Inside The TomKat Custody Battle: Should Katie Holmes Get Sole Legal Custody?

You’ve heard the news. The world heard the news. TomKat is, gasp, divorcing. I saw this coming. I found the love affair and intense infatuation to be staged and the romance to be rushed. I found the immediate show of public affection, the couch jumping, to be fake and to serve a purpose. Katie is now an A-lister. Tom had a pretty woman on his arm and got a child out of the soon-to-be short-lived marriage.

Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise a week ago and in a bold move, asked the court for Sole Legal Custody of their six-year-old daughter Suri. I have Sole Legal and Physical Custody of JD. His dad left when I was in my first trimester. I petitioned the court for this custody arrangement and wasn’t shocked to unflinchingly win. His dad is absent and didn’t fight for custody, or even care—over a speaker phone in court, he just “yeahed” the hearing officer. “Absolutely,” he said. What else could he say? JD was 2 at the time and he made no effort to meet him or pay a dime until the court made him. He can claim I’m icy for the custody agreement, but there was no other option. It would be unheard of for him to share custody with the woman he left in the snow in NYC. He lives 4 states away. If some of you are confused about custody, let me explain:

  • [This is what Katie wants and what I have] Sole Legal Custody: One parent has all the decision-making authority when it comes to things like medical care, education and religious upbringing.


  • Joint Legal Custody: Both parents have equal decision-making authority when it comes to things like medical care, education and religious upbringing.


  • [I have this too. JD’s dad does not exercise his visitation rights and that’s on HIM] Sole Physical Custody: Where the child/ren spend most of their time with one parent, with some visitation to the other non-custodial parent.


  • Joint Physical Custody: Where the child/ren spend significant time with each parent according to a timeshare plan that the parties have agreed upon, or that the court imposes.

From what I’ve read about Katie, she is very close to her family and was brought up Catholic. She converted to Tom’s religion of Scientology (he prob made her, but I’m not in their marriage, so I can’t confirm this). Tom is extremely passionate about Scientology. Sources say Katie feels if Tom has Joint Legal Custody, she will be phased out, because Tom can practice (what I consider) wonky Scientology with Suri.

I feel her pain, but I also feel for Tom. The sexy Mission Impossible star isn’t Aaron (JD’s dad). He was and is a participating father. He doesn’t deserve to lose custody of his child and I feel such would be a burden on Suri, who has known this man from her birth as … daddy. A dad shouldn’t just lose his kid, unless said kid is in danger. In a perfect world, the couple will get Joint Legal Custody and the court will mediate when it comes to the child’s religious upbringing. The world is not perfect, sigh.

However, Katie is said to win this custody fight. A piece published in the Daily Mail says Tom’s other kids, die-hard Scientologists (btw), Bella and Conner don’t have much of a relationship with Tom’s ex Nicole Kidman—this means Katie can prove it’s possible she could be outed, too. Katie is worried about the negative impact the Sci-Fi cult will have on Suri. I don’t blame her: In 1998 on an A&E documentary titled “Inside Scientology” it was reported that founder, Hubbard stated repeatedly that to make money, “you start a religion.” SCAM! I’m on Katie’s side when it comes to wanting Sole Legal Custody in an attempt to bring her child up in a more sound religious atmosphere.

Katie is swinging: She also filed for divorce in New York, as part of her strategy to win Sole Custody. She believes courts in Los Angeles, the city where she lived with her husband and Suri will favor Joint Custody. Yikes, I hope this doesn’t get ugly for posh Suri’s sake. I feel lucky things aren’t ugly for JD, me and Aaron. We’re all just living life. The check comes every month. Aaron can visit, but he doesn’t. Oh well.

What do you think about this TomKat mess? Is Katie out of line for seeking Sole Legal Custody?

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