Is It Possible to Say You're "Pro" Something Without Being Criticized For Having an Opinion?

One of the more fun things about life and living is all the different people we get to talk to. Listening to stories from other families and parents, we get a glimpse into what makes them work as a family, what makes them tick as a couple, and how that influences their parenting decisions.

That is what we get from all these great blogs on Babble — real people, with real opinions, living a real life. Not just generic advice and words from ‘experts,’ but we get to share the different lifestyles that we all lead with our different backgrounds and situations.

I was criticized yesterday on another blog I write on for Babble, which is nothing new and I am pretty used to it — it’s the fun of having different perspectives. What I wasn’t prepared for was being called all sorts of names and receiving many non-respectful comments regarding a parenting decision my husband and I make for our children (which wasn’t even the topic of the post). I responded in a follow-up post that I was shocked for the comments and made a remark that was obviously opinion-based and then was taken to task for that as well and accused of being judgmental.

That got me thinking; when did having a respectfully-voiced opinion become just as bad as calling someone negative names and accusing them of putting their children in harm’s way?

I mentioned in a post earlier that I am a big believer in co-sleeping. While I can totally understand and respect that this parenting style won’t work for every family, I do wish that more parents considered it. I do wish it was more common and more parents co-slept — that’s obviously the case because if it wasn’t — we wouldn’t do it.

I know there are many of you out there who strongly believe in not co-sleeping. You may or may not understand why we do it and you may wish more parents read up on why not to co-sleep. You may wish that more parents didn’t co-sleep. That may also obviously be the case for you if that’s why you choose not to co-sleep.

Why is it such a bad thing to say that for either of us? Can we respectfully voice our opinions without the ‘other side’ automatically assuming we think the worst of them because they don’t agree?

Have we all become so consumed by the “mommy-wars” that we have to tread lightly when it comes to talking about any parenting topics for fear of being called smug and judgemental?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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