Is Your Child Kindergarten Ready?


I’m doing a lot research on kindergarten lately. Anders will begin in the fall and even though he is whip smart I’ve been obsessing over whether he is ready or not. Only, when I really sit down and think about it, I’m not even sure what my criteria for kindergarten readiness consist of.

Anders currently attends preschool five days a week and has been doing so for almost a year now. He thrives there. While he is still a little shy, he has many friends and even the occasional admirer who he, of course, insists is yucky, but blushes at the mention of.

Socially, he seems ready, but does success in preschool translate to kindergarten?

During my scouring of the internet for information on how to best prepare my son to begin his school career, I came across a really helpful post on a website called I Can Teach My Child. It lists exactly what a child should know before beginning kindergarten and it was instrumental in easing my nerves about Anders starting school.

The list is broken down into five parts: personal and social development, language and literacy, mathematical thinking, physical development, and the arts.

They sound more daunting than they are and many of the skills mentioned Anders mastered in his toddler years.

If you are like me, worried about what this fall holds for your kindergartener, I recommend checking out the list. I bet it eases some of your fears.


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