It's Not Easy Being a Second-Grader

Photo by Mandy Cheney

Sometimes I wonder how we as adults survived childhood. Being a kid is a lot of fun and has its perks, don’t get me wrong, but there are blows too.

Come on, you remember when Jimmy called you a booger face or smelly pants or whatever other ugly words he could slew together to hurt your feelings (because he actually had a crush on you.) No one leaves childhood unscarred. It’s quite the ride for the kid and now I’m learning, it’s a ride for the parent. And maybe I’m speaking generally, maybe childhood and parenting is cake at your house, but over here at my house, we experience some second grade turbulence.

Whoa Betsy!

There’s no telling the kind of mood that will walk through the front door after school. I always hope and pray my daughter had a good day, but half of the time, that front door slams, which tells me there’s a fire to be extinguished.

I’m pretty sure I was the same way with my parents.

Today, the door slammed and I heard little shoes stomping. It’s Friday, early day, what could possibly go wrong on fun-day-Friday? I thought.

So, the after-school how’s, what’s, who’s and why’s began. Her sad face started recounting the events of her day.

“Mom, my friends are so mean to me. One of my friends said she wasn’t my friend anymore and she gave the other friend a phone. I can’t believe she gave her a phone and didn’t give me one!”

“This other friend told me that she wasn’t going to be my BFF ever, like FOREVER! It hurts my feelings so bad!”

“I cried at recess today because every one laughed at my sneaky snack. They ran away yelling EWWW because they think red peppers are gross. I told them that sometimes food looks gross but that doesn’t mean it is gross. And peppers look spicy, but they’re not. They’re really good. I don’t know why they would run away. That’s just so mean.”

“The friend that didn’t like me yesterday is now my friend. I’m never talking to the other girls again.”

And so on and so forth…

I’m sad that it’s like that and I forget that kids have stresses of their own. They’re trying to find their place in this big world and I’m not sure how to help them some days. Her daily dumpings leave me speechless, most of the time. I’m assuming the best thing for her is a listening ear. I remember the girl fights in second grade and the she-saids and the best friend drama that exists. It’s exhausting. It’s hard on kids, but I suppose this is how they get a head start on life. I guess I survived it and so will she. Unfortunately, the drama doesn’t really ever die down. I see this kind of girl drama amongst adults. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

She’s going through her initiation as a child and I’m going through mine as a parent.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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