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The 26 Most Disturbing Kids Movies Ever

How were these ever considered "family films"?

By cole gamble |

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  • The 26 Most Disturbing Kids Movies Ever

    There are those who believe we must guard and protect children from the hurts and traumas of the big bad world for as long as possible. Then there are those people who believe we should toughen kids up by exposing them to and even pummeling them with terror and depravity. Those people become children’s filmmakers. Don't believe me? Gaze upon the list below and find a hall of horrors to give Wes Craven nightmares.

  • The Chronicles of Narnia

    The Chronicles of Narnia There are plenty of reasons The Chronicles of Narnia might scare a kid: creepy English children, goat men, ham-fistedly overt Christian themes. But the big one, the one that takes this over the top, is violence rendered upon animals. Kids can watch human beings getting plowed down all day long, but you give one beagle a charley horse and here come the waterworks. The world of Narnia is a talking animal realm, and those chatty beavers and wolves have no qualms stabbing each other like it's a prison shower.

  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory No, I don’t mean the 2005 version, although that is plenty scary. I’m talking about the original. Look past the singing dwarves with jaundice and the constant child mauling; the fear factor in this one boils down to this scene. The single most frightening sequence in all of ’70s cinema. And we're talking about a decade that brought us The Exorcist and Alien. In one master stroke, this film says, "Hey kids, this is what dropping acid is like. The first time's free!”

  • Dumbo

    Dumbo Sometime during his reign, Walt Disney turned to his staff of animators and said, "You know, boys, scientists aren't going to invent LSD for decades, but kids clamor to trip out NOW! It is our civic duty to blow the minds of American children.” From Disney's decree came psychedelic head trips like the Pink Elephant scene from Dumbo. The real bummer of Dumbo is the cruelty Dumbo and his mother suffer from their fellow animals. If you see a single tear roll down your child's cheek as she watches, it’s because Walt just taught her that life is cruel and people suck.

  • Labyrinth

    Labyrinth The idea of a Muppet is inherently frightening. Felt and glass eyes lurching about in a folly of life. Ironically, the Muppets aren't the least human thing in this movie. That honor goes to honorary space alien David Bowie. Androgynous, sparkle eyeliner-wearing, spandexed, coked-up, Ziggy Stardust-mode David Bowie. I love this movie, but watching David Bowie sashay around in an enhanced codpiece for hours has informed (or malformed) my concept of gender types far more than I’d like to admit. Luckily, a young Jennifer Connolly is on hand to straighten things out. Did I mention I love this movie?

  • Monster House

    Monster House This movie makes no bones about it: It’s a horror movie for kids. As such, it’s supposed to be an entry-level kind of scary — a scary ride with the training wheels. The scares are played for fun and are thankfully not unintentionally creepy/weird/scary like the other movies on this list. One of the best kid movies I've seen in a long time. Unfortunately I couldn't watch it with my child because it would scare the hell out of her. But the man-eating house . . . pretty cool.

  • The Neverending Story

    The Neverending Story The scary thing about this movie is The Nothing. You know, the thing consuming all of Fantasia. And what is The Nothing? A giant lizard? A sentient, radioactive cloud? Worse: The Nothing is nothing. It is oblivion — the great unknown; the cold and lifeless void beyond our realm of understanding. Hey kiddies, wrap your little heads around that meaty chunk of existential crisis. Thank you, Neverending Story; you are more depressing than reading No Exit. Oh, and that princess? Some say cute, I say creepy.

  • Bambi

    Bambi Alright everybody, repeat after me: BAMBI'S MOM GETS SHOT.

  • The Dark Crystal

    The Dark Crystal That Jim Henson was one dark dude. Miss Piggy- and Gonzo-loving kids and parents must have thought this J.R.R. Tolkien-like epic would be an adorable Kermit-dressed-as-a-Hobbit romp. What they got were the Skeksis, lizard bird creatures that ate other Muppets and shrieked in such a way, I still can't get it out of my head. Then there’s the Crypt Keeper-looking Muppet who takes her eyeballs out and throws them at people. Oh, and those gigantic beetle things with their skin-crawling chattering — always with the chattering. And then there’s this (and that's supposed to be cute):

  • The Adventures of Mark Twain

    The Adventures of Mark Twain You may have caught this one during your summers as a fat boy holed up inside a darkened house avoiding sunlight like it was poison. Oh wait, that was me. If you haven’t seen it, the movie chugs along amiably enough, until it gets to this part. Claymation apocalypse, anyone?

  • The Peanut Butter Solution

    The Peanut Butter Solution Sure, the movie seems all fine and dandy — until you press play. For starters, a boy wanders into an abandoned house and finds ghosts, who apparently “can be anywhere” (real good for kids to know). Then he goes bald from said ghosts. Then those same ghosts help him mix a special “peanut butter solution” to help his hair grow. And it works, except the hair keeps growing and growing at a rate the Energizer Bunny would admire, to the point where a man kidnaps the kid to make “magical paintbrushes” out of his hair. Lesson to all the dads out there: Stick to Rogaine.

  • Song of the South

    Song of the South All the ingredients for a happy-go-lucky kid flick are there: The rabbits are cute, the foxes are adorable. You and your kids could watch the whole thing and sleep an undisturbed sleep. But later, maybe days later, it strikes you: "My sweet Jemima, that movie was racist!" I don't mean kinda offensive, but so racist it will make your eyes sting. Realizing that you and your kids consumed nearly radioactive amounts of antiquated stereotypes hidden in the Trojan Horse of fluffy anthropomorphized Disney animals — now that's scary.

  • Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of Oz Okay, I do not think anything about this movie is scary, but a lot of people do. Guess it's the flying monkeys. Now to be fair, back in the 1930s when this movie came out, I'll bet those flying monkeys were scary as hell. Then again, in 1939 Americans were also afraid the country would collapse into ruin because of a scandalous new dance called the "jitterbug."

  • Return to Oz

    Return to Oz In the unofficial ’80s sequel to those fearsome flying monkeys, Dorothy is called back to Oz to save the land from the Nome King. Oh, wait, let’s backtrack: First a strange blonde girl saves Dorothy from ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY (thanks a lot, Auntie Em), then she goes to Oz, where she’s chased by Wheelers, who have wheels for hands and feet (how the hell do you outrun those babies?!), and gets trapped by Princess Mombi, a witch who collects heads. As in, heads. See below. Then clack your ruby slippers and repeat after me: There’s no place like my happy place ...

  • The Polar Express

    The Polar Express Realistically animated flesh with cold, dead eyes must be Robert Zemeckis’ idea of family entertainment. And by realistic flesh, I mean realistic for a burn victim. This thing is horrifying from top to bottom. A holiday film by the star of Forrest Gump? Tom Hanks playing Santa Claus as well as thirty-seven other roles? What a delightfu — "OH GOD! WHAT IS HAPPENING UP ON SCREEN?! I CLOSE MY EYES AND I CAN STILL SEE IT!"

  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer Haven't seen this one yet. Too afraid of having a seizure.

  • Moonwalker

    Moonwalker If I had to choose the most frightening element of Moonwalker, I would have to say it's the overall message that if you are a child and you spend lots of time with Michael Jackson, the weirdest thing that could happen is he'll turn into a 100-foot tall screaming robot. That's just dangerously misleading.

  • Old Yeller

    Old Yeller Yes, shooting a dog is traumatizing, but let's break down what is so emotionally scarring about this particular one. From the death of Old Yeller we learn three things: 1. New friends will always turn on you. 2. If you ever open your heart to love something, it will contract rabies and try to kill you. 3. Shooting Old Yeller represents Travis's metaphorical entrance into manhood.

  • The Secret of Nimh

    The Secret of Nimh You know you are in for a less-than-cheerful ride within the first minute when we learn that dad mouse is dead and baby mouse is dying. Hmmm, an inauspicious start for fun family entertainment, if I may say so. What strikes me even now about this movie is how very real the peril these mice get into feels. My young brain was not prepared for a cartoon that was so gritty. Oh, and let's not forget the cat with one eye and the freaky Great Owl.

  • Watership Down

    Watership Down I don't want to talk about this any further.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

    The Nightmare Before Christmas Since I saw this when I was a teen, it was hard for me to judge if it's a scary one. So I employed my four-year-old to give me the "scary" thumbs up. She liked the friendly looking skeleton on the package. She liked the opening musical number. She even dug the clown with the tear-away face. Mr. Oogie Boogie is even kind of cute in a grungy burlap sack way, but then you discover what's in Oogie: bugs. Yep, after that Jillian was having no more of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

  • The Care Bears Movie

    The Care Bears Movie Not an obvious choice. My daughter claimed this one to be scary, but she could get spooked by a stiff wind. And yet, as I polled adults for their scary kid movie picks, this one popped up. Why? Because a little boy turns into an evil magician, with red glowing eyes and everything. But who needs those limp attempts at scary when you have this:

  • Little Monsters

    Little Monsters Hey kids, let's validate your universal fear of monsters living under the bed. Not scary enough? What if said monsters looked and sounded just like schtick-master Howie Mandel? AAAAHHHHHHH!

  • The Witches

    The Witches Roald Dahl hits the list again, aided and abetted by Anjelica Huston vamping the wallpaper right off the walls. Dahl's original is pretty graphic, detailing a foul boy being transformed into a foul mouse. The film did that description justice. (By the way, this isn’t the actual trailer for the movie, but we think it captures its essence quite well.)

  • E.T.

    E.T. Steven Spielberg made his good guy the most terrifying thing you could imagine. A generation of children learned that aliens can be friendly — once you get past all the ear-splitting shrieking and the fact they look like lions after being dipped in lava and having their head flattened with a lead pipe. That screeching little alien tap-danced his way into our hearts and wallets. It's hard to find a grown-up who doesn't have fond memories of E.T. — and also remember it scaring the crap out of them.

  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom With Temple, you’d think George Lucas and Steven Spielberg had a pitch session just to dream up all the potential gross-out/freak-out factors: "Alright Steve. One word: bugs." "Mmm hmm. And let me add this, George: more bugs." " We're both wrong. What is needed here is a CRAPLOAD of bugs!" (Both) "Hear! Hear!" "Ooh, and monkeys brains." "Eyeball soup." "Grotesquely caricatured ethnic stereotypes. Like a cute Asian kid with an accent so thick you could choke on it." "How about a guy who tears your heart out?" "And the heart bursts into flames." "You're a mad genius." "Did I mention bugs?"

  • The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

    The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Speaking of gross-outs, know what's gross? An hour-and-a-half long '80s product tie-in. Thank you, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. First of all, I was a kid when the cards were popular, and I never got the appeal, thought others went gaga for them. Maybe Garbage Pail Kids are before your time, or it's been so long you have a hazy recollection. Let me jog that memory. Who wanted to see THIS brought to walking, talking life? This is what it looks like. And guess what? They still sell the cards.

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788 thoughts on “The 26 Most Disturbing Kids Movies Ever

  1. jeanne says:

    Let me just say the Witches freaked me the hell out when I was little. Scared to freakin’ death!!! Roald Dahl is one kooky mo-fo…

  2. me says:

    Did you know . . . The Secrets of NIMH – NIMH is an acronym for National Institute of Mental Health. Puts a whole new spin on it, doesn’t it?

  3. Amy at Sofia Bean says:

    Add Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Original Freaky Friday to your list. My sister and I loved loved loved Freaky Friday, but upon re-watching it 20++ years later, there is a whole creepy thing where the dad is turned on by the mother calling him daddy (the mother is actually the daughter in her mother’s body). It’s nauseating to watch. That said, my sister and I yelled “Boris” when the Boris from the original movie showed up in the new one as a delivery guy also named Boris. We loved the new one. The teenagers sitting in the row in front of us must have thought we were drunk.AmyMom to

  4. Roper says:

    I second Chitty Chitty Bang Bang — that creepy guy with the long nose who hunted chilren was Scarrrry.Totally agree about Watership Down. I am still scarred.

  5. MiddleGaMoms says:

    I’d replace “Cars” with “Monsters Inc.” I mean, let’s just validate the fear of monsters in the closet! I won’t even let my kid watch this one.

  6. K80 says:

    I was cracking up to see so many of my favorite childhood movies on this list. Labyrinth, I think, would definitely have been towards the top on my list when I was a kid. When those muppets start removing their own (and each other’s) appendages and start throwing their heads at each other, holy crap. That used to freak me out…but I loved it. As I got older, we started referring to the movie as “David Bowie and his magic pants”. Yikes!Speaking of Jim Henson movies, though, the regular muppet movies really should be on here as well. Apparently, when I was very young, my parents took me to see The Muppets Take Manhattan and as soon as the big brown monster-looking muppet (I can’t remember his name) graced the screen, I dove over the back of my seat and that was the end of that.

  7. yikes says:

    Time Bandits! I couldn’t sleep without my closet door open and the light on for at least three years after my dad took me to see that when I was 6. Giants, dwarves, things coming out of your closet – all the scare elements in one “children’s” movie!

  8. superblondgirl says:

    I remember hiding from Watership Down when I was little. Those rabbits with the claws were so terrifying. And the Willy Wonka boat scene is just classic – it still creeps me out a little now…. I could go on, this is a great list. And now I have to find both the Garbage Pail Kids movie (who knew??) and the Mark Twain-meets-Satan in claymation film. Who thinks this stuff up???

  9. hippygoth says:

    If my nephew were old enough to enter a comment, I’m sure he’d say “Jumanji.” It terrified him so much that he wanted my sister-in-law to throw it out, not just return it to the video store. He was so scared of it that just the thought that more copies existed stressed him out, and he wanted to throw out every copy in the world.

  10. anarchist mama says:

    What a fun read. What about that French movie with the hoardes of drunken Santas and the little girl named Miette and Andre the Giant? What was that one called?

  11. twinbabiesdad2 says:

    My girls watched Brave Little Toaster – and I think it’ll be one of those scarring experiences. Its been several months and we still get the occasional nightmare from it. Five is to little for the little taoster.And Ya, I’m still freaked out by the tunnel scene. I saw it at our town library and had to leave the room for a while.

  12. brettsinger says:

    Watership Down! I’d forgotten about that one. Very upsetting as a young’un.

  13. HDCS says:

    Christ, I love you man! I have to agree that the list will be perfection with the addition of Time Bandits. That one was weird. Alice in Wonderland? Any one of the animated or live action adaptations could easily be list runner ups.

  14. NeoPrincess says:

    If we’re talking about movies that make me cry, more than Old Yeller, it would have to be Where the Red Fern Grows. As an adult in my late 30′s that movies will still make me cry.

  15. SeminoleGrl75 says:

    How about The Incredible Shrinking Woman? When her little shoes were sitting outside the sink disposal it really freaked me out. Funny how odd things scare you as a child!

  16. EBarshay says:

    Great list! One major, major oversight though…Babe – Pig in the City (1998)This is the movie that nearly bankrupt Universal Studios. George Miller (Mad Max trilogy, Twilight Zone the Movie) wrote and directed this amazingly executed nightmarish epic. Universal had given Miller carte blanc based on the smashing success of the his first Babe installment. One can only imagine the sound of the studio execs. jaws hitting the floor upon seeing some of this footage. I recall sitting in a crowded theater that errupted with screaming children even before the opening credits. I remember horrified parents quickly whisking their children out of the theater and demading refunds. I refuse to ruin anything. If you haven’t seen this one you REALLY should. It’s an under-noticed classic!-E. Barshay

  17. LLacroix says:

    Um I think Alice through the looking glass got missed. I would have to call that one the scariest movie I have ever seen. A freaky backwards dark world on the other side of the mirror just waiting to get you. Much scarier than carebears!

  18. abbim says:

    Disney movie called The Watchers in the Woods. Scariest Disney movie ever. I had nightmares about it forever.

  19. katydidmama says:

    Anarchist mama: You’re thinking of The City of Lost Children (so NOT a kids’ movie).Charlotte’s Web is another one I still can’t watch. How about The Yearling? Black Beauty? (It was on TV when I was 10–I became hysterical when they shot Black Beauty’s brother after he broke his leg–nightmares for days.)

  20. SashaP says:

    what about Return to Oz people? It came out in 1985, it was Fairuza Balks first movie. She plays dorothy who after her return from Oz is promptly put in a mental institute and subjected to electroshock therapy. Then there are the scarey characters in Oz, Princess Mombi who takes the heads of all pretty women so she can wear them like jewelry, the wheelers, the evil gnome king? Am I the only one who saw this movie in the 80′s? I love it now but I had nightmares for YEARS about this movie

  21. garyd says:

    Some have already been mentioned but here’s a list of notable PG or less titles missing from the list per my own viewing experience (year included for multiple movies with same title); The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T, Return to Oz, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Gremlins, Escape to Witch Mountain (1975), The Shaggy Dog (1959), Freaky Friday (1976), Where the Red Fern Grows (1976), Bridge to Terabithia (2007), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), Village of the Damned (1960), Empire of the Ants (1977).

  22. photo lauren says:

    oh wow. so many great movies from when i was little! actually, most of the ones on this list didn’t really scare me (but then again my parents let us watch real horror movies at a young age)…but most of them were just so sad. oh, how i cried with each viewing of dumbo or watership down! and neverending story IS a traumatizing movie! i was terrified of the part where the wolf-thing jumps out of the wall. other than that, i think most of the depressing undertones escaped me as a child. i used to love it until i re-watched it a few years ago and realized how incredibly depressing that movie is. especially when the horse dies! the horse loses the will to live and pretty much kills himself, drowning in the swamp of sadness! that’s terrible!oh and what about animal farm? the drinking….the violence…the politics….how’d that one manage to escape the list? farm animals are supposed to be cute and fuzzy not menacing revolutionaries! and then there’s the part at the end, where the horse dies and they cart it off to the glue factory….talk about traumatizing! man, i refused to use elmer’s after watching that.

  23. Random Mom says:

    E.T. was the second movie I ever saw on the big screen. I was terrified of all the government people in suits invading the house, and then they almost killed E.T.! I am 31 years old, and I STILL don’t like it for that reason.For a little kid, I would think “American Tail” would be scary: getting lost in not only a new city, but a new country! Then to be put through all the things poor Fievel endured… For whatever reason, though, I don’t find Nemo to be as frightening. In “Happy Feet,” I think the seals were scary for my daughter. She does, however, love “Monsters, Inc.”She did not like the Huffalump movie.

  24. notabreederyet says:

    Wow! I feel so validated! Most of those movies scared the crap out of me as a kid, including the brave little toaster.How about the Phantom Tollbooth?Also, does anyone remember a movie that ends with a scene of a child walking out of a house holding a charred lump of something and looking to the sky saying “Mom??? Dad?????” I have no idea where it came from, but it gave me creeps for years afterward.

  25. LovePumpkin says:

    My boys’ (ages 3 & 4) top 5 movie list includes several from this list- bad parent, anyone?-Labyrinth-Nightmare Before Christmas-The Dark Crystal-Charlie and The Chocolate Factory-Corpse Bride (should have made the list)

  26. katydidmama says:

    Random Mom-You’re thinking of Time Bandits. The charred lump was concentrated evil…

  27. clio says:

    The Black Stallion. Hands down. Hits all the nightmare zones.Consider the first half of the plot line:1. abandonment2. cruelty to animals3. fire4. drowning5. more abandonment6. a king cobraSure, everything turns out nicely in the end, but you’re so traumatized by the time Alec gets off the island, the rest of it is a teary blur.

  28. Afroblanco says:

    Maybe I’m showing my age here, but when I was a kid, Garbage Pail Kids were the essence of awesome.First off, for those who weren’t cognizant in 1987, Garbage Pail Kids were a hilarious send-up of Cabbage Patch Kids. Cabbage Patch Kids were EVERYWHERE from 1984 onward, and they were just oh-so-cutesy. Garbage Pail Kids were they opposite – grosser than gross, which, at that age, was more than a little bit subversive. Lots of kids’ parents wouldn’t even let them have Garbage Pail Kids, so they had to hide them in their rooms and sneak around to trade them with their friends. We were too young for drugs, so this is what we had. And they were funny! Really funny! Ok, so I was 9. But that doesn’t negate the fact that they were hilarious at the time. And then Weird Al came along and taught us what humor REALLY was all about.Goddamn I’m old.

  29. classiccook says:

    One of my favorite childhood movies was “Oliver.” My husband bought it for me a few years ago and gamely sat down to watch it with me, the first time he ever saw it. I smiled and hummed the whole way through it. When it ended, he looked at me and said, “That was horrible! Who would let a kid watch that?! It’s full of domestic violence. For chrissake, the woman sings a song about doing anything for the man who is mean to her and he KILLS HER!!”

  30. rlitz98 says:

    THEY CALL THIS ENTERTAINMENT!!!? Where’s the fun part??What Disney “kids” movie isn’t scary? Don’t they all (or almost all) have:parents diekids get lost, stolen, run awaypeople are cruel to animalspeople are cruel to each otheranimals are cruel to each otherDo kids REALLY need to know that these things happen in “real” life? How many kids would really have these things happen to them? Not many, I bet. Why do kids need to know that mean and scary things happen?I think that many parents allow kids to watch movies for which they are too young. My son is 5 1/2 and I know that some of his same age peers are watching Spiderman (and sequels), The Hulk, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars (series), Narnia, etc. Get real, people!!Of course these same kids are playing killing and fighting games on their videogames and computers, but that’s a whole different discussion.My son (5 1/2) is VERY sensitive and won’t tolerate any mean-ness or scary stuff in his shows. He couldn’t make it through Cars because the red car main character was so rude and mean to everyone and he didn’t like the part where he tears up the town…that’s as far as we got before he ran screaming from the room.There was an EASTER special this year with the abominable snowman (from the Rudolph show) who was harassing the Easter bunny and made him spill all of his eggs. COME ON PEOPLE!!! My son said, “Why does there have to be a mean guy in an Easter show?” Yeah, why does their have to be? Out of the mouths of babes!!! You would think an Easter bunny show would be safe!!!Here are a few films I would add to the list:Shiloh: abused dog makes friends with nice family; young boy is forced to return the dog (friend) to the cruel and abusive ownerAny Disney movie: Nemo, Little Mermaid, etc. Let’s don’t even question Sleeping Beauty (the scariest)Black Beauty, Black Stallion and My Friend Flicka, and almost any other horse movie (or animal movie)Surf’s Up (offensive language), Happy Feet (scary elephant seal and killer whale)March of the Penguins!!! Great documentary and very educational. It’s a documentary so you might think it was safe for your little one…good thing I screened it first before showing it to my son. The part where the “main characters” baby dies is HEARTBREAKING!! It brings tears to my eyes even to write about it. My son would have been DEVASTATED!!!! More appropriate for older kids.I would never let my son watch any of the movies on the original list of 26 and there are hundreds of others he won’t see.My son likes to watch surfing on the sports channel or drag racing or monster truck rallies. He loves things like How It’s Made or Modern Marvels. On PBS he will watch “Between the Lions”.Who really needs movies anyway? The kids can probably survive a long and happy childhood even if they don’t see all this non-entertainment.Now, go and have some FUN with your kids!!

  31. Reality check says:

    OK first of all, this is a flawed article because several of these movies are NOT meant for kids. Many of them are rated PG or PG-13 which pretty much rules out KIDS now doesn’t it? I mean what kind of parent would take a little kid to see a movie that was not meant for kids anyway? Just because you are the kind of bad parent that would take a 4 year old to see Indiana Jones then wonder why she got a little scared when people’s FACES melted off so you wrongly include it as a child’s movie?!?! How did your 4 year old like Kill Bill 2 or 300? I feel sorry for your kid…seriously. Secondly, as for the older Disney movies that showed violence toward animals…well times were different back then, and kids (and adults too for that matter) weren’t the coddled bunch of pu$$ies they are today. Animals died, get over it. Next – you put CARS on this list? CARS? Seriously? Give me a break, this is one of Pixar’s greatest movies ever. Oh and the argument for this movie being listed makes less sense than when W tried to convince us that invading Iraq made sense – total stupidity. But then I guess I shouldn’t expect much more from the kind of moron that would take a FOUR year old to see Indiana Jones? This article was more scary than any of the movies you listed. I hope no-one paid you for this article. WEAK!!!!!

  32. Get over it wusses says:

    Wow some of you people are such babies. OMG I won’t let mt child see this movie because someone farted sideways in it. Get over it. You people are the reason we are raising a generation of over pampered, overprotected wusses that feel entitled to everything and grow up to become adults that have to go on Lexapro and take a month off work when their boss yells at them because they screwed up. I am guessing you are the kind of parents that expect every team to get a trophy in little league whether they win or lose right? Thinking that losing might harm your child’s self esteem. That kind of overprotection is a sure way to set up your child for failure when they get older.Americans have no BALLS anymore because of this philosophy. But then, in 50-100 years we are all going to be working for the Indians and Chinese anyway. All empires end eventually, usually because the ruling class gets greedy and the working class gets know like America is now.Oh yeah, this article sucked. Thats right I said sucked. Avert your child’s eyes!!!!!

  33. WeldGirl says:

    I have to agree that most of these movies scared the bejeezus outta me as a kid. Probably why I like horror movies as a big kid (not a “grown-up”).But at the same time, I have to agree this generation of parents wants their children to be shrink-wrapped to protect them from *everything*. I saw it as a high school teacher, and I see it in my stepchildren. The oldest is so neurotic b/c of his mother he’s turning into a gentile Woody Allen (sans the sexual depravity thing)The biggest point is that if you have young children, don’t let them watch PG-13/PG movies! Watch a movie first before letting your children see it. Be a *proactive* parent. Isn’t that why everyone *insisted* on putting ratings/parental controls on movies, video games, music, the Internet and public television? I’m sick of everyone scapegoating various forms of media instead of monitoring what your child sees, listens to, and does on the computer. Parents are too self-absorbed nowadays to have children, and then they wonder why their children become intollerant, spoiled, lazy, whiny societal drains.Even though my parents grew up in the 1950′s and were staunch Catholics, my sisters and I could listen/read/watch whatever we wanted, because my folks were either *present* or they trusted their skills in raising us with morals and values that we knew right from wrong, and what was real and what was “special effects”.

  34. MRM99 says:

    Katydid: All I can really say is DITTO! Return to Oz was very scary as a child. Still today, I don’t like to think about those nasty Wheelers and Mombi with all those heads. Remember when they all started screaming…

  35. citywolf says:

    I look back at some of the movies I watched as a kid and have to think that maybe I wasn’t easily traumitized. Two of my favorites growing up (neither of which are on this list) are The Last Unicorn and Flight of Dragons. Among other things, The Last Unicorn had a character get killed and eaten (on screen) by a really big, ugly bird. Yeah, it was animated, but still. In The Flight of Dragons, the main character kills the bad guy with logic…and every new piece of logic that was pronounced causes one of his multiple heads to explode.As for one of the reasons for Old Yeller being the poor thing, you do realize that a dollar was a pretty large amount of money back then, don’t you? I mean, when you could buy a bag of flour for a couple of pennies, a dollar could buy most of a month’s supply of food…especially if the family were farmers.While everyone is picking on Disney, here’s one that I haven’t seen mentioned: The Great Mouse Detective. Abandonment, creepy toys, scary villian in disguise, lots of things to scar a small child.

  36. jensinger says:

    Cole Gamble, you are stinkin’ funny and right on the money. Hey! That rhymes!I loved this piece, and I agree with everything, well at least for the movies I’ve seen. I remember being terrified by the Flying Monkeys in The Wizard of Oz, but that was back when we watched the movie on a special Sunday night showing on TV while eating our TV dinners. Maybe we should have been frightened of the “salisbury steak.” What was that, really?Jen

  37. Dreaded Rhubarb says:

    I don’t think the true trauma of ET has been represented. I remember watching it in the cinema as a kid and joining all the other kids in wailing inconsolably when ET dies. Then he comes back to life and just as we were all cheering up, he says goodbye to Elliot and leaves forever. Cue abject hysteria. Not helped at all by my mother who had been crying silently for the last half hour and started openly weeping at the line “B Good”.You never really know what’s going to upset kids though. My godchild was terrified by The Elmo Movie. However she ended up seeing part of Eight Legged Freaks and the sight of giant spiders devouring dirt biking teenagers produced nothing but delighted giggles and applause.

  38. ShelBell11978 says:

    I disagree with this list. I saw all of these movies. Most when I was a kid. My almost 7 year old daughter loves at least 96% of these movies. Let’s face the real issue here. Parents are not screening the films before letting their kids watch. I think that you have listed some pg13 movies as kid movies, though. A kid movie is a movie that a child under the age of 12 can watch without becoming scared or violent. Just my opinion, though. Also, I need to say that you people are worried about movies scaring the crap out of your kids, but you let them play video games that teach them to kill other people. You let them take guns to school and shoot people, but you won’t let them watch a disney movie????? What is wrong with you people???????

