If You're In NYC Tomorrow, You Can Save a Life


We’re all parents, and we’re all doing the best we can.

We are busy.  We make different choices and hope that they are the ones that serve our families best.  We count out blessings and we hope for a future for us and our children.

So what happens when you six-year-old gets sick with what you assume is the seasonal flu in December? What happens when you are at the hospital and the doctors tell you that your son has leukemia?  That his best chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant? What happens when you find out that you are not a match and that the bone marrow transplant will have to come from a stranger.

For most of us, it is hard to ask for things.  “Can you do me a favor?” we ask, even when the favor is tiny, barely an inconvenience.  How do you ask strangers to test to see if they are a match for a bone marrow transplant?

This is how:

If you are in the NYC area tomorrow,  I am asking you to come to Kidding Around Toy Store, between 7:30 and 11:30 am, at 60 W. 15th Street and get swabbed to see if you are a match.  Because if you are match, you could save a six-year-old’s life.  Please come.  And please tell people who you think may be able to come.

Because none of us wants to think what it’s like to have a child with such a heartbreaking diagnosis, but all of us want to believe that a stranger would help us.




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