I Lost My Kid

I blogged about a pool party/BBQ I had on Sunday, but I left out one epic detail. I lost JD and his friend Cristiano, aka: Double Trouble. My friends and the boys were trucking in with all of the supplies after an afternoon at the pool. The rascals ran ahead of us per usual. JD pressed the elevator button and Cristiano ran in. The elevator closed and the boys were gone. Cristiano’s mom launched into a panic attack. I was surprisingly calm. My NYC friends were laughing. My work-wife Jemma jumped on the other elevator to look for the kids on the other floors. I calmly explained that JD knows where we live and that he likely hit the correct number and is standing in front of our door. Also, there are only 5 floors.

Then we heard deep belly laughs coming from the elevator. The kids were clearly on a joy ride. The other elevator opened and it was empty. Crap. We all filed into the elevator. Mareesa was having a heart attack and talking about the boys falling from the elevator. I was cool as a cucumber and not worried. I didn’t worry until we reached my floor and the boys were not there. “Where are they?” I said in a stern, concerned voice. I dropped my beach bag on the floor and a million things ran through my mind. Are they stuck on the elevator? Did they get off the elevator and go outside? OMG, did a tenant kidnap them!!! These thoughts were fleeting seconds. I’m not sure what everyone else was doing because I was in my own frozen world, until I heard “ting” and the elevator doors open. My downstairs neighbor Steve walked out and the boys burst through the space, laughing.

22 Funny Signs About Watching Your Kids Or Else! HAHAHA via DADCAMP

“Um, are these yours?” he joked.

“STEVE!” I said. “Thank you!”

“No prob. JD told me he lost his family, so I brought him back to you. His family,” said Steve.

I thanked him again and we all walked down the hall to my condo. In almost five years, this is the first time I lost JD. And it was in my condo building. In nearly five years this is the first time I heard JD describe him and me as a … family. Lost. Found. Moved. Family.

Have you ever lost your kid?

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