Keeping a Lovey Safe on a Cruise

So we’ve talked about keeping your family safe on a cruise, but what about your kid’s security object (in our house Addie has woobie and Vivi has bunny). If your kids have a beloved item then you know the importance of guarding it with your life. Woobie once went missing for an entire week when Addie was three and OH THE TEARS. The bad news about Addie’s woobie is that it’s one of a kind, there’s no finding another woobie on Ebay. The good news is we learned with bunny. As soon as she showed an obvious affection to him, I ran out and bought another. I’ve been switching them out every two weeks to make sure they stay consistently smelly and fluffy.

The only thing Addie needed in life was woobie for a while, and even now, at seven, she still holds onto him at night. Woobie has been everywhere Addie has been, and I have a feeling bunny will be with us for a very long time. Next to keeping my own family safe on a cruise, it’s vitally important to keep my daughters’ lovies safe as well. Since you’ll be on a boat, assuming woobie doesn’t go flying overboard, there’s a very good chance you’ll get him or her back since you’re on a boat. (Assuming you make the rule that lovies don’t make off shore excursions).

  • If your child’s lovely is an animal or doll, consider having them carry it in a baby carrier. There are so many cute baby carriers out there for kids, and if your child has ever watched your babywear then they’ll be even quicker to jump on board with the idea. Ergo baby makes a doll carrier for $25 and Sakura Bloom makes a silk ring sling for $38. It puts them in charge of keeping their lovey safe and keeps you from having to carry around a teddy bear in your bag.
  • Have you seen those sippy cup straps? Guess what, they’re also amazing woobie holders. We tie one around bunny’s neck at restaurants or when she’s in her high chair so bunny doesn’t land on the floor when Vivi tosses him from her seat.  Sure it looks a little macabre with a bunny hanging at the end of a rope, but bunny stays clean and with our family! Addie’s woobie also has little loops that allow the strap to be attached, saved us plenty of times.
  • Ever considered having woobie or lovely branded? Waterproof vinyl labels can be made with your name and phone number, or even a QR code that people can scan with their smartphones (which a lot of people may not have on cruises, keep that in mind.) This is not only useful while on vacation, but also useful at daycare, sitters or out on playdates.
  • Have a collar made. Head to the pet store and pick out a fancy collar (or necklace) for your child’s lovey and make a tag right in the store. Have your cabin number printed on it (if you know it) and that way if you lovely goes missing at dinner he or she will be home by bedtime.
  • If you have an older child or a child who refuses to leave his or her woobie in your room or on the ship, consider snipping off a little piece they can keep in their pocket or in a locket. Obviously this would really only work if the woobie or lovey was a blanket, it could get a little garish if your kid is carrying around a decapitated or dismembered stuffed animal.
  • Just like with your own children, be sure to have a photo of your child’s lovey on your phone or camera…sometimes it’s hard to explain that there’s a ratty piece of purple fabric somewhere on the ship that’s about this big and if you see it could you please return it to cabin 8167?

Woobie has been with us for over seven years. It’s taken a lot of planning to keep him safe and a few trial and error mistakes (and two near losses). It’s important that your child feels safe and comfortable in an environment as foreign as a cruise, and by making sure they have their most beloved comfort item with them and safe.  If you follow some of the useful tips above, you’ll be able to do just that.


A big thanks to Norwegian Cruise Line for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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