  39. Marshella says:

    I loved the list, but was so shocked to see that the LION KING didn’t make it -heck, I think it should be #1. Have you seen it? I mean come on, first the cub (boy) witnesses family violence, then his uncle kills his father, and WORSE – the cub is then BLAMED FOR IT, then OSTRACIZED out of his family and society, has to fend for himself when he’s not quite capable yet, and has to go find some friends in the woods who eat bugs. ICK! How can it get any worse? I mean, sure, the kids may not quite “get” it but I can almost guarantee there will be nightmares after viewing that psycho drama! Esp. for kids who are at the vulnerable age of just starting school, just getting their bearings on what is real or true or not, and maybe dealing with guilt over hurting their parents through their misbehavior or other actions. Its common for kids just starting school to worry about their parent’s well being while they are away, just as the parent worries about the child.

  40. Xapno says:

    I have one that hasn’t appeared yet: Unico in the Island of Magic. Turning people into living zombie puppets?? Waaay too much for me as a kid. Also the “Alice in Wonderland” with Carol Channing. The pig scene and the Jabberwocky scared the pants off me.

  41. The Wook says:

    Great list, but I’d easilly ditch CARS in favor of the sorely underrated BABE II: PIG IN THE CITY, whose disturbing imagery as relayed by an uptight co-worker who took his daughter’s 6-year-old birthday party to it (THE HORROR! THE HORROR!) got me to leave work early to take it in. Mah-velously dark.Ciao!The Wook

  42. Gopher Boy says:

    Really? No one has mentioned “The Black Cauldron?” The Horned King was down right terrifying, and he reanimated the dead! He created an unholy, unstoppable zombie army! That’s Romero level horror right there…

  43. missamandamay says:

    i vote for:Hugo the Hippo (starving and slaughtering animals. yeah.)andSomething Wicked This Way Comes (I can still see the boy hiding in the storm drain/gutter…)

  44. perikate says:

    Unico, The Last Unicorn, the Peanut Butter & Jelly Project, Escape From Witch Mountian, Return to Oz, Something Wicked (spiders, a carousel with bones)…There are SO many more!

  45. john_the_harrison says:

    How about The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy? I found a clip of them meeting The Greedy, a monster made of candy that can’t get enough sweets. Naturally, he wants to eat Raggedy Ann because of her sweet, candy heart.That’s right. A giant, goopy monster trying to eat a stuffed girl’s heart., Brave Little Toaster and Unico also shaped my brain as a child. They are incredibly insane films.

  46. soanne says:

    I’m glad that the witches made the list. I watched it when I was about 4 at kindergarten, it was all kinds of scary like when they took the masks off and you saw their real faces, but what got me was when the head witch turning another witch into a pile of black bones… i had to be taken out the room i was soo distressed and i had nightmares for months, I still can’t watch the film lol.

  47. ohmorgosh says:

    Oh this list was SPOT ON. If I could add a few more, the list would definitely include Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (that big nosed thing scared the life out of me) and Return to Oz (where Dorothy goes back after Oz has been taken over by a headless queen). Yeahhh… OH! And Babe II… oh man. Freaky.

  48. ohmorgosh says:

    I can’t believe I forgot to mention ERNEST SCARED STUPID. Oh Lord.

  49. Asa says:

    I have to be the third person to say that Return to Oz was terrifying and it was a visit to the cinema that haunts both my brother and I to this day.There was no warning about the level of terror and my little bro spent the movie with his head buried in my mum’s chest!I watched it again recently and it still gave me the creeps.

  50. Chad says:

    The Goonies was the single most terrifying film I saw in my childhood. Sloth’s disfigured face alone gave me nightmares for a week, then throw in a scene with some dead guy’s bones… it took me a long time before I could appreciate that movie without freaking out.Let me also mention my all-time favourite animated film, the Iron Giant. I saw it in the theatre, and half the kids in the crowd lost their minds near the end when the army started shooting at the Iron Giant and he suddenly morphed into a towering alien killing machine. One poor boy down the aisle from me was moaning, “This is not a good movie, Mommy! Take me home right now!”That said, it’s a sorely underrated work of genius and I plan on showing it to my boys. Just not until they’re 9 or 10.

  51. Snuffle says:

    I second the Alice in Wonderland live-action with Carol Channing — it was a miniseries. The baby that turns into a pig was revolting. I still hate looking at baby pigs.

  52. HJB says:

    Wow! I don’t know what this says about me, but these are some of my favorite movies growing up :-)

  53. CorrGurl says:

    Yup Time Bandits is missing from this list… the end was enough to screw me up for life. Even now thinking about it my skin crawl.I think Goonies would be up there too… And yes Pan’s Labrynth was scary… but it was not a kids movie… ppl who took there kids to see an R rated film are just dumb.

  54. Planoamy says:

    I agree with putting Return to Oz on this list. Mom took the three of us to see it, and we had no idea it was so dark and frightening. She still apologizes to us for going to that movie. I have not heard a mention of a film which really frightened me personally–Pinnochio. We went on a school field trip to see this one when it was re-released in the 80′s I think. I remember the little boy being turned into a donkey, and his terrified screams being laughed at, and no one came to his aid. Grown-ups can be so cruel!

  55. deering says:

    “Why do kids need to know that mean and scary things happen?”Good Christ–if bad things didn’t happen to good characters, most stories wouldn’t exist, correct? It’s called conflict, people, and it’s what real life (and children’s books) are all about. Exactly what would you want all stories to be like–VEGGIE TALES? And have some of you ever figured out that the reason kids’ movies can be hell to sit through for parents is that said movies have been so sanitized of any drama that even the kids don’t like them.

  56. deering says:

    “Even though my parents grew up in the 1950′s and were staunch Catholics, my sisters and I could listen/read/watch whatever we wanted, because my folks were either *present* or they trusted their skills in raising us with morals and values that we knew right from wrong, and what was real and what was “special effects”.Amen–same here (though my parents weren’t Catholic.) My parents had the good sense to teach me the difference between real and fantasy–and between junk and good stuff. That gave me a foundation to develop my own aesthetic judgement and self-reliance–which is what any kid will have to do to grow up at some point. I feel sorry for kids these days–their entire lives are ruled by fear and parents who can’t think in terms of anything else.

  57. Angelicious16 says:

    “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”… Beyond the Paul Reubens creepiness factor, there is a part where Pee-Wee is told by the other bar patrons that the woman he just gave a ride to in his semi has been dead for years. Creepy enough, but at that point he turns to the camera and screams, and his eyes and tongue bug out of his head in some old-school c-g effects. Kids now may not think anything of it, but it was pretty scary back in the day.

  58. mdog says:

    Great article, thanks!

  59. mdog says:

    And p.s. to the people who would not let their children see these movies, fine for you, but you should have told that to my parents 20 years ago, because I saw most of these as a child! And last I knew, I don’t think I’m out there killing people! The writer’s point is how disturbing and possibly inappropriate some of these films are. And BTW, it’s called drama. If there is no threat or conflict for the main characters, there won’t be much of a story.

  60. chezsan says:

    “Good Christ–if bad things didn’t happen to good characters, most stories wouldn’t exist, correct? It’s called conflict, people, and it’s what real life (and children’s books) are all about.”I second that, heartily. Kids need to know that not everyone is nice and that heroes/heroines of stories find ways to deal with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people’s favorite movies are ones that make them cry — mine sure is. Granted, exposure to these things needs to happen at appropriate ages (for example, I’d question the judgement of anyone who thinks that “The Incredibles” is an appropriate movie for a 4 year-old), but I’d argue that it’s in the kids’ best interests to see films that might be a bit scary. (Hasn’t anyone read Aristotle?)We didn’t have a TV growing up, and I didn’t go to a movie till I was 12, but my scariest from other people’s VCR’s was “The Last Unicorn.” Yikes! Also, “Benji the Hunted” which was a ‘treat’ for my 2nd grade class. The author is right: bad things happening to animals is THE WORST for kids.

  61. Carolinaph says:

    Killer tomatoes?

  62. 80skid says:

    I have to add Gremlins, Ghost Busters (I had nightmares about Slimer for MONTHS), and All Dogs Go To Heaven. That one is very dark with doggie death.

  63. laughing reader says:

    Loved the list! So many of these are films I’m planning on purchasing for my children–seriously I just put a list together a few weeks ago. That is, though, despite the fact that my siblings or I were terrified by many of them (Watership Down, The Dark Crystal especially). My younger brother actually tried to throw The Boogie Man and the Dark Crystal in the trash; perverse child that I was, I rescued them b/c I enjoyed being scared. I also agree Watcher in the Woods, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Gremlins, The Last Unicorn all need to be on the list. Also, Legend–that early Tom Cruise movie. My grade school piped this one to all the classrooms every year for one of our monthly movie Fridays. Every time I see this one as an adult, I continue to be shocked…..

  64. nohorrorforme says:

    Most of those weren’t scary to me at all as a child. Mind you, I didn’t see any of the ones rated pg-13 or higher until I was a teenager. One movie that really freaked me out was Stand By Me- the leeches were bad enough but the kids were trying to find a corpse for goodness sakes. Another was Hocus Pocus. I mean, witches trying to suck the life out of children to use in spells? Totally creepy.

  65. christopherwalken says:

    I second the suggestion that “5000 Fingers of Dr. T” be added to the list, the only live action movie by Dr. Seuss. It was only about 15 years ahead of its time in terms of trippy paranoia and nightmarish imagery in a family film… (see: )and also… Spirited Away. but otherwise… good list!

  66. christopherwalken says:

    Quotes from 5000 Fingers:”Enjoy your stay. But should you choose to escape, the fence around the Terwilliker institute is ELECT-RIFIED! HAHAHAHA”"You mean he has to keep beating that drum for eternity?”"Oh no. You see, the man I’m torturing is INSIDE the drum.”"We should always believe children. We should even believe their lies.”"Elevator operator: (Dungeon elevator song) First floor dungeon/Assorted simple tortures/Molten lead, chopping blocks and hot boiling oil…”Rollerskating Twins: “Or you will get choked by the beard of the twins with a siamese beard, with a terrible twin on each end!”"I’m not going to let some men on skates boss me around! Bart, hand me some of that pickle juice.” — “Are you sure? That’s some strong stuff!”"Nonsense, Bart. Dr. Terwilliker is an honorable and decent man. Now why don’t you run along back to your cell. I’ve got 500 sinks to install in 500 cells before tomorrow, or else the plumbing inspector won’t allow the Institute to open up on time… and I won’t get paid!”

  67. gillian says:

    wall-e??! the planet has DIED–scariest children’s movie ever!

  68. Cole Gamble says:

    Wall E had not come out at the time this was published. But I’ll have to go with you on that one.

  69. jmomma says:

    the part in shrek where the john cleese character tortures the gingerbread man scared my son. we fast forward through it and he’s fine.most disney movies need to have a villan of some sort. i watched every single disney movie when i was little and didn’t have nightmares. but definitely gremlins, goonies (although it was one of my favorites), and why isn’t all dogs go to heaven on that list? the dogs have a fight scene in hell!but really, i think kids are tougher than we think. my 2 year old watches happy feet and i thought he would be scared of the seal but he could care less. we may underestimate them.oh, and you think watership down is a scary movie, you should read the book. although, in all fairness, the book is very clearly for adults.

  70. Cole Gamble says:

    also to address another popular suggestion here, I never saw Babe II but I’ve heard it’s freaky.

  71. TerrorizedByJaws says:

    If you haven’t seen “The Lady in White”, it is a must have for any scary movie list. The scenes I remember are when the boy is locked in the school closet all night and where the kid locks himself in the car while the murderer tries to get at him. A classic in kids’ horror on non-stranger danger.

  72. TerrorizedByJaws says:

    To this day, my daughter (now 19), refuses to watch “Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland”. I don’t think she even remembers why.

  73. Terrified of ET says:

    I agree with ET- my father brought my sister & I to see that movie, and when we left the theatre- I still didn’t know what ET looked like…I sat terrified covering my eyes throughout the whole movie…!

  74. nminnm says:

    What about Willow? That movie scared the crap out of me as a kid….when they started turning into pigs or whatever, I about peed my pants.

  75. Cole Gamble says:

    Dear Reality Check: I know there is zero likelihood you will read this since you posted your comment months ago, but here goes anyway. The reason I didn’t respond at first is because you just clearly didn’t get it and there was no seeming reason trying to explain it. Also your view is in the vast minority. But now I respond to you in hopes I can help you understand and better enjoy any future reading you may do.This was a SATIRICAL article. Did I really mean parents should keep their kids away from these films? No. The piece is meant for humor, so it employs hyperbole. I know you are familiar with hyperbole as evidenced in your post:”You people are the reason we are raising a generation of over pampered, overprotected wusses that feel entitled to everything and grow up to become adults that have to go on Lexapro and take a month off work when their boss yells at them because they screwed up.”

  76. Cole Gamble says:

    (continued) See, you know hyperbole. Only when you do it it isn’t funny.To be clear, I am not defending myself or all the other posters you attacked here. I simply want to help you because if you approach everything with the same rage as you did here you’re headed for an aneurism. I hope this helps you to take what you read less literally, which is a deadly practice when on the INTERNET. Like I said, I hope this helps you better understand and enjoy things you read in the future. If not, please read other pieces I have published on this website. I’d love to take another trip into your warped wonderland.

  77. mchaos says:

    All of my favorite kids movies are on here. Movies I loved so much as a kid, I own the DVDs now. I have The Secret of NIMH (also a great kids book called Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH), Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and Willie Wonka (the original, the remake was way creepy). I also love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Alice in Wonderland, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Willow (which I also own now), The Last Unicorn, Time Bandits and all the Star Wars movies. I honestly don’t get the creepy out of these timeless, beautifully woven stories. Perhaps it’s because I watched movies with my parents and felt so safe and secure that little innocent thrills and chills were more fun than scary for me. They also read to us from very young ages, often from books like Lord of the Rings rather than Goodnight Moon, so we all had good grips on the difference between reality and fantasy. I don’t think I’ll be protecting my kids from potentially experiencing emotions from movies and books. It’s good practice for when those emotions arise from something real.

  78. Hot mama says:

    Love the list. And “The Witches” scares the shit out of me Now! Willow too. I still like them: I just fast forward all the scary parts.

  79. Cheshire Cat says:

    One more to add: The Last Unicorn. That red bull terrified me when I was younger!

  80. Lere says:

    This parent obviously needs some lesson in psychology. If it wasn’t for the fact that young children find these movies that are filled with sensory overload appealing, would you really think that they would be interessted ? In cases like this, you have to put your self in the mind of a child, not an adult.
    It agonizes me to see parents that filter the movies and videogames in the house because they say it provides for further viollence. In any case, these movies are all wonderful for children, as it triggers an implicit thought process into their own reality.
    Parents, its just a kid. Let them be.

  81. Aaron says:

    classiccook, May I add a reply to your post? It can mostly be described as conditioning. For the same reason that a child may grow up to be tough because their parents are Police officers, or Fire fighters, some children grow up being afraid of the world because that is how their parents make them to be. The child learns from experience, and when you yell and tell them that the movie is bad, unless they have a strong desire to watch it, it will be engraved in their experience that those type of movies is bad.
    I had a friend the other day come over and bring his children, one of his boys wouldn’t go near my puppy yorkshire, When I asked the boy why he feared the puppy, he bluntly told me “I don’t. But my mom told me your dog is bad”.
    The conditioning that some children go through is amazing, and if you look up cases of delusional paranoia, or the history of killers or people of the sort, you can see that very often they had a disturbed parent-child relationship. And I don’t mean aggressive. Actually, most of the times the parents are described as too controlling as the need for revolt.
    I agree letting a 6 yr old play video games where the characters guts go flying in the air, but after a certain age (9, 10), its just too much.

  82. Aaron says:

    I meant I agree on not letting a 6yr play…..

  83. designers mom says:

    I personally know that one of your web designers watched many of these movies.  Imagination yes,  talking about the movies….yes.  many times over.  I have to agree with Cole gamble.  Talk to your kids about these movies.  The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Labyrinth.  Willow,  Classic,  Willie Wonka  ……timeless.  When watched and discussed with the comfortable warmth of the family becomes the spark with which imagination becomes magnificent.    Personally I think the world needs more of this open minded, imaginative power.

  84. JDonVance says:

    You know what surprises me more than this movie not having been mentioned thus far is the fact that I didn’t think of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events sooner, considering my initial response was “What a macabre and potentially disturbing story!” In case any of you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil anything by saying Count Olaf is not the guy you’d want to have looking after your kids (just read the title), and don’t let him invite you to any weddings either!

  85. finnfan says:

    I loved the list. I agree that I was completely tramatized by Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the Wizard of Oz. You could not pay me to watch them today along with the tv shoes Hee Haw and Sanford and Son.

  86. coloradoblue84 says:

    While some of these movies DID disturb me as a child (The Neverending Story got my vote!) I must say, these are not even close to what your child COULD watch. I love my parents, and i am very close with my dad, but he definitely lacked what i would call and sort of “appropriateness meter” when it came to what movies i watched as a youngster. I watched The Fly (the icky fly with Jeff Goldblum and Gena Davis with all the goo!) when i was just over three years old. Granted, i was the one that wandered downstairs while he was watching it, right at the exact moment the Fly thing pukes on the guys leg, but again, my father figured why not, it’s just a movie. I also watched the 80′s remake of the Blob when i was 5. not even 15 minutes into the movie i was screaming my head off, hiding my face. I had nightmares for TWO YEARS. But, i also LOVED LOVED LOVED Beetlejuice at the same age and would watch it religiously everyday after school. I now tend to have adverse reactions to scary movies and places, and get deeply paranoid in certain situations which include pitch black rooms and noises. I LOVE haunted houses . . .until i get in one and then hide my face in the back of the person in front of me and make them drag me through. I have been told i am highly entertaining in those situations as i succumbs to pure flight instincts and run wildly away from whatever is chasing me, even if that means smacking straight into a wall. I put this on watching terrifying movies and shows from a very early age. I am not mad at my parents, however, and seem to lack the same “appropriateness meter” when it comes to my niece and nephew, as i saw absolutely nothing wrong with them watching Donnie Darko. My nephew proceeded to have nightmares . . .and the cycle continues! Bravo to the writer for compiling this list! And remember, there is ALWAYS worse out there, but in the end IT’S JUST A MOVIE!

  87. AvgMom says:

    I cannot believe these movies are considered scary. In the 40′s King Kong came out and plague the kids with nightmares of that time. Now of course, we laugh at the black and white movie of King Kong and wonder what they were thinking. As technology progesses movies are going to look scary to kids of that time. Kids of this time are laughing at movies of the 70′s to 90′s wondering why you guys were scared. I’m sorry but if you were scared of the neverending story you’re scared of everything. Most kids have no idea what “the nothing” is, yet they still enjoy watching the movie, so what’s your problem? Beside being scared is a learned action. Kids are not scared of a spiders or bugs until they learn to be scare. So talk to your child and they won’t be scared. If a part may seem scary, the parent should laugh and the child will mimick the parent. they will learn not to be afraid of that “scray part.” A great example is when a child gets hurt. If you show that your scared and neverous, the child will be that way, but if you smile and laugh and put a bandaid on their knee. They won’t be afraid and continue playing. I’m telling you this from experience with my son. It’s okay if things die in a movie. You can’t shield your child from everything because we do not live in a happy world where nothing will happen to you. Kids need to know that there are people out there that will hurt you. Don’t pretend these things don’t exist you’re only hurting your child.

  88. toocutedobs says:

    I think this could be ties back to the article on politics and squeamish people.  Does anyone remember Saturday morning cartoons?  The Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck?  Those are some pretty violent cartoons when looked at from an adults’ viewpoint.  But kids don’t see it that way.  Also, regardless of how movies are hyped, the parents are responsible for choosing what is a “kid friendly” movie and what their own child should see.  I am often at the movies and thinking “What the heck were these folks thinking bringing their kids to see this!”  Furthermore, animation does not make it a “kid friendly” movie anymore that a comic book makes a child’s story book.

  89. JGM123 says:

    The most disturbing kids movie I’ve seen, The Santa Clause 2.  Evil dictator Santa imposter taking over the North Pole with his robotic goose-stepping toy soldier army and turning the place into a forced-labor camp.  Gee…what’s scary about that?
    I don’t even want to get into Bernard the elf being placed under “house arrest”, that was just wrooooong!

  90. commonsense1023 says:

    Wow.  I would hate to be your over-protected, sheltered kid.  These movies all have disturbing aspects, it’s true.  But I grew up on these movies and still love them, and if I ever had any nightmares because of them, I certainly don’t remember them now, and they’ve had no negative effect on me.  I think most of these movies are perfectly fine for kids, but seriously, look at the rating.  Why would you let a little kid watch a PG or PG-13 movie in the first place? Also, there’s a reason PG stands for Parental Guidance.  You can’t just plop a kid down in front of the TV, especially if some nature of the movie could be disturbing.  A parent needs to be there to guide the child through the movie, answer her questions or calm any fears, and be available for a comforting hug when needed.  I remember bawling when I saw The Lion King when I was 6 years old.  Musfasa dying was devastating, but you know what?  My own dad was sitting right there on the couch beside me, so I didn’t need to be afraid of my dad dying, because he was there hugging me, and crying too.

  91. ayashe says:

    I agree with some of the things on that list, but for different reasons. Willy Wonka, ET, and Wizard of Oz still freak me out now. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was fun and much better, but not only do you manage to insult that (and many people do because of Johnny’s version of Wonka) you manage to insult every parent and person who went to see it, and practically call them criminals. Also, whether you regard it as one or not, Indiana Jones is not childrens movie. Pan’s Labyrinth isn’t either, and yet while you have to sense to recognize that you also can’t figure out that it isn’t a horror movie either, and it’s not “dressed up” as a fantasy, it IS fantasy (. Not all fantasy stories are for children you . The parents that did take their children to see it were fools, they must not understand the American rating system, didn’t see any trailer or review for it, or figure that is a limited release foreign film. You also include the movie Speed Racer on your list, yet you’ve never seen it. Yeah, that makes sense. I haven’t seen it yet either because it’s just not at the top of my list, but it has amazing visuals, and I’d think kids would find the bright candy colors fascinating. Including Cars on your list is ridiculous, at least for the reasons you give. And calling it the most bleak? I don’t think kids are exactly thinking of the apocalypse when they see a movie like Cars, I think you are just trying to project your own adult fears and concerns onto them. Chronicles of Narnia… creepy English children? Wow, I don’t have to say more than that. I hope you also aren’t projecting THOSE views as well onto your kids. I do agree about the Christian part though.
    It’s ironic that on the same page of comments like “Why do kids need to know that mean and scary things happen?,” there’s a link called The Over-Parenting Crisis. And you wonder why your kids are so sensitive.

  92. the santa clause says:

    dunno how i’ve just stumbled upon this glorious nugget of a posting, but i want to share:
    i LOVE labyrinth. easily one of my favourite movies. that said, when i was around 7, and i caught a showing of labyrinth on the disney channel, i was terrified by the bulge in david bowie’s pants. i’d never seen anything like it and i thought for sure there must be a monster hiding in there. i had (and still have, on occasion, but now they’re just funny) nightmares that david bowie’s crotch got bigger and bigger until it crushed my family to death. one day, i asked my mum what the goblin king was keeping inside of his pants, and that’s when she decided it was time to teach me the difference in boys and girls.
    also, amen to the care bears movie. i used to have recurring nightmares well into adulthood about being stuck in a cave with a man with red eyes and a big bubbling pot, but until one of my friends brought this movie to a christmas gift swap as a gag, i had no clue what the nightmares were originating from.
    on the whole, though, i miss the innocent, naive feelings of fright these movies conjured up.

  93. lowell23 says:

    this is hilarious. Anyone who has a problem with it clearly has no sense of humor and should just be ignored.I have to add two movies to this list:101 Dalmatians: Evil old lady seeks to SKIN PUPPIES AND MAKE A COAT!!! I think the less said about this, the better. It actually didn’t scare me as a child, but in retrospect…The Hunchback of Notre Dame: looking back, there is racial tension, inappropriate sexual obsession from many different parties, torture, sexual slavery, and attempted gypsy genocide. I loved it, but my mother was horrified by it. The end scene, with the creepy old friar falling into a river of lava (basically) haunts me to this day.

  94. Ashley Lynette says:

    .I find this list hilarious. Clearly it was written as comedy piece and I think some of you are taking it wayy too seriously. But anyways, a movie i think should be on this list is Coraline. It came out after this article was published, but it was sooo not a children’s movie. I’m 21 and i was sitting in the theater scared lol. Other than that, it was a brilliant movie, and something i’d probably let them watch when they got to be teenagers or something. But it is absolutely NOT for kids..The part where mother locked her in the closet and she met the other ghost children, lol i was covering my eyes!!

  95. Having Fun says:

    Chitty Chitty Bang BAng should also be added to the list, and i see Amy agrees! That child eating kidnapper really haunted me for years!
    And i was always scared of Charlie and the Chocolate factory too!
    It’s so funny, because sometimes you think you’re the only one who got creeped out by it!

  96. Odd Duck says:

    Every child reacts differently so to me this list seems a bit absurd since you could technically add every kind of kid movie (and then some) under the sun.  At seven, my brother LOVED the Alien movies – ate, slept, breathed, and drew them in church.  He was afraid of the scene in Disney’s Snow White where she was running through the creepy forest.  You can pick everything to death, but there’s nothing like the magic of good judgment and a device called the “remote control.”

  97. AnonaMom says:

    Definitely Return to Oz. That movie just about made me wet my pants, especially after the technicolor and glittery pink Witch and dancing munchkins from the first movie.Little Monsters – I slept with a nightlight on until I was *13* because of this movie. Nuff said, right?It’s funny that the things that disturb us as parents may have no effect on kids. I won’t let my girls watch The Lion King anymore, but the one time they saw it, it didn’t phase them. I would also think that Monster’s Inc. would be pretty scary, but nope, they love it. I find Shiloh to be incredibly disturbing, but again, it’s one of my girls’ favorites. Go figure. And to the poster who mentioned that he learned the difference between reality and fantasy because his parents read him stuff like The Lord of the Rings – my mom read that to my brother and I when I was little. I made her stop at the scene where the White Wizard appears in the woods. Even though she told me that it was Gandalf, even though I am an avid reader, it scared me so badly that I could not bring myself to read the books until I was about 25 and the movies came out. You just never know what’s going to freak a kid out, do you?!

  98. The Major says:

    I agree with some of your films, but too many of them are WAY out there. Bruno Bettelheim, the author of “The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales”, points out how important it is that children confront their fears through storytelling. While no sane person would want to read their child the unexpurgated “Fairy Tales of the Brother’s Grimm”, I believe you are missing the point of many of these tales: the hero faces his fears and overcomes them. Bambi’s mother dies. It’s very sad, but mothers die every day. It’s reality, and it’s one of children’s deepest fears. The point is that he survives. His father comes to take care of him. The hero has to shoot Old Yeller. It doesn’t teach that your best friend will get rabies and turn on you. It teaches that a man must be responsible to his family and to his pet. He didn’t shirk his duty to put his dog out of its misery. Growing up involves loss. The tunnel scene in “Willy Wonka” marks a transition on the hero journey from the real world to the special world where the hero will pass his tests and grow up. Wonka is scary, but he’s nothing the hero can’t handle. As for the flying monkeys, why shouldn’t kids be able to enjoy something that makes them hide behind a pillow? Sometimes stories should be scary. It’s thrilling. The point of fear in storytelling is learning how to confront and overcome them. If you enjoyed it as a kid, chances are your kids will, too.

  99. katherine says:

    omg you have got… to be kidding me. please do not get ticked off at me please. im just not sure i understand. i guess you can tell that i am not a parent yet. im in highschool. i don’t understand the reason behind ALL of the movies. a def. yes to some. but like really? it seems to be just an overreaction. dumbo? bambi? cars? im sorry. again. im not trying to be rude. i just understand the reason even with the captions

  100. Southernman says:

    I’ve seen all of these movies and would let my kids watch them as well! None of these are scary, I think you people lived sheltered lives as children and are wusses. E.T. is a classic and one of the best movies made in the 80′s. I stumbled upon this site while trying to find a list of good kids movies to download for my kids before “Hollywood” & the feds make it illegal to fileshare. I’m amazed that people have negative opinions about these movies I grew up watching as a kid and btw The Song of the South is awesome! I guess these days people will find racism in anything, if you wanna see real racism tune in to BET!

