Isn't It Funny When a Kid Gets Chased By Bison?


What do you think of this photograph I took on my vacation? We were in Yellowstone this summer and I just snapped it! Pretty nifty, huh? Each black dot is a bison! Isn’t that fun?

But not everyone is satisfied with a picture from a nice, safe, car-encased distance. Some people want a closer shot.

And they got it, after the jump!

So here’s the thing about the wild animals at Yellowstone.  They are real and they are wild. They are not people dressed up in wild animal costumes. And there are many, many signs, brochures and something that some people like to call common sense, warning visitors to stay away from the animals.

But what’s a child’s safety when you’re trying to get an awesome shot?

I assume the guy is laughing because he had a nervous breakdown and not for any other reason. And really, who can blame him. How was he supposed to know that a bison would act like a wild animal?

Oh. Right.


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