It Took 7 Years, But it Finally Happened


One of my kids managed to get gum stuck in their hair.

And it wasn’t even the four-year-old, which would have kind of made sense. They’re famous for being kinda spacey and not very smart in a worldly sense, so getting gum stuck in their hair isn’t that hard of a thing to imagine. It was the 7-year-old, who, really, should be considered old enough to be able to eat gum without it ending up in his hair, but apparently I overestimated his abilities.

I should have known we were in trouble when I had to tell him, twice, to keep the gum in his mouth. In hindsight, after having to tell him a second time, I should have made him spit out the gum. It would have saved us all a lot of trouble. But I didn’t, and within a few minutes he was desperately trying to remove a was of gum from his hair.

At first all I could do was laugh, because the situation was so ridiculous, and when I asked him how in the world he had managed to get gum stuck in his hair, and his response was “I forgot that you told me to keep it in my mouth.” But then, as I started to think about it, I became annoyed that a seven-year-old put gum in how own hair. How is that even something that happens?!

After trying to use ice to remove it, which didn’t work, I switched to the oil method. Traditionally, I’ve heard that people use peanut butter, but because Dylan has a peanut allergy, I figured that wasn’t the best choice. I went with olive oil, and after a few minutes of massaging it into the gum and picking at the remaining pieces, it had all disintegrated and was gone. After a shower, I don’t even think there’s an oil sheen left in his hair.

It wasn’t necessarily the way I envisioned spending my Friday night, but I suppose it could have been worse. I should probably be celebrating that it took this long before it happened.

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