I'm Afraid to be Home With My Kids All Summer


In exactly nine days I begin my first summer home with my kids. In the near decade since becoming of mom I’ve relied on the convenience and expertise of daycare professionals to keep my kids entertained for the summer while I worked outside the home.

With daycare and school wrapping up next week, I look to summer’s free-for-all with anxiety and dread as a work-at-home mom. I know bored kids become annoying kids so I signed them up for weekly sports programs through our city, bought summer movie passes (10 movies for $5!), and plan to take them librarying and swimming at least once a week. But even still, I’m the one who has play taxi driver, wait for their games to finish, play social director, and referee. Where does my job fit into all this? Hell, where does my sanity fit into all this?

I know there are work-at-home mamas who do this every single summer but I can’t help but wonder how.

When I worked outside the home I looked forward to summers as much as my kids did. Finally I could make it home from work in daylight. Finally I could enjoy the evening without the stress of homework before dinner. My, how things have changed.

While I’d never in a million billion years complain about the obvious perks that come with working from home, I need some advice, support, something that’s going to make the next 11 weeks possible.

Because friends, this is the best I could come up with on my own:

• Work from 9pm – 2am (…because that’s when I feel most creative. Not.)

• Go back to working outside the home this summer (also known as running away)

• Alcohol

• A panic room

• 5150 hold

Yep, that’s all I’ve got.

Have advice on how to manage working from home during the summer? I’m all ears!

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