  101. Cole Gamble says:

    Personally, I was raised on horror movies. My dad took me to Alien when I was two.

  102. Nuri says:

    It’s funny how these lists are always made by adults. I saw most of these movies as I was a kid, and the only scene that scared me were the pink elefants in Dumbo. Not a tear from this face fell for Bambi’s mother. I envied the pop-your-eye-out-and-look-around-the-corner ability of Augra in the Dark Cristal… ET made me cry, but bc it was so sad that the nice alien had to go. David Bowie’s antics bored me, rather than scared me.
    As for non-for-children movies like Pan’s Labyrinth, I don’t think they should be on the list. It’s the parent’s own fault that their children get scared for seeing a movie that is rated R, for Pete’s sake! Ot’s unfair to “blame” the movie for that.

  103. Jenzerb says:

    The Last Unicorn — The boob tree still baffles me.

  104. bo333 says:

    I saw most of these films as a kid. None of them were scary to me.

  105. Yokko says:

    He forgot Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.
    Can’t beat old-fashioned sexism and discrimination.

  106. Cole Gamble says:

    boob tree?

  107. MarianS says:

    Dangerous work reading Cole. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard.
    But thanks for making my day ;-)
    Also, my two cents: ET was the scariest movie EVER.

  108. MarianS says:

    oh, and p.s. the title is DISTURBING kid’s movies, not scary. There’s a difference.

  109. GlassSunrise413 says:

    I saw a movie when I was a kid about a talking snowman who had a
    football-shaped head, icicles for hair, and red glowing eyes. He lived
    on a mountain and the kid used to come and visit him. Does anyone know
    of this movie?

  110. Mike L says:

    Are you serious? Do you all really want movies so bland that they elicit no emotional response at all? The most important lesson kids need to learn about movies isnt in the content, it’s that they are not real! Just entertainment. I loved all these movies as a kid, and my kids love them now. And guess what, when they see something scary on the screen, they appreciate it as good storytelling, because they know its just fantasy.

  111. CryMeARiver says:

    What about the children??? LOL. Give me a break! These movies are the least of your worries regarding the care of your children. They are not that scary! I was more afraid of Freddy Krueger than of these movies (I shouldn’t been watching Freddy Krueger anyway!). I loved The Neverending Story, I couldn’t get enough of watching it, saw it in the movies. Ok, why is Pan’s Labyrinth even on this list, very dark movie that is most definitely NOT for children. If a parent took his or her child to see this movie, then they obviously did not do their research. Parents need to be parents, movie directors are going to do just that, direct movies. Just because you’re a scaredy cat doesn’t mean you have to impose your fears on your child.

  112. Return to Oz deserves mention says:

    Return to Oz’s omission from this list is just criminal. The  premise of the film is that Dorothy gets sent to a mental institution! She comes back to Oz and finds the Yellow Brick Road destroyed, “where all all the Munchkins?” (!) the Emerald City in ruins, decapitated heads and freaking Wheelers?? Yikes!

  113. JMW says:

    Nope, “Pan’s Labyrinth” doesn’t count as a kid’s movie. Nor does Indiana Jones. One is an adult fairy tale (and a return to form after the emasculation Disney wrecked on the Grimm tradition), the other is an action/adventure film.
    I’d put “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on the list. That is possibly THE most disturbing kids’ movie ever. It’s never really scary, but it’s highly distressing, and once you considering the books, it really might find its way on a list of most disturbing stories ever, including non-kids’ stuff. Basically, it’s about three kids whose parents die in a fire, and they’re taken in by a distant relative Count Olaf who wants them only for their enormous fortune. Meanwhile, they also learn valuable life lessons, such as the fact that people in the real world only care about themselves, that nobody is looking out for the interest of three orphan children, and that even the nicest people can be completely irrational. Well, that’s the way the world often works, but goddamn… In a kids’ book! Also, it’s packed full of black comedy. For kids’ lit, I cannot for the life of me think of anything more subversive and, well, brutal.

  114. new parent says:

    Going to have to say that the Brave Little Toaster and Benji disturbed me the most as a child.  I watched Brave when I was real young but then again while in college and imbibing paranoia inducing substances and it brought me to a place of such fear again. I have never been more frightened.  Benji made me so scared of kidnapping that I would walk home from school checking out every van, car, or truck over my shoulder.  I still size up every van with a porthole window in the back. They are just creepy.

  115. j k says:

    This article is weak. Sorry.
    Very little insight in how a parent may or may not choose a movie from this list. Lots of unsubstantiated commentary too. I’ve learned more from the comments than the article itself. Sorry. Thumbs down for me.

  116. trey s says:

    While the article does contain movies that have disturbing parts, which may seem more disturbing when taken out of context, it lacks substance.  The author found on numerous occasions only small snippets of screen time that were ‘scary’ or ‘bizarre’.  A number of these films are not even ‘kids movies’.  I think this is an overall fail of a post; just because your parents’ let you watch these movies when you were a child does not make them childrens’ films.
    You lose Dr. Jones.

  117. jerseycaptive says:

    For the life of me, I don’t understand how Shrek didn’t make this list.  Sorry, but children should not watch that movei,

  118. Cire says:

    The reason many of these are considered scary or frightening is because they were made time ago, and werent meant to be calming and peaceful. They were either supposed to be scary… or be so strange it was funny. Sometimes being protective has its limits, and this is a good example. This is supposed to be about kid’s movies… plenty arent made for the child population. And we all know disney had a slightly twisted way of making entertainment, but live with it. A child isn’t going to say, “Hey this movie is crazy looking so i want to do drugs!”. If a child doesnt like it… tell them they dont have to watch it, and thats the end of it.

  119. bethany says:

    are you kidding me? you wouldnt let your children watch shrek. that is rediculous. most of these movies i watched as a child and never even noticed that they were “scary”. I would say more suspenseful. though if i watched them now i would probably just fall asleep. lol.

  120. Justin says:

    Too many people are taking this article way too seriously. Even two years after it was posted. This wasn’t legitimate research or a making claims about what you should or shouldn’t let your kids watch. It’s a humor post that those in our parenting generation can relate to. I chuckled several times. Good stuff.

  121. Helen Dainton says:

    I wonder why The Brave Little Toaster or All Dogs Go To Heaven didn’t make this list, lol. or Ferngully! great movies but definitely scary for kids with weaker constitutions.

  122. Neal Anderson says:

    This is one of the stupidest lists I’ve seen. You’re a bunch of pansy whimps. Dumbo, a cute disney film?! Narnia, you have got to be kidding me.

    And the ultimate reason: No Watership Down or Plague Dogs.

  123. Ashley Sweet says:

    haha the dark crystal scares the shit out of me. like, even now, that im 17! haha

  124. Anonymous says:

    At three years old, I was terrified of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Malificent-turned-dragon was scary! I refused to watch it for years.

  125. Mr Lady says:

    My father bought Song of the South on VHS or something when my son was an infant, and was SUPER EXCITED to play it for him. And that’s when I had to sit a 50 year old white man down an explain slavery and racism to him.

    He. Had. No. Clue. People are just NUTS.

    As for the rest, I liked most of them as a kid. I still have nightmares about Dumbo and Bambi, though.

  126. Joy says:

    My 4 year old is absolutely terrified of Willy Wonka, she shakes so bad if she sees any bit of it I am afraid she would have a heart attack if she were ever made to watch it all, but the movie that gave me horrible nightmares as a kid was E.T

  127. Lennon says:

    I grew up religiously watching these films. I had a routine of watching Willy Wonka, Labyrinth and then Wizard of Oz alternated every night of the week to get me to sleep. No wonder I grew up the way I did =D

    Strange thing is, those films never upset or scared me yet now I can’t watch horrors and thrillers sometimes keep me awake at night! Maybe the “desensitizing” of children to frightening scenes didn’t work on me :D

  128. Stoich91 says:

    Right: Some of these aren’t even kids’ movies, per say. This list is outdated and under-researched. Besides, if we really had to draw up a list of movies marketed to tweens and children based off of one or two inappropriate moments, the list would, unfortunately, be too long to mention. The Narnia movies weren’t done right, but being “Christian” is no reason to bash them any more than Shrek, Lion King or any other lame movie where animals are getting beheaded. Rough…

  129. Snazzy says:

    The Hobbit animated movie from way back. The creepy way the movie looks freaked me out even when I was older. They put animation over live action making it always seem like there was some weird 4th dimension you were watching.

  130. turtle says:

    OK, how did you forget Coraline? That has to be the creepiest, scariest kids film EVER!

  131. kimeramovieblog says:


    Most of the films are totally harmless (Care Bears????)

    5% of the films are not even meant for kids (indiana Jones, Pan’s Labyrinth, awesome, and the story is too complicated for under 10)

    But none of them are a danger for society for one good reason…They’re just movies!!! not a brain waching system TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN!!! They’re not stupid nor panzies. PLEASE PARENTS!!! Break your bubble and enjoy the world with your kids instead of covering yourselves with blankets for a song in THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

    I like your concept of a web site for parents, but don’t think “beeping and covering the bad things” will solve the problem

  132. cleverchaleigh says:

    Dear ass wipe – since you had the nerve to even post this retarded list on the internet… i don’t remember being more disgusted in my life!!! Dumbo!!?? Polar Express!!?? What the fuck is your problem?
    Are you that much of a fucking pansy?? O, and by the way, in Dumbo, they didn’t get high, they accidently got drunk!! And in Bambi, yes the mother gets shot. It was sad. But it wasn’t like your kids were watching guts oozing out of her stomach. Do yourself a favor, don’t make list’s… if you keep doing it, you’ll probably wind up getting your scared ass kicked. Goodnight.

  133. robbie hoffs says:

    Some of these movies did sort of frighten me as a kid(I was born in 81),although none of them were anything scarring what so ever,and I still remeber the dumbo and bambi scenes, despite not seeing the movies in over a decade.- think times felt different back in the 80s,even tough I was a kid,it seemed thing were less censored to children then they are now,I mean Jaws was rated PG(I’m pretty sure),it would get an R rating today and remember baberella(if I’m spelling that right) I’m pretty sure that movie was PG and the first scene was almost complete nudity(T and A) lol,I personally believe though,the more you hold back from your children,the more scared they’re going to be growing up

  134. Anonymous says:

    Give me a break! This is going a bit too far….

  135. Anonymous says:

    i’m guessing the princess and and the frog will make the list….part 2 lol. that movie scared me and im 21!

  136. Anonymous says:

    i’m surprised by some of your choices… and no “the last unicorn??” come on – that was horrific!

  137. Valerie2013 says:

    I only agree with 7 of your choices and majority of your “reasonings” are completely psychotic. If wanting to prove your point more efficiently, it probably would be a good idea to keep the movie ratings, as well as the moral that surrounds the plotline. You see, in spite of seeming to be “strange” most kids never recall it later on, only remembering the songs and endings.

    So eep working on your piece.

  138. jhygnhg says:

    As a kid my favourite film was Watership Down. I think that tops the lot :D

  139. Anonymous says:

    The Nightmare Before Christmas was and will always be my favorite movie. I had never seen Neverending Story until I was in high school when we watched it in theater, and I can honestly say I was scared. But, the movie I STILL can’t watch to this day is James And The Giant Peach. Creepy aunts that don’t feed their nephew, and glowing bugs given to him by a guy with a creepy eye. Then the bugs get away, and grow into a huge peach? Then he eats some, and turns into a cartoon with giant bugs. His parents are killed by a rhino in the sky, and the shark is a robot that shoots weapons and blades for teeth. It’s the scariest thing I had ever seen.

  140. LA says:

    I thought this was hilarious. It is not a serious article, people. I would add Alice in Wonderland, that movie freaked me out when I was little (and she’s tripping).

  141. Anonymous says:

    Where’s Pinocchio? And the SpongeBob Squarepants movie?

  142. Anonymous says:

    I think Animal Farm should be included in there.

  143. Ironbar says:

    Articles like this are one of the lousier byproducts of the Internet. Idiots like the one who wrote this tripe are given free reign to write the most banal garbage, then package it like they know something we all don’t. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with this article if it were written on paper.

  144. jojo757 says:

    the saddest thing is, most of these movies are on my “favorite movies from my childhood” list, most of which I own. Apparently I loved it when a movied freaked me out :)

  145. Wildbird says:

    FERNGULLY is crap nothing but enviromental propeganda at its worse,THE LAND BEFORE TIME Like in BAMBI, MOM DIES But SONG OF THE SOUTH? Realy its one of dinseys best

  146. Rockin Robin says:

    Ahhhhh ET never did watch it im no speilsburg fan anymore,WATERSHIP DOWN these bunnies die and stay dead,OLD YELLER Dog protects family from rabid wolf boy shoot wolf,yeller gets rabies(hydaphobia)has to shoot dog,THE DARK CRYSTAL its hard to belive that the SKESIS and MYSTICS were once one and while when a mystic died the simply disolved a skesist crumbed away and the chamerlan made that funny sound like he was tasting food,THE SECRET OF NIMH where she meets the OWL and surrounded by all those bones of animals the owl has eaten and saving the crow JEREMY from the cat DRAGON

  147. Kerri Boyd says:

    What about Return to Oz, with the “wheelers” and the evil queen’s hall of heads encased in glass? Scary as hell!

  148. gummylump says:

    Have you seen the remake of the Cat in the Hat…creepy and full of sexual innuendo. Ick!

  149. Wildbird says:

    The RAGGEDY ANN and ANDY movie must have been pretty disturbing to kids with those frieghting creatures

  150. Kavakava13 says:

    First off were you even a kid during the time that the never ending story came out. It was a great movie for kids. It allowed them to think creatively and also it was a good influence to kids to read books. And screw you atreyu is a great band you conservative fuck.

  151. Pacific Rim77 says:

    This was absolutely HYSTERICAL. Great writing!
    But where is Pinocchio? Kidnapping small boys and shipping them off to turn them into slave donkeys after a night of gambling, drinking and smoking on Pleasure Island? Seriously?

  152. YouGuysAreStupid says:

    Cars? You’re serious?! Come on, now if Cars is in any way disturbing to you, you really need to develop an imagination. As far as everything else … Teach your kids what is FAKE, and it won’t be so scary! My 4 year olds can worse movies than those and never bat an eye … why? THEY KNOW IT’S NOT REAL!!!

  153. luvsmusic says:

    Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland….im grown now and still cant think of that movie without bein a little scared

  154. BlueBird says:

    Cars, Care Bears, Dumbo? Are you kidding me? This article is crap! Life is cruel and people are mean: it’s a fact of life buddy. My soon to be three year old thinks Monster House is hilarious. He gets laughing when the house comes off of its foundation and starts walking around. I cannot believe that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is on here. That movie is classic and non-threatening. Many of these movies are sad, not scary.

  155. Dani says:

    Where is UP on this list

  156. Anonymous says:

    Apparently some people don’t recognize sarcasm when they read it…great list and funny commentary. I would have to add Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang…still can’t watch that movie without getting heebie-jeebies! And it will take a long time to erase that clip of Mark Twain out of my memory…yikes!

  157. Tim says:

    Gremlins, anyone?

  158. Anonymous says:

    I think they forgot to put in Little Nemo…That movie used to scare me :(

  159. SaraApril says:

    Wow. Some people have absolutely NO sense of humor. I don’t find half of these movies scary…but I enjoyed reading it nonetheless. It was funny and clever, even if I didn’t agree that the movie itself was all that scary. If you don’t like it, write your own stupid article and stop complaining about how much you didn’t like someone elses. Laugh a little. Life is too short to be a crabby bitch all the time.

  160. Rebecca Ockenfels says:

    Pee Wee herman’s movie scared the crap out of me!

  161. lucy says:

    you can’t be serious. all the movies that i watched from this list were my absolute favourites in my childhood; still are! you SERIOUSLY need to develope some imagination!!

  162. Anonymous says:

    watership down #1 scariest. i still cant watch that.

  163. meg says:

    Pinocchio and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  164. Kendra Jones says:

    Hi all,
    If you are interested in being part of a research study about parenting, please follow the link below. Your participation is very appreciated!

  165. BethyG says:

    I am surprised that Alice in Wonderland isn’t on this list. Straight up Hookah-smoking caterpillar…not really for kids I think. The Never-ending Story commentary is so true.

  166. clockworkgirl21 says:

    You thought Pan’s Labyrinth was a kids’ movie? Really? It’s rated R.

  167. beccity98 says:

    The Fantastic Adventures of Unico was really disturbing towards the end-Giant demon thing who kidnaps cat/girls for reasons unknown? The dragon scene of Sleeping Beauty is rather non-kid-friendly, too. Watership down is definitely not for kids, but it seems to be written for them-the movie makes no sense compared to the book-they just skip whole parts and pretend they didn’t/

  168. Darya says:

    Just 3 words: RETURN TO OZ, even Baum would have had nightmares!

  169. FarFlungFloyd says:

    Two movies that gave me nightmares:
    The Mouse and His Child (1977), it has a pimptastic rat (voiced by Peter Ustinov) beating the crap out of a helpless toy mouse (and his child) with a rock. My brother (now 32) thought it was a bad dream till we told him about it last week…

    Mr. Bird to the Rescue… Blind organ grinders, people living in the mechanical bowels of a city… SCARY!

  170. Richard Allen says:

    The Peanut Butter Solution

  171. TrekBeatTK says:

    It seems clear to me you’ve never seen Song of the South. Only maybe a third of it is animated. What are these huge racial stereotypes you speak of? That Hattie McDaniel plays another maid? That there’s an Uncle Remus (which is the POINT of the movie)? Really the film is about how white kids hanging with black people is a good thing, helping him get over his absent father. The other two white kids are white trash bullies and morons. But I’d agree maybe putting it in this list since the lead kid gets gored by a bull at the end of the movie.

  172. Aunt Slappy says:

    TOY STORY 3 SPOILER One of my kids had to leave Toy Story 3 in the middle. The sight of the kindly “care bear”-like toy turning out to be a sadistic dictator who tormented other toys was more than he could take.

  173. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, where’s Return to Oz? That movie gave me nightmares.

    I’m inclined to disagree with the inclusion of Temple of Doom and Pan’s Labyrinth. The Indy movies aren’t made for kids (well, maybe Crystal Skull), but made by 30-somethings for 30-somethings nostalgic for their youth. As for Pan’s Labyrinth, I blame parents for not doing their research to find out if the film is suitable for children.

  174. Anonymous says:

    Actually for number 17 “Cars”, the film makes me think of what would happen if the cars from the film “Maximum Overdrive” won.

  175. Anonymous says:

    My daughter has loved Nightmare Before Christmas since she was 3. And Coraline too.

    What put her in tears – Tarzan (Disney). Baby gorilla gobbled by a panther. Parents gobbled by a panther in the first minutes, blood all around and a baby left alone. She would not even look at the cover of the DVD again.

  176. Susana says:

    I agree with Monster House and regret not leaving with my kids during the movie. Wizard of Oz scared the hell out of me as a kid. Saw part of Matilda (thankfully without kids), also think that was twisted for a kids movie.

  177. Myk says:

    I have only three words to say

    Tarka The Otter.

    Scarred for life.

  178. letsomeskyin says:

    I think the scariest thing I watched as a kid was the movie Ernest Scared Stupid, when he accidentally unleashes an evil troll on Halloween and then some of the kids turn into trolls. Traumatized!

  179. Anonymous says:

    Gremlins and Pee Wee Herman Movie. The end.

  180. babblesucks says:

    This list is retarded and unnecessary. Thanks for wasting my time. I will now boycott your website and do everything within my power to ensure you and anyone you’re affiliated with goes bankrupt and ends up sucking cock on the quarter for a nickel. Die motherfuckers.

  181. Timo3K says:

    The Electric Grandmother. Enough said.

  182. Kyrkos Ekaterinaris says:

    Yeah, we get it. You hate Michael Jackson.

    Well he is dead, so get over it.

  183. Anonymous says:

    What about when the wind blows? Raymond (The snowman) Briggs scary post ww111 horror cartoon, nightmares forever.

  184. Don says:

    “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”: When the Judge shows his real toon eyes (glowing red and turning into daggers) and his voice changes, that scared the hell out of me. I wasn’t even a kid anymore.

  185. Scaramouche says:

    “Song of the South” is a delightful movie, even though I’m certain there was never, ever, under any circumstances an old black man in the 19th century South who looked and talked anything at all like that.

  186. jackie says:

    Return to Oz. Princess Mumbi is terribly disturbing along with the Gnome King, Tick-tock, Jack Pumpkinhead and worst of all… The Wheelers.

  187. crisp says:

    Unico from 1981. Dreary, scary stuff for little kids. Plus, the ending is a downer!

  188. Adam says:

    Two words: Time Bandits

  189. David says:

    You know, it drives me nuts when people continuously quote urban legends as fact…Bowie in Labyrinth did NOT use any enhancement…the guy who did his costumes admitted multiple times that that is all him there.

    Sorry to say, but some of us are just bigger than you, Mr. Gamble…there’s no need for you to compensate by telling everyone it’s not real.

  190. Holly Loiacono says:

    ‘the last unicorn’…..i love it now and it is animated but it scared the crap out of me as a kid!

  191. SkooterNB says:

    The Peanut Butter Solution, hands down.

  192. tizzygirl says:

    A movie I used to watch as a child that totally freaked me out as an adult, The Brave Little Toaster Movie…hands down super super creepy movie….

  193. Iris says:

    Coraline!! Im 17 and still the angry Other Mother freaks me out. And of course the hand made of needles.

  194. dingodile85 says:

    It appears that this list should have been called “26 Most Disturbing Movies For MY Kids.” It seems every single movie on this list has his kid telling him whether or not it’s scary. I’m sorry, just because there aren’t any humans in Cars doesn’t make it a disturbing kids film. There aren’t any humans in A Bug’s Life, better put that on the list too!
    If Chronicles of Narnia made it on the list for “violence toward animals,” then why isn’t it higher on the list with Old Yeller? Dumbo and Bambi are on the list too, so how come they’re not higher?
    Some of these films aren’t even for kids anyway. So how did they make it? Pan’s Labyrinth is rated ‘R’ for a reason: to deter kids from watching it. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom isn’t for kids either. Families maybe, but most families would let their kids watch it when they’re, like, twelve or thirteen.
    And if you haven’t seen the movie, you can’t put it on the list. Besides, Speed Racer isn’t scary anyway. You’re just scared to watch it.
    It seems to me, Mr. Gamble, that you should stick to doing top ten lists instead of reaching for faulty reasonings behind films you don’t like or you haven’t seen.

  195. nate says:

    ernest scared stupid

  196. KBD says:

    “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” was so disturbing that they created the PG-13 rating because of it! How disturbing was it? I saw it w/my pregnant sister-in-law & I thought she was going to give birth right in the movie theater

  197. sgsdfgsd says:

    Temple of Doom is, by no stretch of the imagination, a kids’ movie. Song of the South wasn’t scary, it was a product of its time. I saw it when I was 6 and I loved it; the problem people have with it now is that a black slave was portrayed as happy and loving of his master’s family, and of course, that’s just impossible, Lordy Lordy! Someone said Peanut Butter Solution. I was almost IN that. Half the kids in my class were in it, and when I finally saw it ten years down the road, I nearly pissed my damn pants. I think the two you’re blatantly missing here are Return of the Jedi (the Sarlacc, the Emperor, the Emperor shooting lightning at Luke’s balls and Darth Vader just standing there taking it all in for like forever!!! I was literally crying in the theatre) and Toy Story 3 (Big Baby is one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen in recent film history, and the incinerator scene is so intense I felt my bile rising. Oh, and let’s not forget the overall hopelessness of the whole movie, that our friends Buzz and Woody and the slotted pig are doomed to a life of lovelessness and despair. A MASTERPIECE!!!)

  198. rob says:

    something wicked this way comes

  199. lv says:

    definitely brave little toaster. my mom recently showed it as to her high schoolers as a day-before-holiday-break treat, and they were all deeply disturbed. it had been in storage for years and she thought it would be mindless and silly. my mother called me that evening, and exclaimed, “i don’t know how i never noticed how dark this movie is…i’m glad you turned out ok!” it’s very true, considering that the air conditioner is suicidal (and does kill himself), the toaster is a co-dependent, blankie is a sad, depressed sack, vacuum has serious anger issues, radio is narcissistic, and lamp is always trying to overcompensate. not to mention the evil magnets that are trying to murder all the appliances. granted, the appliance friends stick together and bond and find their happy ending, but still.

  200. Anonymous says:

    Where the Wild Things Are and James and the Giant Peach?

  201. Albert says:

    The musical “Oliver!” (don’t snicker) was touted as a family film and even rated G upon its release. While it isn’t as depressing as Dickens’s “Oliver Twist”, the novel it’s based on, It is still quite faithful on the surface. Although the now-lovable Fagin isn’t the creepy, evil character we find in Dickens, Bill Sikes is still a murderous psychopath who is constantly threatening everybody, and in one of the most frightening scenes ever in a musical, murders his mistress Nancy offscreen by clubbing her to death while we hear her bloodcurdling, hysterical screams. Later, Sikes himself dies after being shot by a policeman while trying to swing from one building to another, and his dead body is seen hanging from a rope looped around a wooden plank.
    Needless to say, the rating for this film was later changed to PG.

  202. missrachel says:

    to dingodile85 I hope you have figured this out since posting your comment below but the article was talking about the movie LABYRINTH by Jim Henson, NOT PAN’S LABYRINTH by Guillermo del Toro!! Big difference, and I hope no one in their right mind would take a kid to see the latter… : )

  203. Enrique says:

    This list is missing Return to Oz, easily the most disturbing kids movie ever!

  204. knightm says:

    missrachel, didn’t you read the list? Pan’s Labyrinth was on the list. I don’t mind stupidity, but ignorantly scolding others annoys me.

  205. Styx says:

    to missrachel: If you read the article, you’d see it does talk about Pan’s Labyrinth. And I agree with the op. Not a kids movie in any way. Never marketed to kids. Brilliant film.

  206. Michael says:

    No, the most disturbing kid/family movie ever could not possibly be anything but MILK MONEY, the touching story of a boy who buys his lonely Dad a hooker with his… milk money.

  207. CBizkit says:

    I’m shocked that Pinocchio isn’t on this list. That movie was filled with people and animals that were trying to either kidnap, turn into a donkey and kidnap, or swallow alive Pinocchio. At least he didn’t kill Jiminy in the movie, like he does in the book.

  208. Sue says:

    I haven’t read all the replies so I don’t know whether anyone else has mentioned this, but I found “Young Sherlock Holmes” very disturbing. I haven’t been able to rewatch it, even after I found out that John Lasseter worked on the animation.

  209. Anonymous says:

    The animated series about the warrior dog “Silver” was unforgettably disturbing. Bear bites to the throat and tons of blood every five seconds and half of the characters in this story die.

  210. Lisa says:

    Oh dear lord you forgot Return to Oz, I was absolutely traumatised after watching it as a child. The fact Dorothy is about to get electric shock treatment in a mental hospital, the wheelers, Princess Momby. Its the stuff of nightmares!! Oh yes and Pinocchio, Donkey Island is a dark dark place….

  211. Kevin Klawitter says:

    You Are An Idiot. Not only do you flagrantly insert movies that aren’t even close to children’s movies, you seem to go out of your way to have no idea what you’re talking about. The characters in “The Polar Exprss” are no less real than in any other animated movie featuring humans as characters, and your own refusal to see it like that doesn’t mean other people don’t have an imagination (even leaving aside the fact that TPE is SUPPOSED to be creepy in a willy wonka-esque way). Too much of this just seems to be you saying “look how edgy and hip I am with this worhtless snarky statement”. There was no reason for this article to be published.

  212. Holger Hooimeijer says:

    What is sorely missing is Return to Oz. I can remember seeing it in the cinema when I was eight. I still have nightmares about that film.

  213. innis says:

    Wily Wonka was horrible. The kid getting pulled up through the tube after eating the candy gave me nightmares for years

  214. apostrophe says:

    You’re missing Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And more importantly RETURN TO OZ, WHICH IS SO TERRIFYING OH MY GOD I’M 25 AND IT STILL FREAKS ME OUT.

  215. bunnyannihilator says:

    If you’re going to call Pan’s Labyrinth a kids movie, you might just as well call South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut a kids movie, since it’s a cartoon.

