"I was Bored." My Public School Fear Came True.


Every Friday, students in Addie’s first grade class get to pick a “fun” extra activity assuming they have followed all of the rules for the week and have turned in all of their homework. Addie generally chooses to color or play with some friends but this past Friday she missed ‘Fun Friday.’ It wasn’t because she broke any rules throughout the week or because she forgot her homework, it was because she got bored.

We live in a fairly decent area when it comes to public schooling. Private schools are just not an option because of distance and finances and homeschooling? Oof. I’m not there. I have no problem working with Addie at home on education and one of the biggest reasons she’s in public school is for social reasons. She went through pre-school and Kindergarten as an only child, Vivi isn’t going to be an interactive playmate for a few years yet and they will never be on the same level in school.

One of my biggest concerns has always been that Addie would be a little too smart for her own good and grow bored. She was in a group reading class on Friday and while I haven’t talked to her teacher yet, she said she chose to do her own work instead of working on the reading assignment thus causing her to miss fun Friday. The kid reads voraciously and is on an early fourth grade reading level by public school standards so I’m not all that surprised that she got bored.

We had a talk about having to do what you are asked to do despite wanting to, just like at home. I am going to be talking with her teacher (again) about keeping her challenged without overwhelming her. I understand resources are tight and I’m going to be doing as much as I can to keep Addie excited about learning and make her teacher’s job easier.

Do you have kids who get bored in school? What do you find keeps them engaged and out of trouble?