Introducing Babble Pets (And How My Husband Butchers Our Dog)

Babble has a new pets blog and I’m hoping that reading along is going to help ease some tension around the Doty household.

Every couple has at least one issue, one point of contention, that when brought up even casually, has the potential to cause a heated argument. For some it is money, for others it’s an ex-partner, or the inability of the trash to make it to the outside can in a timely manner.

My husband and I aren’t immune to this, though, our recurring marital tiff isn’t centered around finances or household chores. No, our arguments are fueled by something of the furry variety. 

Most people who meet our border collie, Baxter, find him charming. He’s playful and friendly, but not burying-an-unwelcome-nose-in-your-crotch friendly and even I have to admit he is amazingly patient with our children.

He also has a tendency to chew only my things including but not limited to any shoes I particularly treasure, the cord to the chargers of my electronic devices, and once the last 20 pages of a book I was immersed in that I tore myself away from long enough to make a ham sandwich.

Did I mention he vomits regularly? Sorry to have to share this with you, but it’s the only way I can let you know how devious he is. He will race from the kitchen into my bedroom, one of the only carpeted rooms in our home, to do so on  on a surface that can’t be easily cleaned.

Despite all of this, he and I have to join forces each Summer against my husband. It never fails, when the weather warms up my husband decides that Baxter is burning up under all that fur and really would prefer to be shaved. I try to convince him that dogs have ways of regulating their body temperature in heat. When that doesn’t work I beg him to take the dog to a professional groomer, but he’s convinced that shaving a dog just isn’t that hard.

“Anyone can do this,” he tells me while cutting chunks of the dog’s fur away with scissors. Baxter just sits there ashamed until my husband finishes up and he looks like this:

I’m not sure who is more humiliated on our walks around the neighborhood in the months of June-August, myself or Baxter. A well-meaning neighbor once stopped to tell me I should have my dog checked out by a veterinarian because they suspect he suffers from mange.

I didn’t even bother explaining to him that my dog looks like this because my husband fancies himself a pet stylist.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited to read what the animal lovers over at Babble pets have to say about life with the four-legged. I’d love a post on proper home-grooming tips. Hint hint.

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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