  216. bunnyobliterator says:

    Edward Scissorhands is also very disturbing.

  217. Anairot says:

    Puffnstuff. Seriously.

  218. Ansar says:

    You missed the GOONIES, The disturbing deformed guy was intended to be funny. Wonder whose sense of humor it was?

  219. Laura says:

    I either own, or have seen nearly all of these movies, and they’re some of my favourites. I plan on showing them to any nieces or nephews I end up having.

  220. N by NE guy says:

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned “The Golden Compass” yet? Children get forcibly separated from their soul animals via electrified cages, and the polar bear fight made me cringe, and I was in my mid-30s at the time!

  221. candygirl8519 says:

    Did anyone mention the Never Ending Story?

  222. songbirdjw says:

    To lV to posted about The Brave Little Toaster – I haven’t seen that movie in years. I loved it as a kid, but thinking back, you’re right!! What are people thinking when they come up with these ideas??! Although I do remember those magnet junk yard things being a bit scary.

    ALSO – how could the writer forget to mention in The Neverending Story that freaking scary wolf thing in the cave that tried to eat Atreyu, the tall golden lady-statues that zapped the knight on the horse, the giant flying poodle that, although sweet as a lamb, resembled a super creepy pound puppy. Seriously.

  223. Big B says:

    Wow, some of these movies are not even disturbing (Cars? Come on!). I agree with some of the posters, the films listed are not as disturbing, they are just that way to you, but there are worse kid films out there. One film that somewhat always got to me was “the Hugga Bunch”, the behemoth, the shrugs, you do the math. The beginning and the end are o-k when the girl is back in her real world, but as soon the girl goes into the terrible land of the mirror world, all hell breaks lose, literally. Excluding all the demons and what not, of course.

  224. msf says:

    The most disturbing here is what he think about kids. Look to me he think we should put children in a closed room, far away from the world, because they are so fragile, they can broken by a simple word.
    Kids are stronger we can imagine, don’t be sily.
    obs.: excuse my bad english, no practice enough

  225. that other person says:

    Poltergeist….end of discussion

  226. whitelion says:

    I would at just off hand take off E.T. and Pan’s lab. and add, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(With Jonny Depp)in the no 1 slot and James and the Giant Peach

  227. Mark H says:

    not an African American in that movie that is portrayed as anything but the epitomy of Character and virtue. It is the white characters who are confused and unsure of themselves. Uncle Remus was a hero to me as a child when I first saw this film and is to this day. Your mistaking behavier which all in this film are stereotyped. The hero of the film is Uncle Remus.

  228. Mark H says:

    Below I am speaking of Song of the South. It is NOT RACIST!

  229. Cloagen says:

    You missed the creepiest of all and that is the 1933 version “Alice in Wonderland.” Check out the clips of Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum on Youtube and then try and sleep at night.

  230. Kendra Wenger says:

    You left out A Bug’s Life. I’ve decided all flaws in my childhood were due to Pixar, especially Kevin Spacey, the world’s most frightening bully.
    Also, Joss Whedon, the world’s most dark and depressing (my idea of quality-depressing was actually basically founded by Toy Story) screenplay writer. WHO DECIDED TO HIRE HIM FOR A KIDS MOVIE?

    Lets not forget Prince of Egypt. Lets have Alligators eat children for our kids movie!

  231. gege says:

    of course you have to throw in dig at Christianity…………jackass.

  232. LoganDoe says:

    Pinocchio. Barnone.

  233. rizlact says:

    i hope im not the only one who remembers this nightmare: The Peanut Butter Solution. A Canadian movie with music by Celine Dion (and no that is not a joke). It was about a child who has leukemia and to grow back her hair quickly creates a solution that she smears on her head but gets kidnapped and forced to have her hair cut daily to make paintbrushes. There’s an abandoned house, an evil villain, a strange joke about pubic hair, and music by Celine Dion!

  234. DS says:

    One flick that should have made this list is a bizarre 1978 live-action/animated concoction out of the UK called The Water Babies,. The film is loosely based on material written in the 1800′s by Reverend Charles Kingsley and it tells the tale of a 12 year old boy (employed as a chimney sweep) who is falsely accused of being a thief, takes a runner and ends up falling into the Thames. At that point, the film switches to animation as he ends up frolicking about with animated aquatic creatures, trying to get back to his human , surface level life by freeing them from an enclosed lake and letting them head out to sea. Aside from having the distinction of being the only children’s film I’ve ever seen featuring what appears to be a flamboyantly gay seahorse, the live action sequences which bookend the film are utterly-and I mean UTTERLY- depressing. You wonder why in the hell the kid would want to go back to such a poverty stricken, miserable existence to begin with.

    Just a correction for the author of this piece: Watership Down is no more a children’s film than Heavy Metal was.. It is an animated feature. Like The Plague Dogs-which is also based on a novel by Richard Adams- Watership Down was always intended for older audiences.

    Also..are we not past the jabs at Michael Jackson yet? I was never his biggest fan (I’m a classic rock kind of guy myself), but isn’t this pointless now? I’m not only referring to the remarks you left with the Moonwalker listing, but also the comment in the Willie Wonka segment. Take a moment to consider that you’re taking stale potshots (those types of comments have been done to death) at a man who died over a year ago. Might be time to move on from that material.

  235. Fairportfan says:

    Anything based on a Roald Dahl book has a basic hatred of Children at heart – the best thing he ever wrote for kids was “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” (very loosely based on a children’s book by Ian Fleming), and he threw the Child-Catcher into that.

    “Temple of Doom” was one of the two main driving forces behind the Creation of the PG-13 rating – the other was “Gremlins” (produced by Spielberg). “Temple” came very close to an “R” rating; Spielberg and Lucas insisted that it *must* have a PG-13. And then Spielberg, in an interview, said that if he had a thirteen-year-old, he wouldn’t let the kid see it.

  236. acadamnica says:

    This list leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to being truly disturbing. There are still plenty more of the back-of-the-rack titles that are or were truly unnerving to young and impressionable eyes in their day:
    ‘TWICE UPON A TIME’ was quite the apocalyptic kids tale about an eternity of nightmares for all humanity, until a strange dog and mime looking characters save the day! The stuff Ralph Bakshi put out was some creative mental mayhem for sure. Many little boys long remembered the skimpy costumes in ‘FIRE & ICE’ and none who saw ‘WIZARDS’ will forget the soulless assassin Necronon 99 roaming the wastes of Scortch murdering friendly gnomes and fairies. And an obvious young adult film that’s missing from this list, who can forget Tim Curry’s 2nd most iconic role as Darkness in Ridley Scott’s ‘LEGEND’? That is after his Dr. Frankenfurter of course. But which kid’s movie will leave the truly deepest scars on the innocent minds of our children? Why it has to be ‘MAKING CONTACT’ which is the utterly strange result of what happens when American producers decide to re-dub and re-edit a German-made children’s movie. Originally called ‘Joey’, the opening scene cuts to the guts with the funeral procession for the father of a young boy. But Joey is once again happy to know that he can continue a healthy father-son relationship upon finding that his toy telephone can commune with the recently departed. That is until the demonic marionette uncovered in his basement jealously takes away Joey’s ethereal toy phone and blackmails the boy into using his new psychokinetic powers for evil! Watch out for the abundance of Star Wars paraphenalia in this film and the reference to ET living in a trash can like Oscar the Grouch. How did I ever find out about all of these wondrously horrific monuments to creative mayhem? Simple, I had two bigger brothers.

  237. danielB says:

    Wow, you should get out of America once in a while, even it it’s only in the cinema. Europeans have made spooky childrens stories for decades (those Grimms again…), but you should have at least three entries here for Hayao Miyazaki: The crawling, rotting, 50 foot warrior that shoots nuclear blasts out of his eyes befor his melting flesh collapses onto the ground in “Nausicaa”; the giant worm-infested wild boars on a rampage and the main character being introduced with a blood-dripping mouth after she sucked out the infested blood of a gunshot wound in a giant wolf in “Princess Mononoke”; even the sweet “Spirited Away” had a shock moment, when the parents turn around and have been changed into fat, grunting, greasy pigs, that had children screaming all over the world. They’ re available with pretty decent English language versions, so show them to your daughter sometime. She’ll love them. Okay, maybe not. But at least she will find female heroes in childrens films that aren’t cute or cuddly or Barbie, but really strong and inventive.

  238. anasevil says:

    “james and the giant peach” scared the crap out of me as did “the fox and the hound” when i was a kid. kudos calling out bambi like that. i have seen it once in my 22 years of life, and remember hating it so much i refused to watch it again. i mean, who kills the mom and lets the kid go stranded? oh, and call me crazy, but the “little mermaid” was terrible too. that crazy ursula was the devil, scaring me every time my mom tried to make me watch it. most of all, i remember being actually afraid of james and the giant peach in its creepy animation.

    oh, and what about “small soldiers”? creepy action figures come to life and start hurting people, with some mega plan to take over the world! DISTURBING!!

    along the same lines, “indian in the cupboard” was terrifying. some little chest thing has the ability to make figurines come to life, they fight, get chased by a HUGE hampster/rat thing, and then one gets mortally wounded?!?! don’t get me wrong, i liked this movie but i know i watched half of it with my hands over my eyes because i was scared.

    this list has lots of older movies, but misses some of the newer ones…

  239. Anonymous says:

    Is any show acceptable for children? This is such a nihilist and manipulative article. For example: one could say that children should not watch noise on the TV screen that is the result of no signal because it could remind children on ants in snow storm which is also very scary…

  240. lbickfor says:

    This list is trying too hard to be funny. Cars?! The movie that freaked me out was The Secret of NIHM. I think that’s the spelling. Freakin talkin rats scared the crud out of me.

  241. pug says:

    I would add:
    Return to Oz – Wheelers gave me nightmares
    Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure – seriously trippy movie
    The Last Unicorn – horrifying

  242. laura0909 says:

    As a kid Gremlins scared the crap out of me. I had recurring nightmares of the Wicked Witch of the West burning down my house with my cat inside. Also, my mother thought it would be fun to let me watch Friday the 13th.

  243. Z1andonly says:

    I remember a-lot of these films when I was little. Never scared me. I’m surprised that “All dogs go to Heaven” and “Heavy Metal” aren’t on this list

  244. JacksMama says:

    Legend – Young, non-cocky or self-centered Tom Cruze. The Devil in that one scared the crap out of me!

  245. Mike says:

    Something Wicked This Way Comes.

  246. Matthew Letter says:

    I agree with most of the movies on this list although there are about 7 or 8 I haven’t seen, here is my question. Where the hell is Gremlins on this list. I mean that one is just obvious. I kept expecting to see it on the list and when I made it to 3 and still didn’t see it I was thinking ok this has to top the chart. And then it wasn’t there.
    Also monster squad is missing(not so much scary but what the hell is that bit about the “virgin” saying it doesn’t count cause that was her cousin… supercreepy, as are the Goonies that one is just totally missing from the list. Oh and wasn’t Ghostbusters a family movie? What about Poltergeist. Maybe not a kids movie but definately rated PG and way scarier then Moonwalker. And Popeye, I mean most of the movie is pretty straight forward but that octopus scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.
    I think that numbers 1 and 2 should have been occupied by 2. Secret of Nimh and 1. Dark Crystal maybe Garbage Pail Kids was creepier but it didn’t do half as much to scare the piss out of me that those two classics did (which are still 2 of my favorites.)

  247. Sheila says:

    Ok, I first saw Willy Wonka when I was like 8 so I wasn’t really that scared of it. It’s one of my favorite movies, but I agree that the boat scene is kinda creepy. If you wanna know a scary family movie, try Who Framed Roger Rabbit. That guy in the black suit was sooo scary! And then the part where he killed the little cartoon shoe in the “dip” thing? Ok, killing something on screen, especially something that cute, is bound to scare children. My mom said used always turn off the VCR player after that part To add to that, the whole movie is about a murder!!!! It had to be one of Disney’s more raunchier films. The language, the hidden jokes, the scary villains…wow. My mom said I cried when I watched the Fox and the Hound, but to tell you the truth, I don’t even remember what it’s about anymore. My sister was terrified of James and the Giant Peach as a child, as well as Snow White, and now she loves both of those movies. Weird.

  248. Joylynn says:

    You included some of my all-time favorite childhood movies. At my house we watched Willy Wonka over and over. We wore out at least 5 copies of that movie and I just bought another copy that I’m going to share with my daughter in a few years. I also loved Never-Ending Story, any Indy movie, and the Dark Crystal. I could have lived without seeing Bambi, Dumbo, and old Yeller, though. Those movies were just mean. I barely remember seeing Song of the South but the racism didn’t register at the time. Wasn’t dumbo racist as well?

  249. joe says:

    this writer is fucking stupid. they are an over protective dumb ass whose child is going to be fucked up. and pan’s labyrinth was advertised as an ADULT’s fairy tale. if you missed that you are stupid. i hope this person is never allowed to make a list again.

  250. Anonymous says:

    just becuase something is animated does not mean it is geared towards kids. hayao mizaki is not a children’s directer. fucktard.

  251. Court says:

    HAVE YOU SEEN THE HUGGA BUNCH MOVIE?? If not, YouTube IMMEDIATELY. Then replace top creepy kid movie spot with it.

  252. Steven Webber says:

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) had the creepy child catcher

  253. MrsEdwardCullen says:

    okay. i luv the polar express. i watch it every Christmas. I Believe

  254. Anonymous says:

    My mom took me to see Watership Down in the theater when I was about six years old. It scarred me for life.

  255. Kathryn Romano says:

    Are you kidding? Allmost ALL of this stuff is TOTALLY FINE! In fact, I still watch most of those movies. you obviously have no imagination whatsoever. Albeit, that Mark Twain thng was pretty creepy, but other than that, you are sooo overreacting.

  256. Yadi Obergh says:

    Fire in the Sky (1993 movie)

    i was around 12-13 and this movie scarred me for life when the aliens stick the needle in the guys eye. i had the courage to watch it again in 2004 and i laughed for hours what i still remember from the movie is much more horrifying than what it is in the movie.

  257. AJ says:

    Why is “Watership Down” always on these kinds of “Most Disturbing” lists and there is never, EVER a mention of its successor “The Plague Dogs”? That movie makes “Watership Down” look like “Oliver and Company”. The opening scene starts out with scientists making a dog paddle endlessly in a pool and watching as it gives up and sinks to the bottom, then resuscitating it after it drowns, only to plan on doing the same experiment all over again. A dead puppy (one of many it is implied) gets scraped with a shovel out of its kennel to be incinerated; rows and rows of bunnies have their heads locked in place. There’s a scene with a monkey trapped in an isolation tank “The Pit of Dispair”, and we always come back to check on its slow descent into depression and madness. And just to make sure you can’t console yourself or your child by saying it is “only a movie”, Richard Adams (the original author) made sure that every single experiment mentioned in his book was based on a real life experiments done on real animals. And the movie follows the book very closely. Cheers!

    When Rowf and Snitter finally escape the Animal Testing Lab of Horrors, most of the film follows them slaughtering sheep to survive and running from humans who want to send them back to the lab. Then there’s Snitter’s happy little adventures as he flashes back to how he accidentally caused his previous owner to get hit by a car, and then Snitter goes on to shoot a man’s face off (shown in graphic bloody detail! At least Bambi’s mom was shot off-screen)! The public refuses to rescue or come in contact with the dogs because of rumors they are carrying Bubonic Plague from the lab, so there is a call for the government to capture and destroy them. The dogs even resort to eating a man just to keep from starving during winter, and eventually they both walk off into the sea, swimming towards an imaginary island until they are both exhausted and drown, choosing to die free rather than live a life of pain and cruelty. Cue credits with cheerful, upbeat Alan Price song.

    Yeash! Say what you will about “Watership Down”, the rabbit deaths were either nameless redshirts or evil minions. Hazel and the rest of the bunnies who had names eventually found paradise, raised families and lived the rest of their lives in peace and love. Their deaths were from old age in a calm grassy down, and you get to see their souls hop away happily. Rowf and Snitter’s fate was so awful, even the author was compelled the tack on a happier ending years later just so any children who read the book wouldn’t slit their wrists from the oppressive depression it caused.
    Tod’s still dead though.

    Update: Okay, so maybe the rabbits still have it bad. According to a website, “In recent years, according to reports, the rabbits in the real-life Watership Down have multiplied and dug too many holes in what is essentially an agricultural area. The government came up with a plan to discourage the rabbits: mass extermination by gassing.”

    I think I need some Cymbalta.

  258. sssteve72 says:

    The scariest thing is that people are afraid of any of these movies. What kind of wimps aer scared at any of this. My 3 year old son has more kahoonas than most of the people commenting on these movies let along the author of this page.

  259. punkrockz says:

    What the hell??? you’ve got a cheek to put films here which aren’t even kids films, and cars?!?! Come on!!! I can make my peace with Bambi, but cars is nowhere near scary!!!! One film is missing though: RETURN TO OZ! That film terrified me and I still can’t watch the start where shes at the dentist (i think thats where she was anyway, its been that long since i’ve saw that scene!)

  260. davidkohlstrom says:

    Overall, decent list. Two things, though:

    1) Get over your aversion to stereotypes. There’s a reason they exist in the first place. That’s just life.

    2) Garbage Pail Kids were great because they were a sardonic, bitter antidote to the “life is great” approach to raising children. Which leads me to say that, yes, kids do need to see this stuff. Life isn’t fair. People do screw you over. You can’t trust anyone. And then you die. The earlier they learn this (I believe), the better.


  261. Michael Fielding says:

    Seriously, the Pink Elephant scene in “Dumbo” is tremendously weird. Although it mesmerizes our kids. So who knows…

  262. penspend says:

    Pan’s Labyrinth was rated R… I’m 15 and I still can’t watch it today. It’s definitely not a kids movie. But yeah, most of these movies have scary concepts, if you want to word it that way. A 5-minute version of anything certainly leaves out details. Nowhere in Cars does the concept of a machine-dominated universe come up, nor does the question about where the people are and what happened to them. Polar Express is a kids’ movie that had decent animation. Burn victims? Hardly! In kids’ movies, things are just… there: a child’s mind isn’t going to question what adults would tend to question, and neither would they sequester every possibly-frightening detail from a movie plot they won’t remember a day later. In over half of these movies, the main themes and concepts definitely overshadow the “what ifs”, and though this was probably just written to get a view views and possible chuckles, I think it’s a little over-the-top in ridiculing the movies of my childhood.

  263. Man Made Alien says:

    What about Gremlins?

  264. Unknown says:

    Give me a DAMN!Are you even serious?! Narnia is great movie!Cars is great!In the end,kids can get a moral lesson…I watched the Polar Express and it wasn’t bad!So is bambi!Gosh!

  265. Unknown says:

    Ferngully was scary!:O It creeped me out!

  266. Anonymous says:

    the garbage pail kids movie is just pure filth. it wasn’t even entertaining the slightest. it’s hard to imagine kids liked it even with how gross it was. the garbage pail kids cards were funny, the movie was not. i think it’s quite possibly the worst film ever. ed wood films sound enticing in comparison.

  267. unknown says:

    So.. tell me again what a pink elephant was before LSD???

  268. unown says:

    for me, the scary concepts of some of these movies are what made them memorable. i always liked the nightmare before christmas and labyrinth, because of the “oddness” and “erieness” that hooks you and reels you inn. buuuuut maybe thats just mee!

  269. WSD says:

    I first watched Watership Down when I was 10 and that scared me to death even then and I’m still afraid to watch it. I don’t think it’s really meant for kids, with all the violence and disturbing scenes (there are tonnes of these) and not to mention most of it doesn’t really make much sense.

  270. i hate this bitch says:

    This person must have been physically beaten while many of the films played and now she is trying to get other people to hate them as much as she does. And next time you make a list about children’s movies make sure they are all movies meant for children. This list pissed me off more than when i found out sarah palin is getting a show on TLC or that if i had been born a midget i could make millions by selling my soul to be on television.

  271. Return To Oz says:

    Return To Oz is the scariest childrens movie ever…

  272. Crystal Nash says:

    this has got to be the dumbest article I have ever read… I agree that parents should pay attention to what they are letting their children watch, but some of the entries labeled ‘disturbing’ are just idiotic! What will the next generation of people be like if we squash the creativity, imagination and artistic drive of our children? With all of the discoveries we make daily in the fields of science, physics, quantum/meta physics and theories and biology, and multidimensionality… where will we be if our children have no creative reach? This poster IS a zombie… a media-fed, brain-dead half whit zombie. And you can quote me. Turn the tv off and spend some time with your children… WHAT IS TRULY DISTURBING IS HOW LITTLE YOU TRULY KNOW YOUR CHILDREN!!

  273. Crow says:

    I have this Funny feeling that
    a) who ever wrote this doesnt have kids
    b) who ever wrote this is a kid

  274. Michelle says:

    I hope this is a joke, if you really have that many issues with the neverending story, dumbo, and E.T you’re out of your mind…in any case I’m curious as to what your list of movies that are appropriate for kids contains…request for a follow up

  275. Fufu says:

    What the Hell

  276. lu says:

    What about the peanut butter solution? That was only the most bizarre movie ever made. I blocked this movie out of my head for years after seeing it…

  277. you are dumb as shit says:

    Pan’s Labyrinth is not a kid’s movie. It was not intended to a be a kid’s movie. It should never be considered a kid’s movie.

  278. Caroline Post says:

    For those who believe that “none of these are scary”
    Did you watch any of them as an actual child?
    Its not the story that scares kids, its the dark imagery. So while E.T, Never Ending Story, Willy Wonka, and…Dumbo all have happy endings and “good morals”, it is that 30 second extremely scary one scene that can scare kids forever, regardless of what it “means”.
    As for posting films that aren’t meant for kids, Kids will still see them anyway. If a child is the main character, that’s enough to catch the attention of a kid scrolling through HBO. Also, many parents think some things aren’t scary while in fact they are, such as with my parents renting me and my brother Dark Crystal when I was 10. Freaked me out for a good 5 years.
    Maybe I’m just a pansy, I’ll admit that. But its the “thinking” about the movie years after that messes with people, not the watching itself (I never screamed or looked away when watching these movie, I was mesmerized)

  279. posterman says:

    How can you miss Return to Oz? That movies starts with Dorothy going for electroshock and only gets creepier.

    The Princess Bride also scared me as a kid. I had no idea it was a comedy.

  280. Anonymous says:

    How could you miss The Peanut Butter Solution… wicked scary!!!

  281. Shade says:

    Yeah. I watched most of these films as a child, and not a one of them got under my skin in any negative way.

  282. loli says:

    how about annie?
    alcoholism, bribery, bombs, a prostitute and child abuse….hmm.

  283. Shade says:

    Yeah, this list is kind of idiotic. But i’ve loved reading the comments. I made a list. I’m watching everything I never saw as a child. I watched the Peanut Butter Solution tonight and I have no idea why it traumatized so many of you. Even as a child I would have known that 20 kids could have easily beaten down that old man. No contest. Neat movie, though.

  284. Becca says:

    The Brave Little Toaster.

    Also, the Neverending Story’s “villain” is much scarier when you read the book. And Artax dying still makes me cry.

  285. MJM says:

    I love how everyone jumps all over “Song of the South”. The man that played Uncle Remus was the first black man to win an award for that movie, and he was given the job based on his TALENT, no his skin color. And it’s not making fun of african americans. It’s written and illustrated the way it is, because that is how the story has been told year after year after year. It’s historically accurate and cultural. It’s a freakin’ kids story! You wanna talk about racism? I had a history teacher who picked the only black boy in our class to stand up and read slavery poems every week. THAT is racism, my friend.

    Not all of these movies are intended for 5 year olds either. If you don’t think your child is old enough to watch it…then don’t let them watch it. It is that simple. I watched every movie on this list and then some. I had seen nearly every Freddy Krueger movie by the time I was 6 years old. I came out as a perfectly normal human being with good moral values and everything. I don’t see what the big deal is with parents freaking out over a silly little movie.

  286. LaShele says:

    @MJM – Yeah, I agree. Song Of The South has been watched by my family for years! We are African American and non of us have ever been offended by it. Same with Dumbo and the part with the crows. Some people are just to sensetive.
    @CarolinePost – AND WHO THE HELL GIVES THEIR YOUNG CHILD ACCESS TO HBO??? What kind of parents are you?

  287. TLF says:

    Whoever wrote this article is stupid, I mean really, really stupid go get a life.

  288. lol says:

    Heyheyhey, when I was little, the Neverending story creeped ME out. Cars is debatable, but most of the others I agree. ‘cept… it doesn’t seem like Labyrinth is a kid’s movie, lol.

  289. Anonymous says:

    Was this article supposed to be sarcastic? I can’t tell….

  290. Cool Story Bro says:

    Seriously though, you name all these movies, the cute movies, and yet you forgot Toy Story. Now I’m saying this sarcastically, but the one-eyed baby Spider thing? Creepy… The kid Sid? Creepy… And yet, this guy goes through all the trouble of writing an article, making this list, which includes “the Care Bears Movie.” Ridiculous… Just ridiculous.

  291. babyemma says:

    Ok, did we forget coraline? I saw that movie in theaters and watched 2 moms leave after their kids started crying. My little brother sat on my lap the entire time.
    Aaaand how on earth is cars scary at all? I think wall-e is a better candidate.. don’t get me wrong, I love that movie to death, but still. Humans chair-bound and evil computers controlling their lives?

  292. misskirij says:

    how old is Jillian ‘cos I live in Malaysia and a girl at school’s name is Jilly/Jillian.

  293. Me has good grammarz says:

    Narnia was not disturbing. Coraline and the Charlie and the chocolate factory that was made like five years ago definitely should have made this list. And, yes, I don’t think that little second graders should be exposed to porn or even the idea of porn. But seriously, the only reason a parent would not let their child see most of the movies on this list would be the ever-expanding and pointless overprotectiveness of parents. In some ways, it’s not spreading. Anyone here see ten year olds playing M rated games? And their parents are okay with it!!! It’s pretty common. Anyway, parents, even if you do let your child see the latest pg13 movie, they will most likely be fine, their minds won’t be corrupt like you think. Kids hate it when you are overprotective, whether it’s with movies or video games. If you are, your child will most likely be embarrassed or angry at you. Besides, I don’t think you’ll like seeing your child being made fun of because his or her parents are overprotective.

  294. I love my internet says:

    Becky Anderson is hot as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she’s not an actress)

  295. Major breaking Benjamin fan says:

    Does anyone know how I can send Wayne Thomas batson comments without Facebook or letters (mail)?

  296. It works says:

    If any of yew play runescape, add ikeelu212 to your friends list and give him money, free stuff, and armor. If you do, you will win a free iPad or iMac the next couple days. I did it and it works! I’m posting this from my new iMac!

  297. Me has good grammarz says:

    The porn Is in the new diary of a wimpy kid movie. Forgot to say that in a previous comment(:

  298. I ROCK says:

    umm more than half of these movies rock and are not disturbing. something disturbing might be a scary movie not something like cars,dumbo,bambi and more those are disney movies made for the joy of children to watch. All kids love disney. these reviews are wrong and misleading.

  299. PeterPan56 says:

    hey!about over half of these movies are freaking awesome!!!whoever made this mustve been deprived of great movies at childhood

  300. CG says:

    Are you going to have a “book burning” next?

  301. Jenna Moritz says:

    Many of these I wholeheartedly agree with…and can’t wait to show Meena. Except “Bambi” and “Dumbo.” Mama don’t go there.

  302. Dachshund says:

    Saw Superman 3 in the theater as a kid…there’s a scene at the end where a screaming woman is sucked into a machine and is forcibly turned into a metallic robot zombie…I was completely freaked out…28 years later it still gives me the creeps.

  303. MWMani says:

    LSD was first synthesized in 1938, Dumbo came out in 1941.

  304. Lol u died mother fuckers says:

    Who here is suicidal?!? Like MCR ” if like ain’t just a joke then why r we laughing?!?” . Who here just wants to die!?! Hahahaha!!!!!!! Mother fuckers!!!!!!! Hahaha lololol!!! Rofl!!!!! Why so fuckin serious?!? Why not DIE?!?

  305. Anonymous says:

    Ummm I’m sorry but you are a seriously messed up individual and I can guarentee that it is NOT because of ANY of these movies. DUMBO??? BAMBI???? when i was a kid my favorite movies where…the never ending story and Labrynth. You my friend need to get a life!

  306. Myspacebarisbroken says:

    WTF. I just realized how fucking ridiculous that was. How were these ever considered family movies?!? Seems like the authors the only one with the problem. Hey, Cole gamble, go fuck yourself pussy licker.

