Just When I Think I've Got Things Figured Out


Every so often I think I’ve got a handle on this whole parenting gig. Things aren’t necessarily going smoothly, but I am at least under the impression that I understand what’s going on in our lives and can deal with them appropriately. At times like this, I employ my “I have a plan and I’m not afraid to use it!” mentality.

And then the universe laughs in the face of my naivete and gives me a swift kick in the a*s to remind me who is really in charge.

This happened in February of last year when we were unwittingly thrust into the world of childhood food allergies. We slowly started to figure things out, get a handle on the situation, and become pros at reading food labels when, this week, everything we thought we understood about our situation was tossed out the window and we were once again left scratching our heads and figuring out a new way of doing things.

You can read more about the events of the past week on my personal blog, MeghanGWine.

Parenting certainly keeps you on your toes, doesn’t it?

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