Karbie? Kardashiarbie? Bardashian? No. No to all of it.


Addie is currently sprawled out on the floor pretending to take care of two new babies and a very sick puppy. She’s a doctor that “does it all” she claims. Later she’ll teach some dance lessons to a little girl and tomorrow she’ll be running her own pizzeria, all with the help of her Barbies.

There are rumors swirling about that Barbie and the Kardashians are going to be teaming up on a new line of dolls. Whether it’s having the three Kisters remade as Barbie dolls complete with their proportions or the three sisters designing fashions for Barbie, the chances of these two worlds colliding is a good one. However just because the chances are good, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

I’m the mom of a seven-year-old girl who loves Barbies. I have the wallet, and no money from my wallet will ever go towards a Kardashian anything, especially a doll.

Barbie can dream of becoming a fashion designer. Addie can dream of becoming a fashion designer, but c’mon girls, let’s shoot higher than a synthetic fabric collection of leopard print and and high waistlines available at Sears. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Sears, for lawnmowers. High fashion? Nope. Not really. The most into fashion I get is Project Runway. I’m quite happy in my average priced well fitting jeans and comfortable sweater.

Barbie has collaborated with some of the best fashion designers on the planet, ones even my husband knows about. We had an amazing display of Barbie fashion on the Indianapolis Children’s museum, not only were there high fashion Barbie dolls, there were actual dresses designed by Vivienne Tam, Alexander McQueen and Yves St. Laurent. I have a hard time believing that any hard core Barbie collector would get excited about a Kardashian Barbie, no one who isn’t in the entertainment or gossip industry that I know of gives a lick about them.

What I know is that the three sisters are famous for being famous. And they got that way because they are rich. One has made an absolute joke out of marriage, has sex tape and one has been arrested for DUI.

Barbie? This is the kind of riff raff you’re going to be calling your “pals?”

I suggest you find better friends or we’ll be finding better dolls.

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