  307. I grew up with these and Im ok says:

    wow….some of these movies (or at least their modern remakes) may have some elements of creepy to them, but y’all a wimps! My goodness! These movies, harmful to kids? If you’re creeped out by muppets, you really need some therapy my friend.

  308. 88Keys says:

    I agree that this list is pretty lame, but I do agree that Dumbo is one messed up movie. Enslaved elephants! Both mother and son are mocked mercilessly, which eventually drives mother insane. There is the pink elephants scene, and the vaguely racist crows, and I’m pretty sure I remember a fire at some point. I don’t think I could ever re-watch this movie as an adult.

  309. Anonymous says:

    list is weak

  310. Jedimom1984 says:

    I think the list is meant to be amusing, not an actual list of what not to show your child. The author even mentioned “testing” some of the movies out on his own child. I agree that most of the movies on here were creepy (although I saw them all as a child and loved them for their creepiness!) I definitely think Return To Oz should have made the list though… the Wheelers and Mombi and all her heads and the Nome king are things that still freak me out more than anything mentioned here.

  311. Anonymous says:

    90% of those movies are cool and I was a kid when they came out, you have no taste.

  312. kids r kids says:

    I hav 2 say alot of these arent bad @ all. i mean, i kno my 3 yr old isnt watchin charly n the choc. factory or Dumbo n thinkin bout tripin on acid. kids arent thinkin bout anythin u’ve talked bout, they dnt thnk of this type of stuf unless u teach em 2. and these kinda colorful scenes realy help kids gt creativ. its realy up 2 an individual parent 2 decide if their child cant handle a movie. n its nt bad 2 gt em watchin creepy thngs if they like it, 2 show em tht its nt real. if they dnt like it dnt force it. every child is diferent.

  313. AllChortlingAside says:

    The scariest thing I remember in the theaters as a kid, is the trailer for the Shining. The feature film was some Disney flick. This was before theater owners had brains and realized that kids could actually be scared by a preview for a horror flick.

  314. Dopest says:

    i dont see how ANY of these movies are distrubing? alot of these movies ARE good. there’s nothing wrong with them? you just dont have any taste.. jfs’

  315. PassDa WeedNigga says:

    like really? you have NO taste[;
    HAHAHAHAA dumbo? and bambi? were MY favortie movies as a kid when i grew up.

  316. Anonymous says:

    i would think that Monster inc. would be on this list.

  317. Anonymous says:

    Willy’s dwarves freak me out =O

  318. Ruby Orman says:

    All my favorite movies as a child and a grown up. I turned out just fine… well… I do write horror. I believe horror in a safe place is absolutely healthy. It’s just as important as happiness. We should teach children to accept ALL their emotions.

  319. Tyler Wallace says:

    LSD was introduce 6 years after this film, I am fairly certain it was around before then. RESEARCH.

  320. Anonymous says:


  321. AustinMom says:

    How could you forget Toy Story 3. Prison scenes, infernos of death, the evil bear…shutter.

  322. QueenOf EveryWickid ClownsHeart says:

    I admit that on the boat scene when i was a kid when it first cam eout my lil demon child brother turned my movie watching of silence of the lambs to this n i saw tht eye screamed flipped out n my mom had 2 get onto him fix the tv and turn it all off i ended up watching lion king for days.

  323. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE PEOPLE!. movies are not bad for your children!. most of these movies were around when we were children. are you afraid of them till this day? A MOVIE that isn’t real. isn’t it your responsibility to teach your kids what is real and what isn’t?. that if they get scared of a scene in a movie to tell them it isn’t real? so get off it that movies cause fear in children. fear happens with or with out watching movies. kids get scared of the dark are you gonna get mad about the sun going down? if kids have fear they need to overcome it and grow better or they will be scared hermits that never go out and explore or do anything. would you like that instead?

  324. Charity Nelson Lyle says:

    the last unicorn. scary scary scary. dumbo.. also scary. hmmm…..

  325. QueenOf EveryWickid ClownsHeart says:

    I had no clue until 3 yrs later who ziggy really was but i was inlove with David Bowie in this movie and the dark crystal a muppet tale by jim henson and this were odd no one i knew even now hardly remebers them but thanks to my g-ma these were my fave movies growing up.

  326. JoLeigh says:


  327. QueenOf EveryWickid ClownsHeart says:

    bahahah i mentioned this as i watched the labrynth thing and commented, this was my second fave movie growing up esp the muppet thing…. loooove!!! many ppl my age forgot all about it and that.

  328. DeeDee says:

    If you ask me, the nightly news reports are scarier than any movie, I would never let my kids watch the news channels! Now as far as the Wizard of Oz! Nothing spooky about this old flick.

  329. Cobrati Musch says:

    Every movie on this list I watched when I was lil the last inicorn was my all time fave. I wud let my son watch them.we just got done watchin the last unicorn n he loves it!!!

  330. tiff says:

    Coraline…awesome, but more disturbing than all of these combined!!…and Harry Potter Goblet of Fire!!

  331. Kathey Benash says:

    The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all time Favorites!!!! My kids love it too =)

  332. Cassandra Sas says:

    I have to admit, I was traumatized after Old Yeller. The rest of these movies I actually like. And might I say, if you’re going to insult the author, please at least use spell check!

  333. Amy Beth Storey says:

    Coraline. Or what about Matilda?!

  334. Aundria Cooper Premo says:

    Narnia, really? Come on! It was never supposed to be for LITTLE kids, but older kids are not tramatized by it…give me a break!

  335. RebeccaR says:

    Really in esscence all childrens movies have some scare factor to them in one form or another. The author isn’t trying to say don’t let your kids watch them just realize that what you may think is an innocent plot could momentarily terrify your child, or send subliminal messages that you may have to explain at some point. Movies are a great way for children to be exposed (in small, sugar coated doses)to the reality that life is not always how we would like it to be. It is up to the parent if they want to use them as a tool to teach this or try and venture in to an explanation they feel is better suited for their child. And although some movies were created just for entertainment, ALL movies have some sort of message ingrained in them, so try to screen them before you let your kids watch them to make sure it’s a message that you are okay with them receiving (I know it’s hard to do if you are bringing them to the theater, but other than that I recommend it)

  336. Kelly Grabowski Hall says:

    Just because something is animated doesn’t mean its for children. And who takes a child under 10 to see half of those movies? And there are plenty of creepier things, but again if you do your homework as a parent, you know hich ones not to show your kid if he/she is not mature enough to get. I did, however find this list amusing!
    PS I don’t remember being scared in ET, but I do remember crying when we thought he was dead.

  337. Elle says:

    Where the Red Fern Grows :o (

  338. Rachel3790 says:

    Most of these shows are fold older children or are not really scary. All shows have things that could be considered scarey to some people but that doesn’t mean it’s scarey. How many 3yr olds would look at Bambie or Dumbo and unprovoked would say it’s scary. I do childcare and I would say NONE.

  339. Anonymous says:

    Some of the movies I can see..but Polar Express? E.T.? Care Bears? Dumbo? Bambi? Seriously? My son is 6 yrs old and he loves Polar Express. He has loved trains since he was 1 yrs. old. We even took him on the polar express train ride. Care Bears I grew up watching.I still have some of mine from when I was little. Dumbo.. that’s a classic.. Bambi is also a classic.. and yes.. dears do get shot all the time.. it’s called Dear Hunting..

  340. Anonymous says:

    I meant deers and deer hunting.. E.T. was my first movie I ever saw in the movie theater and it did not scare me.. I was 5 yrs. old at the time

  341. Anonymous says:

    I did grow up watching these,Neverending Story was and still is one of my favorites,I have watched it with my 6 and 8 yr old recently,they enjoyed it,

  342. hyperwink says:

    I thought this list was hilarious, the captions had me laughing! I would have to say Mary Poppins scared the crap out of me when I was a kid…when they get lost in the city…*shudder*…”Feeeeed the pigeons…tuppence a baaaag…”

  343. Anonymous says:

    Harry potter movies, the goonies.

  344. Amadea R Potts says:

    how about finding nemo!…lol… my daughter said she had bad dreams, because of the sharks!! lol… she has watched wizard of oz, which should be scarier to a 3yr old, and she had no bad dreams!!! lmbo!!!

  345. Karen Aplaca says:

    i’m almost 30 and i thought coraline and 9 were pretty scary. my niece (who is 4 now) was freaked out by the other mother (as was i) and when she hears the coheed and cambria song (they played in the preview for 9) she runs. so yeah, some movies just aren’t made for children.

  346. Celina Parramore says:

    Wow couldn’t believe some of the movies that were on this list. Saw most when I was young. I’m 26 and the only movies that have a child or children in them that scare me still are Stephen King movies.

  347. miak mustache says:

    ernest scared stupid, ewwwwwwyouuuuuuu, or gremilns, still cant Think about that one without cringing!

  348. Jetson says:

    AKAIK you’ve got the asnwer in one!

  349. Bekah Lang says:

    IT…i am 31 and I still hate clowns

  350. Rachel Perrea says:

    wow, i remember this movie. only bits and pieces of it. i always wanted to find out what it was called because i do remember being disturbed and intrigued at the same time by it hahaha

  351. Chris Simpson says:

    Bambi did traumatize me when I was a child. I still can’t eat venison. My dad went deer hunting right after I watched it. My daughter had nightmares for a long time after watching Fantasia. Narnia movies aren’t made for preschoolers. But I would let most kids 7 and up watch them. And yes it is overtly Christian, which is a great teaching tool for Christians. CS Lewis, the author of Narnia was an atheist who wanted to disprove Christianity. He became a Christian in the process. All the movies are an allegory for our relationship with Christ. But I would think that they are entertaining for non Christians too. Otherwise Disney would not have produced them.

  352. Jess says:

    Okay some of these movies wouldnt make kids scared just cry. Bambi, Dumbo, and E.T. will make you cry. and i love the nightmare before christmas and willy wonka and the chocolate factory but i just get scared when the boat ride of the chocolate river part shows up and some people wouldnt let their kids watch movies tht would freak them out and wizard of oz may scare them because of the witch but overall the movie is really good

  353. Jenna Boettger Boring says:

    I remember being traumatized by Snow White and a couple others that had wicked step-parents. My parents had recently gotten divorced and I was convinced that anyone either of them may remarry would inevitably be evil and probably try to poison me with fruit.

  354. jesuisici says:

    FERNGULLY. I don’t remember why, because I flat refuse to watch it ever again.

  355. Lexi Lemus says:

    are u friggen kidding me what happend to nathura. Im in middle school and havnt seen alot of those movvies but there is no way on earth heaven or hell that nathura shouldnt have made the list WHERE IS THE JUSTICE PEOPLE also that one old disney movie dont look under the bed you know that implies that when you dont play with your imaginary friend it turns into the boogie man or woman. Also an honorable mention to the other disney movie twitches

  356. Lexi Lemus says:

    watership down is messed up like reallly small cute bunnies being shot eaten drowned snatched by birds and chased by some odd ghost rabbits dhow that to your 7 year old daughter

  357. Lexi Lemus says:

    watership down is messed up like reallly small cute bunnies being shot eaten drowned snatched by birds and chased by some odd ghost rabbits show that to your 7 year old daughter

  358. Bailey Tidmore says:

    what the they have 26 most disturbing kids movies and i see the old willy wonka, carebears(WTF),Dark crystal(that one i understand),Bambi and the secrets of nimh. WTF is wrong with these people like half the movies are awesome and cute and i watched them all the time when i was little

  359. veggie says:

    bambi’s mom getting shot is why i became a vegetarian at age 2, before i could even pronounce the word. now im an animal activist and involved in peta. im so glad it opened my eyes, but it is a little extreme for children.

  360. carnivore says:

    vegetarians are pussies. there is no reason not to eat meat.

  361. Anonymous says:

    I saw E.T. in the drive-in when it came out and it did scare me! I had to sleep with the light on or fal asleep with my Mom in the room with me. And I wouldn’t go into my closet alone!

  362. Dot says:

    The Black Stallion Returns. For my 10th birthday, my parents took me and a few friends to see it in the theater and then my father spent most of the movie out in the lobby with me.

  363. Ratyy says:

    How come Spirited Away never got into this list? That movie tramatized me as a kid .-.

  364. Jennifer Wilde says:

    These movies aren’t necessarily disturbing, as long as you introduce them at the appropriate age.

  365. Sydney says:

    personally i think that coroline should’ve been on this list because when i was in the theater,kids were crying just because of the previews! but care bears, NO!

  366. Anonymous says:

    Coriline D: scared the heck out of me… I’m 14 and my friends and I watched it at my house… :(

  367. Al J Joslyn says:

    Home Alone 2, when Marv(curly haired bad guy) grabs the jumper cables and gets electrocuted. That scared the crap out of me!

  368. Me says:

    Astro Boy – 10 minutes in a little boy is trapped in a containment chamber and killed. I turned it off after that.

  369. tay says:

    I loved the original Willy Wonka movie. The new one is a thousand times creepier!

  370. This is fucking retarded says:

    grow a pair seriously? kids now a days are watching shit like friday the 13th, well atleast in my town. Like serioulsy who gives a fuck about those scenes there not even the least bit disturbing. Now you gays , i mean guys, can rage at me for this.

  371. N says:

    A Ring of Bright Water traumatized me. The plot went roughly like this: Man adopts pet otter. Man loves pet otter. Man falls in love with a woman. Farmer chops otter in two with shovel. Didn’t sleep for weeks.

  372. Nam Vet says:

    children need to learn with sadness and trauma early so they can prepare for it. quit bashing disney! the creepiest ha to be hoodwinked 2. someone assaulted an old layy with a rolling pin and knocked out, then right after that someone stepped on her head and you could hear a snap.

  373. Sam Hassock says:

    I saw a leaf fall on the ground once as a child and I’ve been traumatized ever since.

  374. Veruca says:

    I was so confseud about what to buy, but this makes it understandable.

  375. KC says:

    Bambi’s mom didn’t bother me…it was the scene with the quail hiding that still gives me the shivers!!! Hiding, build up of panic, scream of terror…then *BAM!* Nightmarish.

  376. prettylucky says:

    ohhh now i get the log ride at disneyland

  377. Anonymous says:

    The fact that this is biased to the author’s own personal preferences, not what the general consensus (which would, in the long run, be much more accurate) is just utterly ridiculous… if anything, THAT’S the most frightening part of this whole article.

  378. Anonymous says:

    Alice in Wonderland was one of the most disturbing movies of my childhood. The Mad Hatter is skitzofrantic, the slug thing is smoking, the Queen of Hearts tries to kill Alice. All in all, it made me have nightmares for years about the film.

  379. Halito says:

    Wow, some of you guys take your favorite childhood movies a wee bit too seriously. Pretty sure the main purpose of the article was humor. Considering that, I say thumbs up! I laughed several times and got to be all nostalgic about the movies I watched when I was a kid.

  380. anonymous says:

    wow…just wow. i grew up with these movies and saw all of them by 1st grade and im totally fine, u on the other hand are crazy

  381. Chloe Truffles Hidalgo says:

    Alice in wonderland should have made it in…it kinda freaked me out as a kid…I loved it, though, but looking back, there’s always this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever I watch it

  382. Tonic Fandango says:

    I agree with that whole mark twain thing, the adventures thing, it’s rather creepy, as a kid yes Nightmare Before Christmas was rather frightening, but i agree with a few of previous comments, children are just different now to an extent where some things arent very scary

  383. Mick says:

    This isn’t based on what the writer thinks, like some have said. Did you not read the description under Wizard of Oz? Or the final note? Anyways, I thought Pan’s Labyrinth and Where the Wild Things Are should have made the list. They were both highly advertised as family movies. Having said that, I think nearly every children’s movie has an ounce of adult humor or something. I mean….it also has to entertain the parents of the children watching.

  384. Eve says:

    Sinbad. Man, those Sirens made me have nightmares for WEEKS.

  385. SarahH says:

    The Electric Grandma.

  386. Efferfeffington the 3rd says:

    Watership Down was NOT for children!! The book was written for young ADULTS! Just because a movie is animated does NOT make it for kids! Would you let your children watch something like Family Guy, or Robot Chicken? Well, this is violent, and far too close to reality to be for children. So don’t blame the ones who made the movie, blame whoever thought that the terrible (it was an excellent book, just very violent) book would be toned down to be a childrens movie!

  387. Whoda guessed says:

    So, in The Nightmare Before Christmas, there are shrunken heads, evil dolls, zombies, roadkill animals, skeleton reindeer, a clown who can take off his face, a man who touches his own brain, and a demented skeleton who kidnaps Santa Clause, but the part that scares his daughter, is the sack of bugs who talks? Right……

  388. Courtney Wilder says:

    that seen(or however u spell it) from willy wonka always did creep me out

  389. Courtney Wilder says:

    but wats wrong with ploar express i love that movie

  390. Tiffany says:

    I 100% agree with Return to Oz! I watched that movie sooo much as a kid, but it *always* scared me! (why did I keep watching it then…?) The electroshock therapy, the wheelers, the headless princess, the talking moose head!!! The talking rocks… it was a very creepy movie! However, I definitely disagree about Narnia… but to each his own, I suppose! :)

  391. Megan says:

    There is one movie I’m suprised that didn’t make it. Little Nemo. Not to be mistaken with Finding Nemo, Little Nemo takes you to Dreamland and has you encounter the Darkness. Scariest freaking kids movie EVER. I’m 24 and I still can’t watch it just from the memories. The only reason I haven’t gotten rid of it is because I’m afraid some other little kid will watch it and it’s poison will continue.

  392. kneel46 says:

    this is a really old article so i dont know if anyone is reading this but-i remember a movie from the 80′s or 90′s that was about children getting “ordered” from a company and the package was a can. so if you ordered a kid a can would show up on your stoop and when you opened it the kid inside the can had all the features you ordered (blond hair blue eyes etc..)the plot was pretty much about saving all the kids in the factory and keeping the company from making more kids. does anyone remember anything like this? i have been trying to figure it out for years. i watched alot of HBO and disney cahnnel so thats where im sure i watched it.

  393. respectmyauthoritah says:

    what the fuck?

  394. Anonymous says:

    Secret of Nimh was one of my favorite movies growing up. I remember the teacher bringing in the tape when I was in 3rd grade.

  395. stefaniejjb says:

    so a movie having a christian theme is scary to this person or people? :(

  396. Allison says:

    All Dogs Go to Heaven. The part were Charlie has a vision of hell always creeped me out as a kid…

  397. Sarah Lang says:

    That is Howie Mandel in Little Monsters

  398. Billy Bones says:

    I have been trying to find Witches for years. I had no idea that was the title, but every Halloween it would be on and freak me out. I agree with almost every movie. When I was a child, I was a bit of a panzee. The author said that these were movies from a time where the children who watched gave us The Exorcist and such. That is why there isn’t a lot of the new ones you all are suggesting. Just sayin.

  399. Great Great Great Article says:

    Children/Teenagers shouldn’t be able to comment on this. This article is for a generation of adults who watched these movies as children. Not for you teenyboppers who like to curse, and belittle the author of the article who explained right away that the results of the top freaky family movies are from a census. Go to school and shut up until you are old enough for your comment to matter. :)

  400. Anonymous says:

    Coraline should be on here

  401. Anonymous says:

    of course some of the scenes and movies that we watched growing up gave us the creeps! It was supposed to bc it showed us that life wasen’t all about warm milk and rainbows! id love for my 2 very young babes to watch these movies growing up instead of the 3D crap there exposed to now-a-days,oh and the wiggles give ME the creeps

  402. Julie Betzel says:

    I agree fully with Pan’s Labyrinth and the Wizard of Oz. I also have to add The Rescuers–maybe not scary to some, but I had to be taken out of the theater totally hysterical because Medusa creeped me out so bad. Nevending Story is one of my favorite movies ever, although Atreyu’s horse dying in the Sadness of the Swamp would be hard for a kid to deal with. Another movie that was left off the list was that weird Wizard of Oz remake with Michael Jackson in it *shiver*

  403. ddidogirl says:

    How about Jumanji. I was 13 when it came out but my 9 year old sister was so freaked out because of the animals in the board game.

  404. Mostly agree says:

    To Great Great Article, I’m a teenager, and The Polar Express came out when I was pretty young; nine or ten, maybe even eight? So it definitely was way after your time. Narnia also came out when I was younger. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but your comment isn’t fair to say. We should be able to have our opinion too.

    But anyway that wasn’t really my point. I have to agree with a lot of these but two of them I couldn’t disagree with more. 1) Narnia. First off let me say that I am so afraid to watch scary movies. I’m in my teens and watching anything remotely scary will keep me up for days. But Narnia really wasn’t scary. Actually, I thought it was a really cool movie. And I don’t think any of the kids are creepy. I actually thought the one boy was cute when I first watched it. 2) The Polar Express. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. I didn’t think anything about it was creepy and it was actually one of my favorite Christmas movies. I still kind of is. I haven’t seen a few of these because they came out before I was even born, but watching some of the videos, I can’t even believe that their movies for kids. Especially that Mark Twain one. That actually scared me now. Plus I never really understood Dumbo when I first watched because I was pretty young, but the one thing I always remembered was the stupid pink elephant scene. It creeped me out soooo bad. I don’t know what it is but there’s just something reallyyy un-nerving about it.

  405. willywonkafreak says:

    i guess on the willy wonka one I only saw the TV friendly version lol

  406. alexp says:

    pan’s labyrinth is rated R it’s not meant to be watched by kids although i thought it was a kids movie at first

  407. Amy Hudson Bartley says:

    This is a dumb article! I can’t believe a lot of these movies are on the most disturbing list! Most of these are movies that I saw as a kid! And since when is Indiana Jones considered a “kid” movie?! This list just made me scratch my head in confusion! DUMB LIST!!!

  408. Ash11 says:

    WHA?! These are not that bad! Kids see more horrific things on the evening news and in school books! My kids watch half these movies and love them! And guess what, my oldest is 2. I grew up watching Freddy, Michal, Jason, Pinhead, and Leather Face. My oldest watches these and gets bored. If you wanna talk creepy, then what’s up with forgetting Coraline? A crazy mechanical wacko sewing buttons in kids eyes after kidnapping them and then eating them?

  409. Robinjsky says:

    I don’t get… What was so bad about those care bears? My kids watched it with me and thought it was the dang utest thing they ever saw.

  410. Tiffany Planner says:

    I watched at least half of these movies as a kid and didn’t find them scary. the Secert o Nimh was one of my all time favorites next to Indiana Jones, Laike Placid, and Jaws. And that was at age six. so if your gonna say those are scary than add Coraline.

  411. Star Wars Geek says:

    Um, like 90% of those movies aren’t scary, and I would never in my life count Indiana Jones as a family movie.

  412. jennp says:

    @alexp, it’s talking about labyrinth, not pans labyrinth. two totally different movies

  413. wildthanggg says:

    how can you not include “Where the Wild Things Are”
    that was effing scary!! haha

  414. TroutFarm says:

    You know, I was just having this conversation the other day. I will say that most of these never scared me as a kid, BUT now that I am a parent I look back and wonder how on Earth these were family movies. I think the list was a well-thought out one. I wil add, not necessarily to the list, but when Star Wars was in the theater (not the new ones) I was probably about 6. When Jabba The Hut came on screen, I was so terrified I hid under my seat. Now, off to look for more articles by this journalist.

  415. NarniaFanatic says:

    NARNIA IS THE BEST MOVIE EVERRRR!!!!!!!! My little cousins have watched EVERY movie and tv series(yep, tv series!) on Narnia. It’s supposed to teach values! Besides, there isn’t any blood!

  416. Victoria Coons Alleman says:

    I’ve watched most all of these movies with my 8 year old and a few of them with my 2 toddlers. I judge what I think they are ready to see. All of them sat down and watched most of these movies. You have to be dilligent on prescreening movies you want to watch with your kids. We won’t let our 2 year old son see Cars 2 after I found it was more about spies and shoot-em-ups from my sister, who took my 3 yr old nephew. We plan on watching it first. We don’t really allow guns or “you die” type games…so why would we let them watch a movie that’s pretty much all about that?

  417. Im just a worm says:

    It’s /The Labyrinth/!!!!!! Not Pans Labyrinth! For crying out loud! One has the uber cute David Bowie and the other has a hallucinating little girl. However, I would put Pans Labyrinth as way scarrier than Labyrinth

  418. Jasmine says:

    That was so creepy!! What kind of parent would let there kids watch that?!

  419. Korin Pusillo says:

    What about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Remember the Child Catcher?

  420. Some random dude says:

    Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was pretty creepy for a kids movie. Especially Large Marge and that drive out in the dark in the middle of nowhere Pee Wee took with a complete stranger. Not to mention that Pee Wee himself was a creeper.

  421. Momoftwo says:

    The Lion King… Come on.. Dad gets killed, you’re loaded with guilt and come to find out it’s your uncle’s fault cuz he’s evil???

  422. Jayme Becerra says:

    how about my all time favorite who framed roger rabbit? Judge killing a cartoon shoe, RK maroon getting shot, sexual references aka jessica rabbit, Valiant being a drunk?! the list goes on and on

  423. Just To Clarify says:

    @Great Great Article, you have no right to say that! I’m in high school and I’ve seen almost all of these. Some do belong on this list, some aren’t even children’s movies, and some I thought were fabulous! *PS: The Labrinth is not Pans Labrinth, it’s THE LABRINTH, with David Bowie and such!* Narnia came out when i was like 5 and I can say it was not bad. But I’m not easily scared. And for all you parents out there, if it’s a Tim Burton Film, it may say so but is not for young children! let that be known! Thank You!

  424. mikelle says:

    who ever made this list is dumb as fuck and had a horrible childhood!!!

  425. Maddi Nelson says:

    Narnia, really? Yeah, it’s violent, but it was nowhere near as creepy as some of the stuff on this list.
    I think “The Little Mermaid” and “An American Tail” ought to have been included.

  426. Angela Malcolm says:

    My father would fully agree with the author regarding the Wizard of Oz….he’s 56 and the flying monkeys still scare him!

  427. Bart says:

    I can’t beleive “Who Watches the Watchers” by Disney didn’t make the list. Saw it as an adult and STILL can’t watch it again!

  428. Bart says:

    Correction: That sould have been The Watcher in the Woods by Disney

  429. Anonymous says:

    I HATED “The Dark Crystal”!!! That movie made me sick and scared, at the same time!! And how could you forget “The Black Cauldron”; awful, awful movie!!

  430. gggr says:

    I can’t believe some of these movies made the list. I watched quite a few of these as a kid and they remain favorites today. I recently watched the Corpse Bride and my little brother wandered into the room. He sat down and watched the whole thing twice. He absolutely loved it and still quotes it. He was four-years-old at the time. So I guess Tim Burton movies aren’t so bad for kids, eh Just To Clarify?

  431. Damian Knight says:

    How about the Huggabunch movie? That was weird and creepy when I was a kid. I barely remember it, and had to google the bookworm as the only character I could remember. I just remember it scared me!

  432. Xela says:

    Okay, I was super scared of Indiana Jones as a kid after seeing some guy’s heart being ripped out. Creepy. I love the Labyrinth though, David Bowie is super freaking amazing. I remember watching Dumbo, Bambi, and ET as a child, I don’t remember anything bad happening. I was little, mind you. If you watch anything now that you did as a kid, you pick up on new things that you had no clue about then.

  433. Matt Hanke says:

    The problem with those who are adults today and have now “blacklisted” these movies though they loved these movies when they were kids, is that they’ve become cynical and imaginationless. I’m an aspiring children’s book author and the only movies (and they are just a few) on this list that I don’t like are ones that I didn’t even like as a kid. You know what, life is dark sometimes and there’s nothing wrong with children learning that as long as it’s done in a responsible way. I have 2 kids of my own, a 4 year old and a 2 year old, and I would have no problem watching any of these movies with them…granted I haven’t seen all of them, but based on the compilers reasons for not liking those that I haven’t seen I still don’t think I’d have a problem with letting my kids see them. The absolute biggest problem I have with this list is ET being on there. When I’m down or depressed there are few movies than can help lift my spirits the way this one does! I could go on and on, but that’s enough. If anyone wants to debate (and by that I mean have an intelligent discussion, not resort to a barrage of insults) this issue further with me feel free to contact me. Have a good one!

  434. Anonymous says:

    what of about justin and lohan movie

  435. reay13 says:

    I must say that I wa suprised that Little Nemo was not on here. That movie terrified me so much that it took years for me to finally be able to finish watching it. The black ness consuming people was horrific and sad.

