the relief center and they handed over the baskets themselves to the great appreciation of the volunteers.

  • Staying Up To Midnight – June 23, 2013 8 of 32

    My son asked if he could stay up to midnight. I said when school was over. Wouldn't you know it, the first weekend after school was over and the night before I had a 6a flight to catch, he asks if he can stay up to midnight. Not wanting to go back on a promise, and thinking he would knock off by 10, I said yes. The kid stayed up til 12. And I slept on my flight the next the day.

  • Spicabonie 2 – June 29, 2013 9 of 32

    Movies are an important part of summer entertainment around our place and we saw them all. Epic, Planes, Turbo, but our favorite had to be the purple minions in Spicabonie 2!

  • Hiking – July 1, 2013 10 of 32

    When you go hiking, you bring your Spider-Man mask. And when you get your picture taken, you shoot silks at your Mom.

  • Golfing – July 3, 2013 11 of 32

    The summer of 2013 was the summer Zacharie learned how to play golf. We went to the range, played on big courses, and even getting up at 6a to catch the first tee time brought a proud grin.

  • Chairlift Ride – July 3, 2013 12 of 32

    Not everyone likes riding a chairlift to see the view from the top of Panorama mountain in BC.

  • Swimming – July 4, 2013 13 of 32

    There was lots of swimming done in the summer of 2013. It was the summer our 6 yr old ditched the water wings for good and attacked every body of water with fearlessness

  • Everybody Loves A Parade – July 5, 2013 14 of 32

    The Calgary Stampede Parade was particularly spectacular this year.

  • Calgary Stampede – July 5, 2013 15 of 32

    Met Diego. NBD.

  • More Golf – July 6, 2013 16 of 32

    What can I say? The kid loves the sport. He'll even throw down a the driving range trying to get better.

  • First Lost Tooth – July 14, 2013 17 of 32

    Biting into a hot dog at the Calgary Stampede, Zacharie lost his first tooth! You'd think he'd won the lottery. Such a thrill for the guy.

  • Chuckwagon Champion – July 14, 2013 18 of 32

    After coming in 2nd last year, Zacharie returned to dominate the field at the kids' Chuckwagon race pavilion!

  • First Summit – July 21, 2013 19 of 32

    Our many camping trips over the summer included some big hikes up to the tops of mountains. Our first summit of the summer was the Bear's Hump at Waterton Lakes National Park.

  • First Ride – July 24, 2013 20 of 32

    Charlie was finally big enough to take some rides on his own at our local amusement park.

  • Berry Picking – July 28, 2013 21 of 32

    Saskatoon berries are a more purple colored type of blueberry. They're a little more tart, but just as awesome. Every year we go out and pick (and eat) a bucket or two.

  • Wheels Off – July 29, 2013 22 of 32

    Finally, after 3 summers of trying, the wheels came off for good. Zacharie was enrolled in a Pedalheads bike camp and he picked it up and hasn't gotten off his bike since. If he could only find a way to play golf on a bike, his life would be complete.

  • Peyto Lake – August 2, 2013 23 of 32

    Our next summer summit was above Peyto Lake in the Rocky Mountains. This place is often used as a promotional photography spot for tourism, it was gorgeous.

  • Plain Of Six Glaciers – August 3, 2013 24 of 32

    This was a nearly 10 mile return hike that saw my young 6 year old son climb more than 900ft in elevation as he ascended the Plain of Six Glaciers behind Lake Louise. What a day.

  • Epic Weekend – August 3, 2013 25 of 32

    It really was an epic weekend that also saw Zacharie become a Junior Xplorer with Parks Canada.

  • Shark Week – August 5, 2013 26 of 32

    We celebrated Shark Week.

  • Bike Race – August 10, 2013 27 of 32

    Eager to put their new found bike riding skills to good use, the boys entered a fun bike race for kids. They haven't taken the racing numbers off the front of their bikes yet.

  • Pilots On Duty – August 17, 2013 28 of 32

    This was the start of "Child Free Week" for my wife and I. I was heading to a conference in Vancouver and brought the boys along. They stayed behind with their grandparents. We got these pilot tshirts on board an Icelandair flight and they wear them every trip. They're a big hit.

  • The New Bike – August 20, 2013 29 of 32

    I bought this bike for my son intending it to be a Christmas gift. I couldn't wait. A week later he was trying it out. It's a smidge too big for him, but he's excited to have it for next summer.

  • Aquarium – August 25, 2013 30 of 32

    We visited the Vancouver Aquarium, a place we used to take the boys all the time as kids, now we visited as tourists. I caught this cool 'fish face' photo as Zacharie went eye to eye with an exhibit.

  • Pride – August 25, 2013 31 of 32

    "Daddy, why is the crosswalk painted like a rainbow," Zacharie asked.
    "To remind us that we can love anyone we want," I responded.
    "But I already love everybody," he said.
    You've got to love the innocence and purity of youth. This crosswalk was permanently painted like a rainbow at Davie and Bute in Vancouver in advance of Pride 2013 and is now a tourist stop for photos.

  • Tunnels – August 29, 2013 32 of 32

    At the end of a long summer, we stopped in the Othello Tunnels in Coquihalla Provincial Park for a break to stretch our legs in the middle of a 10 hr road trip. I caught this silhouette as my wife and kids exited the last tunnel. From the darkness, and into the light of another year.

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