I Had No Idea What an Impact This Small Chore Would Have on My Day


I Had No Idea What an Impact This Small Chore Would Have on My DayFor most of the summer I’ve had this to-do list that feels never ending. It seems just when I was getting used to having my 2 older kids in school part time, the summer was here and a whole new routine started.

At the start of the summer I felt overwhelmed! I had all the kids home, new work responsibilities, and I never felt that I was getting accomplished all that I wanted to get done. I had to re-evaluate priorities and figure out the triage scale of everything from the kids to the housework and my work. It was, and still is, a learning process.

I have found something that may not seem like a huge thing but for some reason, it’s had a huge impact on my day! One small chore that if I get done first thing in the morning it seems to set up the day for awesome — and helps me sleep better at night.

Before this summer I would roll my eyes at anyone who says this particular task was on their daily to-do list. It seemed so pointless to be at the time and I just didn’t get it. Now, oh my goodness — it’s like the first thing I do everyday and every night before bed I am so happy I did it. What you ask?

I make my bed.

Yep, it takes like 3 minutes to do and it’s what I do right after I get dressed and before I head to the wash room to brush my teeth. Like I said, it was like the most useless chore to me before but now — sometimes that’s the only household chore I get done before the kids are in bed.

If I am having a slow morning, I can always say “at least I made the bed”.  The big bonus though is that super comfy, non-chaotic, perfectly welcoming bed greeting me at the end of a long day. That small chore has helped me frame the whole day and helps me wind down at the end of the day.

Weird, right?

:: Do you make your bed every day? ::

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