  436. CsBAR says:

    There were no children’s movies that I saw as a child that actually frightened me. Of this list, several of them I saw when I was in my teen years, thereby of more understanding than a young child’s interpretation of the concepts in the films. But, for these movies to be labelled as scary is just plain ridiculous & has me wonder if adults who are frightened by them, even for children whether or not they have any of their own apparently prefer to live out their lives in perfect, little cocoons which protect them from all possibility of facing reality.
    The world, for any age, presents peril and things that only seem perilous; art should and does present this, generally.
    Besides, not all of these were even presented/ marketed as childrens movies, anyway. Some were/ are meant to bear object lessons that are prevailant in many, many other stories of various forms.
    Some of these were intended as adult-concept fairy tales (eg: works of Tim Burton) or animated simply to bring the novel-based characteristics as accurately as possible to the screen instead of attempting live action so expensive as to make production impossible [at the time] (eg: Watership Down).
    Richard Adams’ story was not necessarily intended for children but, from what I heard about parents having to console their crying children, too many adults simply assumed that the “cute bunny flick” would be all sunshine & lollipops instead of a story with real substance that it is.
    All well-crafted dramas are about actual difficulties of life, not sugar-coated crud as those who do not appreciate a good story want to gorge upon.
    Hopefully, people who regard themselves as adults only by a stack of calenders, instead of the actual experience that composes them, and prefer to check beneath the bed for emotional baggage of monsters they’ve maintained their fears of after all their time do not hold sway in making movies of the future.

  437. Jonathan B says:

    Perosnally, I think folks that find Song of the South horribly racist are way too eager to be offended. It’s a cheerful old man singing songs and telling stories with morals behind them. It’s a film whose chief lovable and memorable character is a black man who seems like a kindly old fellow you’d trust your kids with regardless of his race. I hardly think Walt Disney was out to make negative statements about black people. he just took an old collection of tales and brought them to the screen for a new generation to enjoy. There’s enough real serious racism in the world without people getting offended at nothing.

  438. LAU says:

    Seriously this list is terrible. Temple of doom is not a kids movie. Song of the South is not rasict. It is based off of the tales of Uncle Remus that Walt Disney loved. And let’s face it, slavery existed. I saw a fair number of these when I was little and none of them scared me horrible or scarred me for life.

  439. Anonymous says:

    i first showed that movies my little girl at 3 and now and 5 she has a plush doll, “big girl cup”, and watches that movie often. in fact she and I have both (her now me when i was little of course and now) seen lots of those movies and didn’t find anything creepy about it… well just for Bambi (i still can’t watch that movie). when you’re little things like “the nothing” don’t have such a deep meaning but at the dame time you understand very well that it not a good thing.

  440. Laughing out loud says:

    Holy Crow! Seriously?
    I saw many of these movies as a child. Bambi, Uncle Remus stories, The Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka. These were/are great movies! And I loved them. Was Bambi sad, yes it was. But seeing humans kill animals for food was something I experienced often as a child. I didnt agree with it. But it is a reality. The world is not fair and not always kind, I already knew that when I was 4 years old. But when people (or animals) go the extra mile and help each other, do good things, well, that makes the world magical. Almost all of these films contain that magic, that willingness of someone to help others. And the movies do it with imagination and fun. Imagination is magical, wondrous. Was I bit scared during the boat ride in Willy Wonka, you bet. But was it “disturbing”? Goodness, NO. Would I delete that scene? Never! Life IS like that boat ride. I dont want to shield my child from the reality of life. I’ve known home schooled kids who were shielded. They really struggled later as adults in a world that was alien to them. No surprise there.
    You may choose to find these movies disturbing. But I think most kids, as did and do I, will find them entertaining, and just as important, inspiring.
    I’d be curious to see your top 28 children’s movies.
    Oh, one last thought, the movie that actually did disturb me as a kid was “The Ten Commandments” OK it’s not a kid’s movie. But I saw it as a kid and man did that freak me out. How could God kill all the first born? All the first born!! Holy crow! My sister and I huddled in our bed together for weeks waiting for God to send that creepy fog to kill me in order to teach someone a lesson. True story! Now that’s disturbing shit!

  441. tommymommy says:

    I love some of these but I agree about the Pink Elephant scene from Dumbo and would add that I was always terrified of and still don’t want to watch the mountain scary scene on the first Fantasia. They just make too many shows labeled for kids that are actually adult cartoons.

  442. tommymommy says:

    My mom loaned me a cartoon recently, and luckily I watched it before letting my kids because I was horrified by it. I asked her if she had seen it and she said no but some of my neices and nephews had. I think it was called Spirit of the Forest. It had mice getting electrocuted and the illusion of a lady cutting her own head off with a chain saw and alot more. AWFUL! One of the most disturbing shows I’ve ever seen and I’m 30.

  443. tommymommy says:

    What!?! I’ve always loved both the carebears movies. My kids and all of my little neices and nephews do, too. I enjoyed that video of them singing. I’ve never bought the toys before but now I want to.

  444. tommymommy says:

    Witches was great. Not as scary as your clip makes it seem. I never liked ET, ever. I forgot to mention I really disliked that Mark Twain one, too.

  445. ultraguy says:

    Speed Racer? That’s just being a pussy.

  446. Anonymous says:

    Coraline? The girl in the parallel universe where the mom wanted to sew buttons on her eyes? i don’t think there’s anything more disturbing than that… not to mention all the other creepy characters.

  447. Anon says:

    SCRUFFY! Most disturbing(ly awesome) kids movie known to man. The beginning starts out bad, then gets worse, then get suicide inducing, and then ends. It’s like Bambi…only worse. It has violence, sexual stuff, alcoholism, death, more death, a-mother-dog-who-thinks-a-shoe-is-her-puppy-bc-her-real-puppy-died, robbery, and more death. (At least it ends happy?)

  448. Lulu says:

    Well, apparently I had a corrupted childhood, cause you just basically listed all of my fav movies when I was a kid. I haven’t seen all of them, but I remember loving WIlly WOnka, The Wizard of Oz, Labyrinth, The Polar Express, The Dark Crystal, The Never-Ending Story, and The Nightmare before Christmas. Dumbo used to creep me out, though. Oh, and Indiana rules. Then again, my mom first made me watch Johnny Depp’s Sleepy Hollow when I was seven, so…

  449. Yup says:

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? Sure, it’s mostly a happy movie, but right after the guy almost cuts her heart out, she runs through one of the most disturbing scenes in my entire childhood. That forest…

  450. Kate says:

    How about Willow? Scared the bejeezus out of me when I was five..

  451. Mary says:

    Had nightmares of witches after seeing Wizard of Oz as a kid (in the 1950′s). There was something really disturbing about the Polar Express that I couldn’t put my finger on, but have never watched it again.

  452. Irene Fahrberger says:

    Even as an adult I cannot watch E.T. It gives me nightmares to this day. That scene where E.T. is dying or hibernating or whatever and his heart starts glowing sends shivers down my spine.

  453. Nicole says:

    Im sorry but I think you are a bit too dramatic. I dont think dumbo, narnia, or willy wonka is too scary for children. I loved those movies as a young child. If you are that overprotective of your kids, its going to make them even more scared when they see an actual scary movie. Or even just extra scared of certain things in real life. Im not saying you should expose your kids to things like Freddy vs Jason or stuff like that, just dont be too shielding.

  454. Valerie says:

    Um, Watership Down is not a kids movie. The book it’s based on is an adult novel that you’ll never find shelved in the children’s section in a library. Just because something is a cartoon does not automatically make it a kids movie.

  455. Anonymous says:


  456. dentonitis says:

    Jumanji! My kid was three when that one came out, and we had to leave in the middle of it because she was so scared (and why we went to the drive-in to watch it is beyond me). I mean, come on, the children in the movie are faced with actual death at the hands of creatures that emerge from a living, endless board game. Yikes!

  457. Anonymous says:

    wait a minute i watched monster house when i was young like once it came out i guess i was 10 and it rocked i loved it but i have to say the truth the part where the house eats the dog was scary :P

  458. kenkilgore says:

    I don’t think most of the movies on the list are scary: they weren’t when I first saw them as a child, and my kids have watched many of them and just laughed. But two “family” movies that have disturbed them are “Poltergeist” and “Gremlins”. The disturbing part about Gremlins is the story told by Phoebe Cates’s character, about how her dad died when he got stuck in the chimney on Christmas Eve. My daughter was stunned by that story.

  459. Anonymous says:

    Eight Below It was horrible! Everyone I have talked with who has seen it agrees it’s by far the worst. Oh and The Fox & The Hound too. . . .

  460. bcolorado says:

    How did “Brave Little Toaster” escape scrutiny? When the clowns chase him and try to make him fall in the bathtub of water? Or stick forks in him to short him out? Or the air-conditioner has a mental breakdown? check that wierd stuff son who is now 22 loved that movie when he was little!

  461. Patrick Mericle says:

    Some people were scared by the flying monkeys from Oz but come on,,,, be a parent and watch programs with your kids. You can figure out what scares them and make some decisions and stick to them not all kids are the same some on this list are really lame choices.

  462. Not a bubba says:

    Ok, so this is clearly satire, right? Right?? Bueller??

  463. lulu76 says:

    Rango and Where the Wild Things Are – and not in a fun, beloved way with a few scary parts – just disturbing weird and bad movies.

  464. Anonymous says:

    you people have got to be kidding, what’s next are you going to burn the movies or try and get them band. Get a grip. there are far more serious things affecting our children of today!!!

  465. Faolinn says:

    I agree with numerous other posters here – some of these movies are not what I would consider “kid’s” movies, especially if the child was the age shown in the first photo! Watership Down and Temple of Doom are not movies I would show my child. Teenager, yes. Between the ages of 10 and 13 would depend on the individual child. That being said, some of these movies teach a valuable lesson, whether it be about safety, friendship, death or unconditional love. Our world is a scary place but some of these movies teach that lesson along with a strong moral message. And just because a movie may be based on religious tenets (Christian or otherwise) does not necessarily make the moral or ethical message wrong or scary. Finally, to add my two-cents’ worth for the list, I think I would have to add “Where the Red Fern Grows”. Right up there with “Old Yeller”!

  466. JS says:

    Why is “The Hobbit” not on here?! Trolls, goblins, and giant spiders all trying to eat our heroes… A fire-breathing dragon that destroys a town… A war where tons of characters die, and some are dropped from the sky to their deaths… Is this not a WEE scary for children? I can’t watch this film without feeling anxiety from my childhood, and I’m in my 30s!

  467. Cassie says:

    James And The Giant Peach, anyone?

  468. playjojo says:

    I loved Willy Wonka! That was so a kids movie. However in that particular scene, you can see he wasn’t just a few beers short of a six pack, he was the bottle cap left spinning on the table! He was nuts!! But it wasn’t creepy, those kids were horrible and you wanted something to happen to them, you just loved the interesting way it did. Anything with animals I wouldn’t watch though.

  469. playjojo says:

    Oh, and it had a good them, honesty pays off, and there was so much love in that family.

  470. jessica says:

    oh man, i am sorry, i see nothing wrong with these films. i grew up watching all of them and i truthfully never thought anything bad about them when i was a child. i loved the never ending story when i was a kid and i would watch it over and over again. i never had nightmares over any of these films and i never really found any of them to be all that scary. some of them i found sad, like old yeller, but that builds character and teaches about the strength of love.

  471. anna says:

    reality is, people die, people get picked on, people get lost, and people turn mean and with a little kindness you can turn them nice… i don’t know, how are any of these movies bad? if you look at the crap they put out these days for kids movies, i would say these movies aren’t that bad. i honestly never had nightmares or were scared of any of these movies when i was a child. i was pretty young when most of these came out and i watched them all when i was a young child.

  472. JayTeeshirt says:

    I’m sorry you were emotionally fragile as a child, but honestly I grew up with around half of these movies, and I loved them to bits then, and now. Frankly I feel like we could do with a bit more of this kind of filmmaking, as it is currently, we’re just feeding them spoonfuls of sugar and calling it “education”.

  473. Nora says:

    This article tries superhard to be funny and just ends up sounding dumb. Try again, author.

  474. Brandon Bewley says:

    Yeah nice article Cole. Keep this job as long as you can. You may not last if you lose it. Hopefully Dumbo doesn’t haunt your dreams at night and tell who ever bullied you good job cuz the damaged the crap out of you. Lots of sympathy to you. You need it.

  475. Mel C says:

    I like this article…watching these movies now is not scary, but for some reason, as a kid, many were horrifying!

  476. lisa1998 says:

    Man, “Dumbo” traumatized me so as a child, that I refuse to let MY kids watch it. I friggin HATED HATED HATED those little f-ing jerks that were cruel to little Dumbo and upset his mom. And then the part where she was locked in that tiny cage and he crept in and she slowly rocked him and cried those big tears, knowing she’d never see him again while that sad song played. . . I kid you not when I say I had to choke back a sob just to write that. Broke my little 5-year-old heart into a million pieces.

    Didn’t even think twice about the pink elephants.

  477. Kanri says:

    For one this was so dumb I could feel my brain cells dying. What a poor attempt at appearing witty criticizing movies for being what? Scary? Traumatizing? BUGS? God forbid children are exposed to bugs. According to your logic “family movies” should be nothing but happy dancing fun-time. Movies, like any kind of story, are supposed to evoke emotions like fear, thrill, horror, and shock. Whether it’s for kids or adults is a stupid context with which to judge – we all have to experience emotions and learn about all the facets of life despite our age, whether we consider those facets good things or bad things. I watched all of these movies as a kid – and there were some aspects that creeped me out or frightened me – but that’s a part of being a kid. I suppose you’re an adamant supporter of doing away with the dark of nighttime because it scared you too – only that’s harder subject to try to be condescending and witty toward, right? I pity a child that is kept from every “bad thing” that might “traumatize” them – they are being emotionally crippled and set up poorly for the real world.

  478. Conrad says:

    Our 3 year old daughter was ready for Bambi we thought, so off to the movie theatre we went. And of course the mother death scene came…no response, until the stag showed up. “Look”, she said excitedly, “he’s got wood on his head!” The surrounding audience erupted.

  479. yamara34 says:

    I would disagree – the most frightening thing in ET was the government!

  480. Patricia M Jesch says:

    I’m just and old grandma and saw wizard of oz when I was five with my mother…most of it was just a m ystery and the only thing I was scared by was the witch but I was glad she was dead…I knew BorisKarloff was a man in costume, even then a kid could tell fake faces and wierd hair! Get a grip folks, if you want to protect the kids fine, or don’t let them watch HBO or whatever. They’ve all seen the worst anyone could watch…the Twin Towers in full collapse, the planes buried in their sides….come on people…the real world is bad, not kids’ movies.

  481. erins says:

    Pinocchio scared the crap out of me as a kid. They took him to an island, made him drink and smoke and then he turned into a donkey! Did I mention that his dad was eaten by a whale?!

  482. Jessica Powell says:

    Where the wild things are is the only movie I have ever truely disliked!

  483. Robert says:

    Can we not add “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” to this list. I was really young the first time I saw it but I have to admit I am now 43 and still hate that movie. What were these people thinking? A very creepy bad guy who steals kids? oh yeah great material for a kid’s movie

  484. Anonymous says:

    Blue Bird with Shirley Temple. The forest fire scared the kids, and they cried over kids who were not allowed to be born. Her traveling companions were no equal to the lion, scarecrow and the tin man. Was the bluebird of happiness her Toto? Worst kids movie ever made. They tried to make it another “Wizard of Oz”, but missed the mark by a mile.

  485. eddie says:

    Most of these movies scare me til this day I’m 16 I’ve watched a few of these movies
    A movie that traumatized me from these was willy wonka and bambi and moster house and that movie with the blue face is horrifying
    All these movies are just scary and now I frequently watch my back and. Listen for sounds at night
    Its 3 a.m. and I keep hearing things moving and weird noises going on

  486. Lame says:

    Weak….The shallowness of your film knowledge is shocking. Or maybe this list was actually written by a 10 year old? C’mon, Indiana Jones? Old Yeller? E.T.? You might as well call this list the top 20 grossing children’s films of all time. What kind of world do we live in where The Wizard of Oz is too intense for someone? Go watch Carnival Magic if you wanna see a real messed up kids movie.

  487. Black Orange says:

    “I just wanted to be friends Brian.”

  488. Linda says:

    I have to agree with Lisa1988. Dumbo was the wolf in sheep’s clothing. I was worried about the pink elephants when my mother-in-law played it for the kids and it turned out that Dumbo being separated from his mother disturbed my youngest. He didn’t even finish watching the movie the first time, he just came over and sat in my lap and wanted to rock. After that, he wouldn’t watch it at all unless he was velcroed to my side. The whole concept of Pink Elephants was lost on him. Hallucinations just don’t compute for kids who’ve never seen anyone falling-down drunk.

  489. kimmyshock says:

    You forgot The Great Mouse Detective. The bad guy scared the heck out of me when I was a kid. :(

  490. Catherine Dee says:

    The one that scared the crap out of me as a little kid was The Rescuers. My dad took me to see it in the theatre when I was around 2-3 and I still remember the skull (where the gem was hidden) scaring me so much that he had to take me out into the lobby and bribe me with candy to get me to stop crying.

  491. Howard says:

    I agree with Lame — the vast majority of films on this list are GREAT! Especially ‘Song of the South’ :) I’m one of the perhaps 100 people on planet Earth who have seen ‘Carnival Magic’ (in a theater, no less!), and your description is spot on.

  492. Beale says:

    Watership Down has no place on this list at all — it’s not a ‘family film’ and was never marketed to be in the first place. I saw it in 1978 when it was first released and I was 10 years old. It didn’t traumatize me, it fascinated me — and made me want to read the book, which is a good thing. What I appreciate about it is, the animation was absolutely breathtaking (and non-Disney), and it was very true to Adams’ book. The author of this list evidently believes family films should be sugary sweet, noncommittal, bland, boring — and certainly shouldn’t raise any critical thinking points like moral boundaries and higher ethics. In my opinion, the 1970s were among the most fertile, innovative and inspiring decades of film making in history.

  493. Anonymous says:

    Yes, we should shelter our children from any emotion we deem to be bad. This way we don’t have to educate them in ways to cope with negative emotions. It’s just too much work after all.
    In the end, they will figure out how to deal with reality on their psychiatrists couch. Or not. There is always prosac.

  494. cocopuff says:

    I am a psych nurse, and I can’t see a damn thing wrong with most of these films. Most of them can be used to discuss and explore feelings that come up in a safe environment. Do you really want your kids to grow up in this world without the ability to deal with negative emotion?

  495. jsabrr says:

    I didn’t care for C. Gamble’s tone for the Narnia movie. Ham-fisted overt christian themes?? Seriously? How ridiculous. Most people I spoke to didn’t even get the christian theme. It was hardly obvious. I read three reviews and then clicked off. How stupid. The whole tone of the descriptions indicates to me that Gamble is looking to be argumentative and provoking. He’s over the top. Waste of words…

  496. Clevo says:

    One movie-Jumanji. I took my four year old daughter to it and it traumatized her. She tried watching years later and it still freaked her out, something about those drums…

  497. EB says:

    Calm down people, before the cotton wool suffocates us all. You should be teaching children that films are generally NOT REAL ad if your child is such a whimp that they can’t handle any of these then you seriously need to reconsider how you raise them. Comeon Narnia? Bambi? You shitting me. All the movies on here are classic favourites from every generation who grew up with them. Stop murdering TV geez

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  499. mds says:

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. First the woodsman is sent by her step-mother to muder her and cut her heart out and give it to the queen in a box. Then, when she dies after eating the apple they put her DEAD BODY in a glass coffin to display. And the cute little dwarfs are scary when the chase after the witch and kill her.

    Plus the queen as the witch is terrifying. As a child I had nightmares for weeks about her. And the next year we went on the Snow White ride at Disneyland… You can guess the outcome of that! I was crying by the end. (Back then they didn’t have the warning sign that they have on the ride now.)

  500. tulipbug says:

    “Old Yeller”, “The Yearling” “Lassie Come Home”???? NEVER did I allow my daughter to see those horrifying desperately traumatizing movies. Kill your own dog? Your pet deer? Find your lost dog? I took my daughter to see all the old Fred Astaire tap dancing movies–we loved every moment.
    She was afraid of Count Dracula on Sesame Street! Is she traumatized as an adult? Absolutely not.
    As a child, I felt nothing but pity for Frankenstein’s monster and for the Wolfman.
    I have judgement and I choose my own entertainment no matter what anyone else SAYS–children’s movie? I’ll make that decision for myself.

  501. state8 says:

    Nightmare Before Christmas? That wasn’t scary! I saw that when I was a kid and I still love it to this day! Or Dumbo, Williy Wonka, Bambi, E.T., and Witches. Monster House and The Polar Express I saw when I was older, so I wouldn’t really know about kids, but the kid I watched The Polar Express with seemed more bored than anything else…

  502. Anonymous says:

    All Dogs Go to Heaven! Watched that years later and couldn’t believe that I was able to watch that as a kid!

  503. allie says:

    Pretty sure The Last Unicorn would make my list of most disturbing kids movies.

  504. Sophie Grant says:

    Coraline! I had to turn it off and have a stiff drink before going to bed!

  505. HatesBabbleWebsite says:

    Author, you are going to lose your job. I am 8 years old, and I aim’t scared of these movies!

  506. Conan the Grammarian says:

    How about “The Lion King?” Let’s base a kids movie on “Hamlet?” Swell idea, huh?

  507. Steve the Pirate says:

    Did you really miss Disney’s “The Great Mouse Detective?” Smoking, drinking, stripping, and a terrifying villain at the end. Classic 80′s Disney in a nutshell.

  508. Brittanny Gamache says:

    Oh my. Wow. Yes. If I ever go stark-raving insane and bundle my child into a Lysol-scented plastic bubble, I will be sure to take your advice on which movies to allow her to watch. All the while keeping her at a mental and emotional age of 2 years old. Heaven forbid she grow up to be the only one in her social circle not on Xanax or Prozac.

  509. Anonymous says:

    How about “A Wrinkle in Time?” For years I thought the book was just too creepy. An evil giant pulsating brain controlling the planet?!?!? The movie was even worse.

  510. Phlatus says:

    You missed “The Yearling.” All the heartbreak of “Old Yeller” with a drug-addicted mother thrown in.

  511. Lisa M. White says:

    this man is such a damn wimp! grow a pair!

  512. Andy Shick says:

    Some good ones (NIHM, Watership), some not-so-convincing ones (Carebears, Little Monsters), many moderately-good choices, some that aren’t really kid movies (Temple of Doom and possibly Labyrinth?!), some illogical exceptions (why Dumbo and Wonka, but not Pooh and the Blustery Day?). Notable non-mentions: Little Nemo, Fantasia, Land Before Time, Nutcracker Prince, and I’m guessing Deathly Hallows 2.

  513. Jerri says:


  514. playhouse says:

    When I was 8 and in LA with my film industry parents, the studio assigned a nanny to take me places, etc. She took me to a double feature – Kronos followed by The Giant Claw. I had nightmares for months. But the fact is, it was still exhilarating. The nanny didn’t get fired. I grew up to be a writer. And now I miss all that perceived danger. Kids get scared because we make them scared. It doesn’t have to happen.

  515. maddie says:

    While I don’t really think of Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom as a kids’ movie, there was one very scary part that the author failed to mention. I refuse to watch the movie to this day for this very reason: Kate Capshaw, who managed to whine, scream, moan and very poorly act her way through it. I found her so irritating that I was hoping she would become a sacrifice!

  516. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Cole Gamble I can see you were raised in a Smurfee household where everything was perfect. There is not a scary movie in your whole list. What a bunch of wimps!!!

  517. Daniel Farris says:

    Sounds like a stereo typical liberal cry baby to me. Kinda like the dumb woman on the Simspons always crying about what about the children? Or a Mom complaining about the violence in Popeye or the 3 stooges. We have become a country of crybabies and whiners. We can blame Dr. Spock and the hippy generation for raising feminine men, masculine women, and mainly just cowards all together who cannot think for themselves.

  518. gorgar says:

    Amongst Mr. Gambles credits are “hangin out with Burt Reynolds in his underwear”, Playing a Nazi in a Chuck Norris movie and owning a border collie who pees himself. Obviously he’s done a great job with his daughter as in his words “My daughter claimed this one to be scary, but she could get spooked by a stiff wind. ” Is this the kind of guy who should be giving advice on what YOUR kids should watch? Since I don’t see a child psych degree amongst his credits I would say he is full of it. These movies are tools to help teach our children NOT to be afraid of a stiff wind. The learn that life also includes death and numerous other lessons necessary to integrate into society as a functional human being. Why are people like this EVER allowed to write anything and post it. Hopefully, judging by the comments posted here, there are some intelligent adults out there willing to devote time to teaching their children these lessons. (see

  519. SuperAnna says:

    Funny, a lot of the movies on the list were my favorites when I was a child. I must have watched “The Rats of NIMH” a hundred times. Kids are usually entertained by over the top fantasy scary, it is the real to life things that upset them.
    And watching a movie where the hero suffers a loss (like a parent or pet dying) and they deal with it successfully is actually comforting to a child, not tramatizing.

  520. Anonymous says:


    I spider woman that lives in the walls. She kidnaps children and replaces their eyes with buttons. Very scary.

  521. Anonymous says:

    Pee Wee’s Big Adventure for sure!

  522. Bob Fritz says:

    No mention of “Gremlins”? And I don’t know who really considered “Indiana Jones” a kids’ movie–especially after the ending of “Raiders.”

  523. underhill says:

    More specifically, most kid’s films involve the death of a parent (sometimes before the opening scene, but still). I still remember being quite taken back by the fact that the bad guy kills the good guy’s dad in The Lion King.

  524. Anonymous says:

    The Brave little toaster

  525. heather says:

    The Watcher in the Woods

  526. socraticus says:

    Nice try Daniel Farris. You say this sounds like a typical liberal cry baby. Wanna know how many times my dad told me some conservative church lady complained that her little johnny was being taught something satanic when he assigned the hobbit? Ever hear of the Parents Television Council? You think they’re liberal? This guy sounds like a typical CONSERVATIVE cry-baby. Goebels sure taught you well, though, accusing the other side of what you engage in mostly works when done right, unless someone calls you out, loser.

  527. Anonymous says:

    I click on the pics and they don’t open. I can’t wait 26 times.

  528. Reythia says:

    Seriously, can’t you just print the list all on one (or a few) pages. This site takes FOREVER to load. No way am I reading this, no matter how interesting it might be.

  529. Jen says:

    It took me 1/2 hour to view half these pages. I can’t believe I lasted even that long. Get rid of the trailers and just post the listing with comments.

  530. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and Nightmare Before Christmas scared my kids when they were little. ET, too. They still refuse to watch ET. And Coraline would have scared me to death as a kid. Come to think of it, it creeps me out now. And I’m 48!

  531. Some Dad says:

    This seems to be a list of really bad movies, combined with a list of very good movies that may have some difficult content. Still, I find it interesting that the list does not contain many, if any, of the newer, ridiculously fast-paced movies that may be having a detrimental effect on the brains of our children. Further, one has to wonder if the need to keep difficult parts of life from children doesn’t add to their anxiety later.

  532. NunYa says:

    socraticus… You are apparently a twit… “Goebels” was a Nazis aka: National Socialist aka: a Liberal…

    You need a refresher on your Social Studies & Political Spectrums.

  533. alan says:

    Watership Down should have been number one on this list, and yet it didn’t even get a comment from the author. Also, there’s a typo in the number 1 write up. “Though” was written “Thought”.

  534. Morgan says:

    Most of these are great movies!

  535. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a stereo typical liberal cry baby

  536. saywha says:

    The Wizard of Oz was evil? Willie Wonka? This guy is on meds!

  537. Anonymous says:

    I think the worst children’s film I can think of is Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. Seriously a priest with lust issues? This is child appropriate? The mental issues in that film are almost inappropriate for adults.

  538. Fred says:

    We live in America, if you don’t like the films, don’t watch them and don’t let your kids watch them. No forces you to watch them. It is the parents responsibility to raise their children and decide what is right for them. This should NOT fall on any type of organization at all. My children have watched all these films and have not had any ill effects. I watched most of them when I was younger and older and I am not some scared little boy. This is just more of the pussification of America. We are all entitled to our opinions, just because yours is wrong, don’t feel bad.

