Is My Son Too Obsessed With Cars?


74403658b7ae11e18bb812313804a181_7Whenever someone asks what they can buy for my 4-year-old son, I don’t hesitate — he only wants cars. He’s obsessed with cars. If it doesn’t have wheels, he’s not interested.

That can come across as sounding bratty but the truth is, he’s just really not interested in much else. Coloring? Okay, as long as it’s drawing cars. Legos? If he can make a car. Bikes and scooters? Only if the neighborhood kids are outside and he can pretend he’s a Transformer.

I know it is completely normal for 4-year-olds to have fixations. (Hello, all the little girls with their Frozen renditions and the half-crazed mothers who know all the lyrics!) His teachers aren’t surprised about his fascination at all and reassure us that every kid goes through a similar phase.

I’m not worried. But I do wonder if we’re doing wrong by not forcing him to pursue other interests. I wonder if we’re enabling him with every car-related cartoon we watch or every time I don’t insist that we build a castle instead of a car wash. I hope that as he grows he’ll get more well-rounded.

Honestly, I’m just really tired of watching Transformers and stepping on Hot Wheels cars before I’ve had my coffee on Saturday morning.

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