  539. Thomas W Monson says:

    I would like to know whom transcribed this list from crayon to the list posted here…Did the author grow up in a cave?

  540. drdarby says:

    don’t cry because you are a pussy. Cry because you are a weak minded libitard

  541. annoyed says:

    Why does this load so freaking slowly?

  542. lindas says:

    The Black Caldron

  543. freakedmom says:

    The princess and the frog. My three and a half year old was screaming and crying. Voodoo doesn’t belong in a movie for little girls….

  544. Seattle mom says:

    Rango was too scary for kids and should have made this list for sure. It was fun for teens and adults but not appropriate for kids.

  545. Anonymous says:

    The step mother/witch in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ was always disturbing to me.The imagery of evil and then when she turns into a dragon by calling on the ‘powers of hell” to fight the Prince…I thought that was a little too much detail for children.

  546. jgm says:

    something wicked this way comes. Just thinki9ng about it now is scary!

  547. Steveb says:

    Coraline — the Other Mother and Father. — archetypal uncanny

  548. benzib says:

    For sure Gremlins is the scariest kids movie.

  549. mrssaf says:

    I’ve raised three kids now young adults,who have seen many of these. With the exception of one or two y’all are a little too sensitive and a little too wrapped up in life is always good and nothing bad happens. The problem isn’t that movies and stories are disturbing the problem is parents no longer teach children about good and bad, wrong and right, things can go bad but it’s not the end of the world, in the proper context. This was such utter ridiculousness and had absolutely no merit! As a matter of a fact it had all the people I know laughing at the sheer idiocy of it.

  550. weefaerie says:

    wow, the people who comment here are so mean and hateful. lighten up and have a little fun. it’s a fun list which includes some of my favorite movies. and yes, they are quite disturbing – return to oz, secret of nimh. and if you weren’t traumatized by the death of bambi’s mother, then i suspect you have no heart.

  551. rlg64 says:

    Something Wicked This Way Comes. Still disturbing to me today

  552. Leah R Norris says:

    I bought Bambi for my 2 year old daughter, sat down and watched it with her. Just to defend the movie a little….they actually don’t show Bambi’s mom getting shot or laying there dead. And they never actually show “man” with guns either. If anything, the thunder and the fire in the movie was probably the most frightening. But other then that my daughter loves the movie, laughs every time she see’s thumper!

  553. Anonymous says:

    I though Coraline was a very dark, and somewhat “creepy” movie that should never have been promoted as a children’s movie. My daughter was very disturbed when she found out that Coroline was going to be “kidnapped” by her “better family” and that they were going to sew buttons on her eyes and stitching her mouth to turn her into a doll.

  554. FMT says:

    Many of the Disney Classics have scary characters, e.g. Evil Stepmother in Snow White or Ursula in Little Mermaid. Gremlins should also be on the list. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s Child Catcher is quite scary too (a Roald Dahl script).

  555. bucksfan4547 says:

    This article is kind of dumb. It ignores the fact that in order to have a hero you must have a villian. Also if you never show a child sadness or something frightening you are not educating them for later in life.

  556. Mafa says:

    Home Alone

  557. Why so serious says:

    Go back and watch the original Smurfs full length movie. There is a scene that would be more at home in a movie about a satanic cult. I guess the fact that the antagonist’s cat is named after a demon should have given us a clue. Really distubring scene.

  558. dco says:

    did you watch Song of the South before writing this garbage or just read some internet rumor site. There is nothing racist about it

  559. Empress says:

    Hah. I’ve grown up just fine and every single one of these mentioned cartoons were a part of my childhood. Animated features were a big thing in my house while I was growing up.

    I’ve played M for Mature games on my old Playstation at 9 years old, watched tons of cartoons with even more wicked and sexual subliminal messaging… and years later as a 22 year old adult, I am a conservative dressing, girly-girl, non-potty mouth, overtly polite, docile lady-acting girly girl whos fashion taste is borderline Lolita-frilly, I garden my roses and tend my prized flowers in a pink bowed floppy hat and peach colored sundress. I am also a fan girl of old novels and I idolize Oprah and Kate Middleton. XD

    My parents didn’t care what was in the cartoon, as long as it was marketed for kids. Even if they saw overtly scary images, they assumed it was meant for kids and therefore, it was harmless…. and I grew up always shy and conservative anyways. Every cartoon on this countdown I have seen at least 5 times at the very least. The Secret of Nihm is my favorite. In fact, Don Blueth is actually one of my favorite animators.

    The animation of the 80s and 90s has caused me to marvel at art and animation as a whole and it is a big reason to why I am an artist/painter now and I am in animation for a living. :P
    I will say the modern cartoon do NOT have ANY of the spice, flavor, pizzazz and heartfelt work you see in 2-d drawings and animation of old. It is FASCINATING. :P

    My father was into video games and didn’t care his 9 year old was playing Mortal Kombat, Bloody Roar or Tomb Raider on Playstation. The images of violence are now numbed to me, but you wouldn’t guess I am good at bloody and gory games until I plugged in my white-colored console and pink controller. XD

    Anywho, the bottom line is, many children have grown up watching cartoons that would be rated PG-13 nowadays and have grown up to be perfectly non-traumatized adults. Yes, we know a few nuts come out of the woodwork *Columbine* COUGH *Doom video game* CCOUGH!

    I will say this however, that Sleeping Beauty film by Disney Malefocients eyes in the fireplace before she casts that spell on Aurora to prick her finger? Yeah I could take the Horned King from that Disney flop, the Black Cauldron. But those eyes and the fire place and the music and the eyes and the fading away and the eyes..and the music AND THE EYES. that just took the CAKE. D:

    Oh, and these movies aint NOTHIN compared to the series of scary books I scared myself CRAPLESS with back in my childhood. Movies may have scared me, but it has always been the books that left an impact. Mainly for the fact you have to use your own imagination and that most of the books I read would ALWAYS leave an open ending like you wouldnt know what happened, so your brain had to fill in the blanks even that alone is a bit surreal and scary in itself.

    But back to the scary books. I will give one of the best examples without listing them all and this series is old, but it is more modern and many 80s 90s kids will know it. Are any of you guys familiar with that CHILLING series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? Yes. The stories were not all that scary, maybe one or two like Harold and What Do you Come For, but it was the illustrations that scared me lifeless. They were even controversial then and even some adults are scared of the drawings. I never knew charcoal and ink could ignite such fear. I appreciate the works of art now, they dont terrify me, I even met the illustrator once. His name is Stephen Gammell. He illustrated other kids books that are nowhere near as terrifying as his illustrations for this series.

    Lastly, just go on youtube and look at these images. The one that scared me for life was Th-th-th-thump Stupid story SCARY IMAGE. D8

  560. re empress says:


  561. Cartoon Scared says:

    Rock-A-Doodle should be added to the list, merely based on how creepy the animated owls are in that movie. As a grown man it’s still freaky.

  562. SoBiased says:

    I’d like to say I disagree with you. Yes, some of them are disturbing, but you also have to take into perspective kids don’t delve into things as much as adults do.
    I watched the never ending story when I was a kid, and all I could think was, “The nothing is really confusing.” I literally don’t remember thinking anything else.
    The Dark Crystal was, by far, my absolute favorite movie, too.
    So, will it hurt your kids? Probably not. Will it scare them? Maybe, but who knows? My son’s scared to death of Shrek but loves the zombie movie Fido. You can’t say what scares kids and what doesn’t.

  563. mrsmouse says:

    I’m surprised PeeWee Herman’s Big Adventure didn’t make it onto the list. The scene with Large Marge always terrified me as a child.

  564. SophieCat says:

    This is the most ridiculous article ever written. Get real.

  565. Empress says:

    …And yes, I come from an online community and real life art and book clubs and guilds where writing and reading (Even god forbid) longer drawn-out texts is the norm. Anywhere outside of that guild, club or circle I find many people consider even the shortest of summaries to long to read. I even JUST found out what TLDR means 5 months ago…XD

    I guess people don’t like reading anymore. No wonder the book world is suffering, people don’t even read anymore. People like quick fixes even in their texts. How in the world can you express yourself or give correct information if everyone is writing in 2 line sentences and even those sentences are full of chat-speaks and shortcuts D:

    By the way, is this passage to long to read as well? :
    Oh, where are my manners… tldr?

  566. Barbara Pendleton says:

    wow, cole gamble. when we were children these movies made us feel. maybe fear, maybe sorrow, empathy, awe, anticipation. bubble guppies and dora don’t teach you to feel. life lessons are hard to learn if there’s no feeling along with it. maybe that’s why children now a days lack imagination and are so self absorbed, not to mention a shortage of basic manners and morals. what’s to learn unless they see both sides. things that make you go hmmm.

  567. Chauna25 says:

    I remember watching Disney’s Fantasia as a kid and thinking WTF! Not sure why I was so creeped but every time I think of that movie I feel weird.

  568. debra517 says:

    Old Yeller is a great film for ages 10 and up. Younger children have difficulty understanding that Travis has to shoot his dog because Old Yeller is fatally ill and Travis doesn’t want him to suffer. I remember seeing it when I was six and remembering how awful it was to see a dog shot

  569. stefan715 says:

    Ernest Scared Stupid, definitely creepy

  570. alicel says:

    How about Kindergarten Cop?

  571. Anon says:

    The Goonies

  572. Nyghtcloud says:

    The sad thing about this article is that the movies have been out for years and now the writer has something to say about it? It is up to parents to keep their children informed about what is real and now real. Admittedly, I would not let kids see some of the movies mentioned just because of the fear factor, but my kids would know what is real and not real and I would be sure they know this before they say and after they saw a movie as my parents did me. That way I would not have nightmares or I would be okay if I did. It is up to parents and that is what needs to be told.

  573. sweet says:

    Coraline…freaked out the kids in the theatre…Scary on various levels

  574. Bob says:

    I counted nine that i wouldn’t let my kids watch. Is the writer a fundamentalist? Pastor of a tele-evangelical corporation? This list is ridiculousa! :poof:

  575. SML says:

    Christian overtones are “scary”? Perhaps a movie with Islamic overtones (child brides, peadophilia, killing babies of other religeons is an instant pass into heavan…) would be prefered.

  576. cselle says:

    Temple of Doom a kids’ movie? I don’t think so. Replace that with Unico and the Isle of Magic. (Check Youtube for the videos.) My sister can still scare me with one of the lines from that movie, and I’m 28.

  577. confused says:

    I don’t think there’s any debate about the creepiness level or anything but a lot of these movies were popular back in the day to some extent. I think this article would have been more effective is it were movies released in the last 10 years. And maybe if it weren’t so incredibly biased.

  578. LP says:

    Watcher in the Woods – everyone laughs at me when I say that as a 29 year old scary movie fan, a disney movie is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen… at least until I make them watch it :)

  579. Felicia Eden Hollenbeck says:

    Coraline definitely!! and that Mr. Fox movie creeped me out also.

  580. Spurwing Plover says:

    Fantarias NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTIAN the ghosts and skelletons being summound by the devil. SNOWWITE & THE 7 DAWARVES she is running through the sary woods trees and fallen logs turn into monsters,THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HALLOW and icabods ride home the crow calling out BEWARE,BEWARE,BEWARE, and the clouds that looked like hands grabbing their moon

  581. Peyton Sloan says:

    OMG Fantasia….dancing brooms, mops, pails, etc. I know this movie wasn’t originally meant for kids but still…it’s an acid trip on acid lol. Also, every Tim Burton movie ever made is terrifying. I’m 21 yrs. old and they scare me.

  582. Beth P says:

    “Watership Down

    I don’t want to talk about this any further. ”

    I laughed really hard at this because this is EXACTLY what I would have said for this entry. I’m 31 years old now but I still can’t think about this movie let alone watch it. I cried myself into a horrid migraine as a kid and was depressed for at least a week with occasional crying jags when I thought to hard about it. Seriously? Why would you ever show this to a kid. It’s an excellent movie, but I still wont ever watch it again.

  583. Spikeygrrl says:

    A friend’s mother took me and half a dozen other girls of about 10 to “Little Big Man” as part of a sleepover. OF COURSE this was not a kid’s movie, bu it WAS a movie to which a well-meaning liberal mother took kids. I was so traumatized by the battle scenes that I screamed in my sleep for months. Needless to say my mother read THAT mother the riot act, and I was never allowed to play at that friend’s house again.

  584. Anonymous says:

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang hands down…The Child Catcher TERRIFIED me as a child….You seriously need to add another movie to your list because that movie was all about trauma to young children! LOL

  585. Dave says:

    I am now 34 and shudder at the site of The Dark Crystal. That movie ran through my mind for years after watching it at a grade two birthday party. I don’t even dare watch the trailer…

  586. Sandy Clements says:

    The Chronicles of Narnia are Christian Allegory so it would be strange if the books are not frightening. Also, they were written by a superbly educated Christian Apologist and expert on Medieval Romances. He was not an America pouring out pap for uneducated children wrapped in cotton balls. His sci fi is also Christian allegory and is scary too. If you think the Chronicles are too scary for kids then you should not let them go to church and be told they are going to HeII.

  587. reality check says:

    This list flat out sucks. Half of the films weren’t even made for kids to begin with.

  588. PJB7689 says:

    I would add Fantasia…my daughter had nightmares after watching Mickey Mouse divide and redivide etc until he became hundreds of Mickey Mouses. Also, Home Alone, which was very very stupid and made my kids wonder if their dad and I would ever go away on vacation and forget to take them along, leaving them to defend themselves against home invaders.

  589. Nico45678000 says:

    Uhh some of these movies weren’t even labeled as family, or children films, Like Indiana Jones.

  590. ghuggins says:

    Where the Wild Things Are was critically acclaimed, and a whole theater of kids went, “Huh?” because it was just flat-out creepy. Also a new movie, Super 8. It was produced by Spielburg and touted as a modern-day E.T., except the alien is an angry, vengeful creature who just wants to get home . . . and kill as many humans as it can in the meantime, not just the ones who tortured him. Don’t get me started on the language and drug references.

  591. Mwilli says:

    Maybe this article is a joke. It has to be. It hits the height of hilarity when you include a movie you have never seen. I also like the parts where you classify movies as disturbing because you don’t like the style of animation or because the themes explored are too complex. I also like the part where you review Indiana Jones, an obvious adult movie, as a children’s film. Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows and nor should we trick our children into thinking it is. People die, people hurt each other, and people make mistakes. What matters is the context you put these events in when your children are exposed to them. Honestly, the sheer audacity of this waste of time is mind boggling.

  592. arnee says:

    Oh for crying out loud! You have got to be kidding me. Many of these movies are timeless classics. Children are not idiots, even though we insist on treating them as such. LIGHTEN UP ALREADY! Besides, I think this author is just trolling for a reaction. He can’t be serious.

  593. arnee says:

    I mean…really. Bambi? Dumbo? Come on.

  594. CanadianGal 1981 says:

    Land Before Time.. I remember being so traumatized by the mother dino’s death that I went up stairs and cried at my own mom for an hour, and wouldn’t watch the ending…

  595. Lil Mama says:

    Really????? Dumbo s your pick of a Disney movie with LSD undertones???? Try Alice in Wonderland…. whoever wrote that was either tripping his butt off, or mentally insane. Just sayin!! :-)

  596. Lil Mama says:

    By the way… just because a person was tripping when they made a movie does NOT make it scary… I did not find Alice, or Dumbo scary, and neither do my 3 kids. The evening news is worse than any movie I have seen so far! lol

  597. Anonymous says:

    Wow, really? I saw almost every movie on that list as a kid, the exception being the care bears movie (never really liked them anyway). Even now, looking back at them, the scariest thing about any of them is seeing David Bowie’s junk. Reading this, I can’t help but wonder if some of you would let your kids watch the original Loony Toons, or would that be too scary with all that animated violence?

  598. Meko says:

    Another stupid article about not preparing children for life and over protecting everyone. I am still afraid of wild hogs in the woods but I really don’t think that is a bad thing. I know who will walk away from the encounter.

  599. batconnie says:

    I can’t to have my own kids laugh at this. If a movie is really going to traumatize my child, I guess I better stop letting them read too.

  600. Etcetera says:

    The Nightmare Before Christmas and Indiana Jones were never marketed as family movies. Also, most of these movies never had a “G” rating.

  601. Ned Winkler says:

    Cole Gamble! You Must Be Joking! You Forgot Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island And Lost In Space! You Are`A Blithering Idiot! A Car Wash Attendant Could Write A Better Review Commentary Than This! Ever Think Of A New Profession? Well You Should because this really sucks!

  602. Ian says:

    Ok, Willy Wonka, Dumbo, and a handful of others belong here. But you missed some major ones, like Time Bandits, Coraline, and The Black Hole (still technically a Disney movie).

  603. MS says:

    Didn’t mention the scariest thing about Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Kate Capshaw’s screechy ‘acting’

  604. qwazyworldhuh says:

    If I were you I wouldn’t quit my main job.
    So these movies are “bad”. Why? Why don’t you do something about it? Pass the fairness doctrine maybe?
    Hollywood won’t call you for advice because they are making money doing this stuff, and people like you pay them for it.

  605. useyournoggin says:

    Oh please. The Neverending Story? Our family loves it. No, “the Nothing” isn’t a lifeless void beyond our understanding–jeez. “The Nothing” symbolizes what would happen if people stopped using their damned imaginations to create worlds of fantasy!! Didn’t you ever read the book from which the film was adapted? Wow, wrap your little head around that.

  606. Sara Siobahn Dawson says:

    Oh lord people! It’s a hilarious article. I don’t think our writer’s purpose was telling parents not to let your kids see these movies. Quit taking yourselves so darned serious….

  607. Principal Skinner says:

    Every child before their sixth birthday should be made to sit through a triple feature of Taxi Driver, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Apocalypse Now. The parent should then take the sobbing toddler to an ice cream parlor, order a triple scoop of their favorite flavor, and as they walk outside knock it to the sidewalk and say, “See, kid? That’s what life’s all about. Now let’s go home.” ;-p

  608. Well informed says:

    “socraticus… You are apparently a twit… “Goebels” was a Nazis aka: National Socialist aka: a Liberal… You need a refresher on your Social Studies & Political Spectrums.”

    NunYa, I think you’re the one who needs the refresher. The Nazi regime was fascist, which is as far right (you know…the OPPOSITE of liberal) on the political spectrum as an ideology can get. The very fact that you wrote “National Socialist aka: a Liberal” shows me that you know absolutely nothing about national socialism except for the literal definition of the word “socialism”. Save your name calling and condescension for a moment when you’re actually right. Twit.

  609. Anonymous says:

    Coraline. not necessarily scary for younger kids, but button eyes, etc. . . . .

  610. JN says:

    As someone said, The Watcher in the Woods deserves to be on this list. It’s a PG-rated Disney movie from 1980. It has an old mansion, over-grown vines, a creepy old lady and, the kicker: a blind-folded dead girl whose spirit appears in mirrors and cries “Help me” in a haunting voice. It gave me nightmares for 2 months straight. Whoever at Disney thought that this was a good idea for a kid’s movie was hopefully fired soon after.

  611. kw says:

    Where the Wild Things Are. Such a depressing movie

  612. asiddrop says:

    “Who Framed Roger Rabit?” made me cry. When he uses “The Dip” on that adorable cartoon shoe and shrieks as it slowly melts away…Terrible time for me

  613. Margaret Tombs says:

    If you really want to scare kids senseless just show them any episode of Doctor Who which is tailor built for the purpose, My 10 year old daughter is very disappointed if she doesn’t have to hide behind a cushion at some point in the episode

  614. Anonymous says:


  615. Starmom3 says:

    I’d put The Corpse Bride on the list. Although my youngest daughter loves it, it scared the heck out of me! The skeleton dog especially freaked me out…

  616. Micah Carey says:

    Ummm? LSD was first synthesized in 1938! What do you mean “scientists aren’t going to invent LSD for decades”??? LSD predated ‘Dumbo’ by a few years. The jokes don’t work, if they make no sense bub!

  617. Reality says:


    You are the reason that kids will soon have to wear helmets and padding while walking down the street in the unlikely event that they will trip, fall, and scuff their knee…

    You are also the guy who would call the FCC when somebody says something mildly objective on TV aren’t you???

    All of these movies are fun, fantasy, and inspire kid’s imaginations… They tell a story about the time when they were made… A movie being racist today, does not mean that it was whenever it was made… Those were the times, and that language was perfectly acceptable then… You CANNOT change history, you have to use the movie as a teaching tool for your kids…

    Most of these movies are classics and deserve to be viewed by children… Every one of these movies delivers a positive message to children to overcome difficulty, accept differences in yourself and others, ask for help from friends, and most importantly… LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS FAIR!!!

  618. Still Scared says:

    My parents took me to see the House of Wax in 3D when I was about 4 years old. They found out it wasn’t a kids film when I crawled under the seat.

  619. Bored Teenager says:

    I for one cannot wait to see Labyrinth after reading this!

    Totally jogged my memory on movies I had forgotten I had seen like Dark Crystal and Return to Oz.

    My social studies teacher was talking about Song of the South a few weeks ago and how incredibly racist it is! Apparently Disney has tried to buy back all copies of the movie to save their “rep”.

  620. Sarah Milnes says:

    This list wasnt half bad until Temple of Doom, last I checked Indiana Jones wasn’t a kids movie. Maybe the Young Adventures but not the original trilogy.

  621. SamanthaKRJ says:

    You missed Watcher in the Woods (the scariest Disney film ever!) and of course Beetlejuice! Also the writer here is obviously joking, so take a chill pill. I thought the article was great!

  622. zachammer says:

    Wizards could easily be confused for a kids film and it is definitely not.

  623. Andie says:

    For recent films, Coraline was definitely a weird one. Willow gets pretty intense near the end, what with the psuedo Baby sacrificing and Val Kilmer getting turned into a pig.

  624. Andie says:

    To all the people who are giving the author hell, saying “This is disturbing” is not the same as saying “OMG WORST MOVIE EVAR IF YOU LET YOUR KIDS WATCH THIS YOU ARE A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PERSON AND YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR KIDS TAKEN AWAY!!1!1!!ELEVENTY!!” So calm the hell down.

  625. Bonnie Turberville says:

    This is for parents to descide. I didn’t see “HARRY POTTER” on here.

  626. KateinVA says:

    Something Wicked This Way Comes is another deliciously creepy one.

    @StillScared – My parents took me to that, too! Being killed in a vat of wax was one of my fears for years.

  627. Bonnie Turberville says:

    There was nothing wrong with SONG OF THE SOUTH. The only people bothered by it is raceafobes. It isn’t racist, it is about a time in our history. You don’t erase history by removing the literature of that era you only bring about misconceptions of what the era was really like.

  628. Sinead says:

    These are mostly great movies and I seriously doubt that that anyone would be emotionally scarred by any of them. If anything, they’re classics. Bad article.

  629. Spencer Hamilton says:

    Watership down was pretty suspenseful and terrifying. I have to say that this is good so far in facing many realities of life

  630. Anonymous says:

    Yawn! What a wuss.

  631. Preston Venzant says:

    Not a childrens movie at all. However, it is, this cartoon was a part of my developmnet into adulthood. Cute fuzzy bunnies are not like thumper. They fight to the death and bleed all over the place.

  632. Miguel Sanchez says:

    So, Muppets terrify you, Cole? That explains this entire post.

  633. Sue says:

    Labyrinth and Neverending Story? Seriously? I LOVED these fantasy flicks as a child, and still watch them today with my kids.

  634. Beth Salmon Greatorex says:

    People, you’re kind of missing the point of this article. It is a fun, tongue-in-cheek look back at some movies that were, at the time, touted as “family-” or “kid-friendly” and yet in hindsight, had some content that was pretty scary or traumatic to a child (or some of us adults, lol!) No one is saying these are BAD movies, or movies kids still shouldn’t see. I, for one, found Wizard of Oz terrifying as a kid. This is just a fun nostalgia trip; nothing more, nothing less. Chill.

  635. MB says:

    This list is fundamentally flawed. Where’s “The Last Unicorn”?

  636. Lone says:

    Satirical or not, these articles always fail to point out that watching such films with your family is one of the best ways to encounter and understand important issues and emotions. I mean, if in doubt, be a conscious adult and pre-screen. Sadly though, in this PC-risk avoidant world, very little of what made these films special filters out now.

  637. Shannon Gwenette Smith says:

    Many of these movies I grew up watching and definitely would not let my son watch some as young as I was when I watched them. He is 3 years old and loves some movies that I am thinking, “Hmm… He likes it, weird?” But The Dark Crystal review gave me the creeps because my husband and I watched it recently and were thinking how did we watch this young?! Now my son picks his own movies and so far, I only have to tell him it’s a scary movie that he can’t watch right now. He knows the covers and repeats, “That’s the scary one”. And puts it away. Ahh, but I miss how movies were made back then as well. Too much “real” violence in shows and movies today for kids.

  638. Shannon Gwenette Smith says:

    Okay, now that I am further reading into the movies, I am having flashbacks and now must buy a bunch if them!

  639. Froberg says:

    I’d add “Ernest Scared Stupid.” I thought it was typical harmless Jim Varney fare, but my kids told me the snot-covered troll gave them nightmares. I miss Jim Varney! Good article!

  640. Donna Ehle Roberts says:

    The “child catcher” scene in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” terrifies me to this day.

  641. tomtom says:

    The Chronicles of Narnia…scary? Not in the least.

  642. Rick says:

    I’ll second (third, fourth, whatever) Watcher in the Woods, but how could you skip All Dogs Go to Heaven? At least some of the movies on this list are PG-rated, but All Dogs Go to Heaven was G-rated, and it was disturbing as heck. I mean, it’s a movie about death. (If we’re including PG movies, by the way, why not throw in My Girl too? The ads made it look like a family-friendly comedy, but it’s really about the death of a girl’s best friend from a beehive attack.)

  643. JCor says:

    Why shield your child form everyday themes? Death, drugs, corruption, etc. are so prevelent in today’s media circus that attempting to pretend that the world is still a warm and cuddly place will do much more harm to a child in the long run. I feel these movies (all of which Ive seen when I was younger) represented these themes in a way that wasnt overtly aggressive, but still made me aware that they happen.

  644. Weterpest says:

    When I first started reading this list I was beating my brains in trying to remember the name of the movie that scared the crap out of me as a kid, and was happy to find ‘Watcher in the Woods’ listed in the comments. Horrifying.

  645. Andante says:

    The Brave Little Toaster … intense boredom punctuated by sickening fear when the vacuum character sucks up a rug (which I believe is another character, though I haven’t seen it in years) and very realistically chokes on it.

  646. Sandy Ten Eyck says:

    C.S Lewis did not mean to be a writer of books for children. The fact that movie producers will take any idea upon which to make some move money should not be raised as evidence of blame to the story, which is well written, emotional and timeless. Why is there always some “neighborhood watch” deciding what is too violent, too sexist, too constricting, or too dangerous for the children?
    Seems like if we really cared about the influences they are getting from violent movies, we’d encourage them to not watch so much television.

  647. Steve says:

    Watership Down was never really meant for little kids. Read the book if you don’t believe me. The problem is that the producers took to story a wonderful story about rabbits, and aimed it at little kids hoping parents would buy into the cuteness factor, and just sort of ignore the rather graphic violence that takes part in the story. Early teens? yes. Little kids? No.

  648. blahbah says:

    this list is flawed. lady get a life. “scary” is subjective..

  649. anon says:

    Neverending story wasn’t scary as a child; a little later, meditating on “The Nothing”–is a little scarier.

  650. Anonymous says:

    Hocus Pocus. 3 witches trying to eat children. Chilling!

  651. for shame says:

    Brave Little Toaster. Appliance abuse and bullying. Electrically shocking…!

  652. duh says:

    “Jaws” has actually kept more people out of the water than riptide warnings! (At one point, a leg sinks down through the water.)

  653. Anon says:

    Apparently having a plot now qualifies a movie as too scary for kids…

  654. Aw says:

    Apparently, some people have never personally witnessed the distress that children’s movies with twisted plots wreak on small kids. Parents should be cautious with movies for the very young. At a certain point though, a parent has to realize that kids will watch it all at a friends house anyway.

  655. pea says:

    well duuuh! this is not a kids move! its more of an teenage thing!

  656. Anonymous says:

    everyone has a movie that scared them as a child then we all grow up most of the movies here are for the tween and teen group not children some of you are complaining of disney movies which is pointless if you read the back of the movie it tells you what age group it is for so if you think about it everything comes down to its the parents fault forletting their children watch movies that are to old for their age group and you can also tell the parent of your childs friend what you let your child watch and what you don’t want your child watching it all up to the parent to set the rules and boundries complaining on a chat site won’t help what happened to your child because they watched a scary movie that was to old for them the parent has to watch out and read and make sure the movie or tv show is in their childs age group and if you have children of diffrent ages let the older ones watch a movie when their siblings take a nap

  657. Anonymous says:


  658. Bergerjacques says:

    You think Watership Down was disturbing. It was popular enough for the filmmaker to adapt Addams’ The Plague Dogs. Beautifully rendered water color imagery, it starts out with scientists nearly drowning a dog in the name if SCIENCE, then we are introduced to Snitter and the stitched where his brain has been messed with. THEN, it starts to get depressing.

  659. Mr Bad Example says:

    @Bergerjacques – Beat me to it; The Plague Dogs makes Watership Down look like the happiest film ever made.

  660. Bronwyn Estes says:

    I LOVE “The Last Unicorn” and after all, the unicorns don’t die in the end.n (even though the satre and mommy fortuna are kinda scary for a kid) A movie that scared me and I would NOT watch it when I was little was “the Great Mouse Detective” the bad guy was too scary for me! I also LOVED “Rikki Tikki Tavi” but the cobras gave me nightmares! And the animated “heidi” not sure what year it was, but the part where the wind up in the mountains comes for her and there are all these little creatures dancing around and being eaten always scared me.

  661. nikirose says:

    Gremlins! Cute until they turn into evil monsters.

  662. ME says:

    James and the Giant Peach. Little Nemo.

  663. toby says:

    Alice in Wonderland (the animated version)… that movie still gives me nightmares.

  664. megan says:

    You forgot “THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER”. It has some really freaky scenes.

  665. James and the Giant Peach says:

    James and the Giant Peach

  666. Sephra Chestnut says:

    dumbo? Well you can take this two ways…the authors opinion about the “LSD” comment; or you can go another route and kids will assume drinking is bad and you see weird and scary things…etc. You really do have to do what you feel best as a parent…NO ONE can tell you any different…and is this author really put old yeller as a “disturbing” movie…people really are more stupid than we think…that was a classic!

  667. Gloria Arnold says:

    wow i laughed at the list…then again i grew up watching Cujo and Friday the 13th sorry but this is a wimp list. The only one i hated was Bambi and that was it other than that the others were good.

  668. Rebecca Warwick Buscemi says:

    Coraline. Creepiest kid movie EVER!

  669. Penn VonTastic Aragon says:

    and if we include television: EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF MISTER ROGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD! great post!

  670. lawson6277 says:

    If you look at everything in this frame of mind then there should be no fairy tales, no educational shows (OMG a big yellow bird that talks? A little girl that goes exploring with a talking monkey?? blasphemy!)no fun children’s songs, you should just lock your child in a padded room with no contact with the outside world until they are eighteen. Yes that will ensure that they will not be disturbed. :) A life without imagination is a very very boring life.

  671. jayme360 says:

    wow most of my most favorite child hood movies made the list! score!

  672. Michelle Benoit says:

    this was obviously written by a cynical repressed guy who doesn’t enjoy anything,how the h*** are the care bears scary,an indian jones is not a kid’s movie,duh!! yes some sucked but to kids they are not creepy,i loved little monsters as kids(of course i also loved critters an various vampire an werewolf movies)

  673. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Gremlins. WHY is that in the “Family” section of movies?! they killed people in the first movie, if not attempting.

  674. Teresa Kelly says:

    I forgot all about “The Last Unicorn” I LOVED that movie when i was little… and labryinth, secret of nhim, wizard of oz, and watership down. I watched those over and over and over again. I think I’d be more disturbed by these as an adult. haha.

  675. Mrs Draper says:

    How are the movies made today – basically 90 minute excuses for product placement – any more appropriate for children? At least the majority of these movies were trying to be creative. They were dark, sure, but not trying to be offensively scary. You show me “Carrie” at the age of 4 and of course, I will have a fit. Show me “Labyrinth” or “Willy Wonka” and I’m a little uncomfortable, but I can appreciate the movie as a whole; it’s not intending to be ALL scary. A lot of movies also had some kind of message behind them that could potentially open up dialogue between parents and kids. You just saw Bambi’s mother get shot? How about spending a few minutes talking with your child about what it might feel like to lose someone you love? How might someone overcome that in their lives? It’s called empathy, and the number of parents who make a solid attempt at instilling it in their children is DWINDLING.

    Movies nowadays do nothing but talk down to kids. I will hurl if I see one more film based on 1) animals that “talk” by having their mouths manipulated with CGI 2) referencing EVERY current phenomena existing in pop culture at the time and/or 3) Giving their vapid characters “sassy” catchphrases that just teach children that making up insulting and obnoxious one-liners makes them sound “grown-up” and “cool”. Gimmicks aren’t everything! END RANT.

  676. Jason Clark says:

    How about “We’re Back!” The villain in that movie was TERRIFYING! A creepy old carny ringmaster with a screw for an eye and ravens that EAT people!!!

  677. Mrbunnyluvsu says:

    A lot of movies and such scared me as a kid. The veggie tales “Larry boy and the giant fib” was like an ongoing scary thing for me. A big blue alien attempting to eat the hero haunted me. I hated nightmare before Christmas, but we would ALWAYS watch it in school. The trailer for e.t. scared me and in 6th grade we watched it in class but I closed my eyes and covered my ears. I still haven’t seen it to this day. I think spy kids should be added to this list. The first one freaked me out when the guy had all the extra ears and fingers or whatever, but in the second one the people in the commercial were kidnapped or something, and if you played it backwards you would hear them screaming “help me help me”. That disturbed me a lot and still creeps me out when I think about it.

  678. madmonq says:

    You failed to mention that Dumbo is full of racism. Unless you are saying that children by default are racist and wouldn’t notice it

  679. JenJen says:

    Labyrinth? The Wizard of Oz? The Never Ending Story? BAMBI??? What kind of hyper-sheltered kids are you TALKING about? So, let me get this straight, any movie that communicates to kids that something could possibly go wrong, or be difficult to accomplish, or make them deal with sad feelings at ANY point is NOT okay? Well, that explains the over-use of psychiatric medication today! Let’s raise kids who are entirely incapable of handling the full range of normal human emotion “for their own good” and then unleash them on the world. Does your kid hide from Santa at the shopping mall as well?

  680. Maria Shavzin says:

    Are you serious? If you have kids they are going to be in trouble. For one thing kids themselves are far meaner then most adults. . And since when is it bad to cry at a sad part of a film no matter what your age? Its really that bad to find out that life can be hard? I would think that kids should find that out as soon as possible. What do you do when your kids start to scream and cry because they want a toy or candy? Hug them and pull out your check book every time?

  681. think about it says:

    I think its kind of harsh to say if this person has kids they are going to be in trouble…. evaluating and analyzing what you put into your childs mind is something more parents should be aware of. Just because this world CAN be a cruel scary place, doesnt mean you have to expose your child to it every chance you get as if that is somehow valuable to their development. Giving them love support and a stress free environment (call it “sheltered” if you want) will give them the tools and positive disposition to deal with anything that happens in life, not watching scary and heart wrenching cartoons, id say thats a recipe for anxiety and depression.

  682. Disney says:

    Narnia? Really? Whatever, Snow White should definitely be on this list, I’ve never saw it all the way through because the evil queen after her transformation was so scary. Ursula from Little Mermaid scared the crap out of me when I was little too. Beauty and the Beast was really scary, but as an adult it’s a very disturbing story about a girl who is forced to live with an abusive man, tries to run away, but goes back to him because she thinks she can change him. And Alice in Wonderland is like a horrible acid trip, no one will help Alice and eventually the queen tries to kill her.

  683. Disney says:

    Oh, and I forgot Great Mouse Detective and An American Tail, I hated both those movies for some reason, but I can’t remember why now, it’s been too long since I saw them.

  684. Shane721 says:

    Something Wicked This Way Comes, a haunting and dark(darkest?) Disney film involving a travelling circus that preys on human desires and sins to steal souls. Watched it a stack of times as a kid and again recently, still holds up I reckon.

  685. dukeroberts says:

    I can see Coraline possibly disturbing some children. The mother turns into a spider and those performing sisters wearing almost nothing are a bit frightening. And Babe: Pig in the City is so dark and depressing. I cannot see children enjoying that in the slightest.

  686. dukeroberts says:

    I WOULD count the Indiana Jones movies as “family movies”, not “children’s movies”. They are fun adventure films that can be enjoyed by a family.

  687. anque says:

    There is one movie from the 70s that should totally be on this list. It’s called The Mouse and His Child. It’s an animated existential ‘children’s film’ where a toy mouse gets separated from his father and thrown out into the world, but he can’t move unless someone turns his key on his back. He meets rats and all kinds of horrible scary things and spends much of the movie begging to see his Dad again. That movie screwed me up for a long time. It was very dark and very weird.

  688. Knarf Black says:

    None of these can hold a candle to The Plague Dogs (from the makers of Watership Down). I saw it as an adult and was depressed for nearly a week afterwards. As a child, I would have needed years of expensive therapy.

  689. agb1013 says:

    I saw The Witches as a child and I am scarred to this day.

    Also, Gremlins anyone?

  690. Scary Chit says:

    Cannot believe “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” was left off this list. S&M, a law calling for the death of all children and a child hunter that will make you vomit with fear? Hands down scariest kids movie ever made.

  691. Jessica says:

    Bambi and Watership Down are both based on novels intended for adults. The trailer posted here for Watership Down skims over the part that gave me nightmares as a child: one of the rabbits has psychic visions of them all dying in a flood.

  692. Jessica says:

    @Knarf Black: The Plague Dogs was written by the same author as Watership Down. For anyone who is not familiar, The Plague Dogs is a novel intended for adults about two dogs who escape from a research facility. One has repeatedly been drowned and revived, and the other has been given a lobotomy.

  693. jd mac says:

    I came across this site from a link forwarded to me from a good friend of mine.

    I am the proud parent of two grown daughters. We watched, as a family, all but four of these movies. After reviewing this site with daughters, they have seen three of the remaining four over the years. We watched the other movies, as a family, when they were age appropriate and we talked about the movie when it was over.
    My older daughters favorite movie to this day? Nightmare Before Christmas.
    Will she let her child watch it? No. Not until the child is old enough.
    Are some of these movies scary to a 3 or a 4 year old. Sure.
    Did we let our daughters watch them before they were old enough?

    Did we look for hidden messages in these movies? No.

    Did we just enjoy them? Yes.

    In America, we have the right to have our own thoughts and opinions. And we have the right to express them in forums like this one.

    Cole, I cannot agree with almost all of your selections, Im sorry. Using a 4 year old as a guide may not be the best idea a parent has (nightmare before christmas), but thats your right as a parent. And I also acknowledge the fact that you are placing your opinions on the site which is also your right. I have the right to not agree with them (Aint America great?)

    We would look at the movie and its contents and then considered the value for our kids. Secret of the NIMH was almost always a requested movie when they were old enough. My children understood that things happen in nature and real life, like Bambis mother getting killed, forest fires, animals dying because of the forest fires, etc.

    In looking back over the years, I can remember lots of movies that were targeted towards the kids that were not the greatest. But the kids enjoyed them once and they moved on.
    We were never one to simply put our kids in front of a TV screen and say enjoy, as so many parents do these days.
    Well, thats my two cents worth …

  694. James says:

    Another one is Raggedy Ann And Andy when the big gigantic yellow blob thing tries to eat them and they’re swimming around in it.

  695. Nowaff says:

    I always like these comparisons and ratings of varous whatevers. This one blew me away. I almost fell off my chair when “Song of the South was listed”.

  696. Julie P says:

    How about Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer. They bullied him until he could do something useful for them. Then they accepted him. What a terrible message.

  697. Recka says:

    I understand this article is supposed to be humorous. A lot of the comments are taking things waaaaay too serious. But, I’d like to add my own two cents worth. Watcher in the Woods and Something Wicked This Way Comes totally scared the crap out of me. My Dad let me watch Jaws when I was six and I thought it was awesome. The Mouse and His Child was (and still is) one of my top ten fave movies EVER along with the Last Unicorn, Watership Down, Dark Crystal and Fantastic Planet. All of which I watched before the age of ten. I think its all subjective anyway. Some movies are going to scare kids and they’ll like it (like me) and those same movies will give some kids nightmares. Parents know their children best, so I believe that everyone should be given the choice to have their OWN kids watch or not watch certain movies (I’m only bringing this last point up when I noticed that the Mark Twain movie was “banned” from t.v.)

  698. Rita says:

    These are all excellent choices, my top two are there. Bambi and Dumbo. You could also add the first Fantasia. I know it wasn’t supposed to be a kids’ movie, but Mickey Mouse is in it! The marching brooms scared the hell out of me and probably contributed to my phobia of housework (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) However, kids may be more resilient than you think. When I was about five or six, I devoured all of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and the whole canon of Greek and Roman mythology several times over. I cannot believe that I read all of that – witches put in barrels with nails, drowned women turned into swans and eaten, singing finger bones…Didn’t bother me a bit. Now I can’t even go near it!

  699. Greg says:

    The Mouse and His Child. This movie terrified me as a kid. Imagine a grotesque rat, brutally murdering a toy mouse and his small son.

  700. AreYouKIDDINGme says:

    For the love of all that is holy, you people really need to give kids more credit. If your kids cannot handle the movies on this list they either have severe emotional problems and need professional help or you are failing as a parent. First off, I’m willing to bet that most of you didn’t get the message that because dogs get rabies everything you love will turn on you and die when you watch old yeller. I’m guessing most of you got that from someone who pointed this out, probably years after you first saw the movie…what makes you think a child will have that kind of analytical view of movies? I was an English major and I can tell you that few undergrads who are specifically studying film/literary analysis would analyze a movie to that degree and come to that conclusion. You guys seriously think a five year old would think that way? Secondly, even if five y.o.s did analyze movies to that degree, why are you letting movies teach your children about life? Tell them movies are fake and explain reality. Problem solved. Thirdly, even if I was wrong and children do analyze movies to that degree and you can’t stop them from learning life lessons from them, why would you want to stop your children from learning how to deal with the occasionally sad or frightening nature of life? Do you seriously want to stop them from learning to cope with negative emotion?

    I understand that protecting your children is very important to any parent, but sometimes being too protective is actually doing your children harm. I find it tragic that parents are increasingly protecting children and taking away their freedom “for their own good,” infecting them with fear of the real world, and taking away their sense of self-reliance. It’s common sense really. If you don’t let your child do anything that could potentially maybe be a little bit uncomfortable, when will they learn to deal with adversity? I mean, come on…we’re talking about Bambi and ET, not Night of the Living Dead.

  701. Bill says:

    I’m sorry but aren’t we being a bit hypersensitive. Yes, some movies are scary or weird but that is exactly what makes them exciting and enjoyable. One would be depriving a child by preventing them from seeing some of these classics. If the child does become scared after watching one of these films, there is the perfect opportunity to have some family bonding by discussing their fears and hopes.

  702. Brooklyn Bridges says:

    Ive actually watched half of the movies on the list and not only do I think they arent disturbing, but I think theyre pretty awesome. People look way too into childrens movies and I think more Kids shows on TV are a lot more disturbing compared to Nightmare before X-Mas or Monster House. I dont mind letting my nephew watch these movies because he understands the difference. Since the holidays are coming up, Ive decided to dedicate my weekends to my family and were going to start renting movies. The good thing is that I have the Blockbuster Movie Pass with DISH Network so I can rent how ever many DVDs I want. I actually work at DISH Network and I know for a fact that this offer is available to new and existing customers and I think everyone should go and check it out because its well worth it!

  703. Brad says:

    Struggling to find a real topic to write about, eh?

  704. Anonymous says:

    You are a dumb a $ $…..

  705. Anonymous Coward says:

    Children throughout history heard scary stories from their relatives (ever read the original Grimm’s fairy tales?), saw scary movies when they came around, etc. They seem to have been some pretty solid people. In the past 30 years or so, parents have been hyper-protecting children from, well, everything. And those people seem to be increasingly screwed up. I think there’s a Hygiene Hypothesis for the mind here: emotional bubble wrap does not lead to healthy emotional development.

  706. Anoymous says:

    The movie I hated the most (and that scared me HALF TO DEATH, yes HALF TO DEATH) as a little kid was The Great Mouse Detective. In fact, it scared me when my mom showed me the VHS box at the library (and she checked it out too), and I RAN to the children’s restroom (the wheelchair one) mocking a scene from the Magic School Bus Episode “Under Construction” and hid in there! I don’t know why it scared me, but it just did.

  707. kkkkkkk says:

    grow a freaking pair would you you wusses

  708. nobody says:

    I loved “The Witches” when I was younger. Actually… Come to think of it, it was probably because it was scary.

  709. Bubsy says:

    I don’t find that “ham-fistedly overt Christian themes” are one of the disturbing aspects of Chronicles. Although, I could see how this would bother a disturbed Athiest like the writer of this article.

  710. Darcy Alden says:

    The Grinch That Stole Christmas, Goonies, The Lion King, and Caroline are some that my little one thought were scary.

  711. Holly Burbach says:

    my kid is scared of people in heavy makeup or costumes(he’s to) but he’ll sit through The Nightmare before christmas, coraline and almost anything else. he hasnt been inroduced to care bears or et yet or bambi. and polar express and nightmare beforechristmas used technology in both films that had never been done full length before and theyre classics so if you have issues with halloween or christmas, i’d hate to see what you’d say about thanksgiving or easter

  712. Holly Burbach says:

    btw, indiana jones isnt really a family movie

  713. ezel says:

    Where is A Clockwork Orange?

  714. ezel says:

    If you want to scare a kid force them to watch the ultraviolence of A clockwork orange while they are strapped down and can’t blink and put eye drops in thier eyes

  715. jasynp says:

    Coraline. Love horror movies, but saw this as an adult. It was just creepy.

  716. Anonymous says:

    I have to say that “James and the Giant Peach” was quite disturbing..

  717. rufus levin says:

    The Man in the Iron Mask….when his carriage goes into the water.

    Chuckie….and Clown Movies.

  718. rufus levin says:

    Frankly, my Third Grade school teacher TERRIFIED me more than ANY of these movies.

  719. Anonymous says:

    Crap…I knew the libs were going to pop up with that “Song of the South” deal….like that is SCARY??? KIDS do not know about RACIST stuff until liberals fill them full of Jim Crow hatred and black victimization poop. Hey, get over it…the USA was full of black slaves…and the NORTH had them too…just that the NORTH was boring to talk about, and the Southerners had serious character.

  720. jesusfreak says:

    gosh…if the Dog were just gay or lesbian, then the libs would make it gender hatred rather than growing up……

  721. alex says:

    The title clearly says disturbing kids movies not scary kids movies

  722. daydaydad says:

    is this a joke? these are some great movies every kid should see.

  723. Gena Kirby says:

    Um why the hell is there a SIMILAC ad here? EW!!! WTH BABBLE!?

  724. Anonymous says:

    i love labyrinth!!!!!!!!

  725. Daddy says:

    Thank you for a great list of some new movies for my 4 year old. However, most Scooby Doo episodes are scarier than these movies for kids this age. Until they have associated scary with what “we” think is scary…it’s not scary for them.

  726. Anonymous says:

    Monster House just happens to be my 3 year old’s favorite movie right now. He even braved watching it ALONE last night as he was going to sleep! (I tried to make him pick differently, but he likes that one.) I’ve taught both of my kids from young ages that most scary things, like Halloween decorations or movies are fake. It doesn’t take the thrill factor out of it, but they aren’t terrified beyond repair, either.

  727. Anonymous says:

    Seriously? This is why so many kids do not adjust to adulthood, because too many parents lie and tell their kids life is perfect. Dogs die, people get picked on, and bad things happen. Shouldn’t we expose our kids to these things before reality hits them hard.

  728. shmrd says:

    The original Care Bears movie — the one with the evil, talking face in the magic book — scared the cr@p outta me.

  729. really says:

    Indian Jones as a kids movie? Who made this list?

  730. thoroughbred says:

    Kung Fu Panda 2 was seriously disturbing. I was very disappointed in Dreamworks. I mean, there were four year olds in the theater and you talk about GENOCIDE? I took my little brother to see it because we both loved the original, but he was terrified. We had to leave in the middle of the film because he was so scared. What a waste of money. The peacock and weird flashbacks was seriously creepy, and I hated the mixed message that you are not defined by your past but it is impossible to change a prophecy and you can’t change your destiny.

  731. momofboys says:

    my cousins kids were terrified of Ursala the sea witch in The Little Mermaid. We had to leave the theater they freaked out so bad. My yougest son will not watch Jumanji because of the monkeys.

  732. Anonymous says:

    The kid movie ferngally is scary scary scary! Should b top of ur list

  733. Mike Oxhuge says:

    Well, fuck you.

  734. Mike Oxhuge says:

    Well, fuck you

  735. mike Oxhuge says:

    Well fuck you

  736. Mike Oxhuge says:

    Bigoted cockmongler.

  737. Mike Oxhuge says:

    Ignorant cunt

  738. anon says:

    what about fantasia? brooms multiplying and chasing mickey? the devil scene? fortunately walt had the foresight that college students would watch this while on acid or other pharmacutical products…;)

  739. Ngar says:

    I LOVE the Witches! And Narnia is not disturbing!

  740. Anonymous says:

    Was this article supposed to be SERIOUS?

  741. Anonymous says:

    I was surprised that Beauty and the Beast didn’t make the list. Lots of domestic violence going on there…

  742. Me says:


  743. iHeartZombies says:

    well there are some movies on the list i disagree with, mostly just because i saw them as a child and never got scared. wizard of oz, secret of nimh, e.t., the labyrinth. however, watership down….wow! that terrified me as a kid. all i remember is bloody, dying rabbits. i recently read the book, which is awesome.
    ok so onto movies i thought SHOULD make the list- coraline, disturbing plot but i know it’s relatively new.
    ghostbusters, the demon dogs.
    fantasia, the portion at the end with the devil like guy killing and burning people.

  744. Anonymous says:

    I have loved Star Wars my whole life!

  745. Anonymous says:

    This has got to be a joke? Most of these movies I saw as a kid, and did not find creepy, scary, disturbing, or traumatizing and a lot of things used to scare me as a kid.

  746. Anonymous says:

    Narnia is not disturbing LMAO I Love Jadis and Aslan.

  747. Anonymous says:

    Monster House was not disturbing either

  748. Anonymous says:

    The Never Ending Story is weird, i’m 20 i got the movie cause my mom use to watch it when i was a kid, LOL i still don’t understand it.

  749. Anonymous says:

    The Wizard Of Oz is a classic!

  750. Michelle says:

    What a load of crap! Of the movies listed, I hadn’t heard of 2 of them, didn’t see 3 others, but some of my favorites and several of my kids’ favorites are on this list! The author of this article must have also followed her child around with a pillow when she was learning to walk! Oh no, we can’t ever let our kids think that life is anything but rainbows and roses (without thorns of course-that might be traumatizing!) I love several of these movies for their stories of courage, character, and overcoming adversity. In life, even from a young age, children have to make choices about how they will respond to life’s challenges. It is a shame to cripple our children by letting them think that every story has a happy ending, there is nothing in the world to fear, and everyone is exactly what they seem. When we shelter our children from even a hint of reality, we leave them unable to cope when they face even preschool level conflict. What does a child do when another child is mean to them? Takes their toy? Cuts in line? Breaks their crayons? A child who has been deprived of the chance to see conflict be resolves will never learn how to resolve the conflicts in their own life. And as much as a mother would like to believe that sheltering them protects them from anything buy happiness and joy, life just doesn’t work that way.

  751. Anonymous says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE! “E.T” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” have damaged my childhood… forever. Thank you for speaking exactly what has been on my mind since my mother forced me to watch with her. Although I love “Bambi,” whenever I see a deer mounted on a wall I recall the horrible and intense being to that Disney “Classic.” I can not agree to all of the movies that made the list, but I did get a kick out of it. I previewed a few of the video clips and I could not agree more with one with those scary bunnies. Looks horrible. Haha… Anyway… Thanks for the laugh :)

  752. Anonymous says:

    *begining (not being)

  753. sandra says:

    101 Dalmations (Cruella DeVille)

  754. Me says:

    The Most Disturbing Kids’ Movies Ever, aka Every Movie I Ever Remember Watching as a Child, Especially Disney Movies….That’s what the title would be if I had written this. The Neverending Story was my absolute, ultimate favorite movie when I was a child. Except I was freaked out by that giant black wolf thing. That’s probably why, for years, I had a recurring nightmare of black dogs attacking my town. Another one I remember is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Wasn’t there some freaky scene with a bunch of Grim Reaper things? Yeah, and it didn’t help that my older cousin and brother made up some story about the Grim Reaper making a judgement on your soul to decide whether you get to live or die, something like that….Yeah, looking back, I had a pretty screwed up childhood thanks to all these freaky movies (and my cousin, and my brother).

  755. katie D says:

    Seriously? Some of these movies are great and my 11 year old loves them ( his favorites are Monster House and Wizard of Oz). Then again, you talk about letting your 4 year old watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. Of course, to a 4 year old…it would be scary! Most of these movies are geared toward a little bit older set. E.T. not scary. Funny looking, yes. Scary, no.

  756. Mikey says:

    Most of these are fantasic memories of when I was younger. I still watching some with my children now. However, most of these are not that scary or scarring for children. Yet, you left of the Gremlins which was promoted (with toy tie ins, etc.) as a children’s movie, but was actually a bit scary for younger kids!

  757. Letterbomb says:

    The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite films and I had Bambi and Dumbo on video tape when I was five. Ghosts and ghouls won’t hurt you, it’s the real thing that’s really terrifying.

  758. dee says:

    Disney’s “Don’t Look Under Your Bed” should definitely be on this list!!!

  759. Australia137 says:

    The childhood movie that scared me most was Little: Nemo Adventures in Slumberland. The nightmare thing moved like Venom and ate up everything happy including the King who looked a lot like Santa. Plus, a flying evil Manta Ray.

    A close second was Secret of NIHM 2

  760. huntress1979 says:

    Gremlins and The Goonies creeped me out!

  761. Wendy says:

    The Last Unicorn — the witch is scary as hell!

  762. Anonymous says:

    lol all your children must be fucking gays.

    none of this shit scared me and im 17 at the moment.

    all your kids are gonna be fags if they are scared.

  763. Reagan says:

    Where is The Exorcist? I was scarred for life

  764. Wow says:

    Wow this is stupid people think waaay too hard about the dumdest thing s.

  765. Anonymous says:

    So Old Yeller, Dumbo and E.T. are “traumatic” to children? To assert that is positively, actively insane.

  766. Anonymous says:

    This website is aptly named.

  767. Anonymous says:

    Narnia? Are you flipping kidding? WILLY WONKA? Old Yeller? THE WIZARD OF OZ??????? Just because your kid and/or you are wusses doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. You are pathetic. Teach your kid to handle things or they will never survive the real world.

  768. Anonymous says:

    What a useless article written by an ignorant fool. It amazes that somebody can be so far removed from reality that they actually believe these movies would hurt a child. If this stuff bothers your children reality will absolutely obliterate them. Get over it and write something worth reading.

  769. Anonymous says:

    BEETLEJUICE! I still can’t watch that. it creeps me out so much.

  770. Anonymous says:

    Watership Down is by far the worst kids film ever

  771. Anonymous says:

    Some of these “kid’s movies” were not movies intended for little kids but for young teens. Labyrinth, The Nightmare Before Christmas,Indiana Jones were NOT kid movies, but for teens. I was surprised to see some of these on here! All kid movie have a “scary, sad, creepy” part. All of them! Teach your kids that it’s just a movie & everything will work out in the end. If your kid is too young to handle it then don’t take them to the movies until they’re older. Some of these I’d never heard of, but the ones I know, I watched as a kid & survived. Kids today need to toughen up. Gracious!

  772. waffles says:

    excuse my trolling but THIS LIST IS BULLSH*T!

  773. will says:

    I kept thinking the last spot would be saved for the ultimate in twisted family films, “Babe 2: A Pig in the City”.

  774. Cinephile says:

    They’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story and Cats and Dogs bothered me… the former, extremely bizarre, with scenes of children, abandoned by parents with no time for them. The latter, because of violence directed to cats and dogs and the message that cats are evil.

  775. hi says:

    None of these are hardly bad. You’re the reason why kids are such pussies and sheltered these days.

  776. Robaato says:

    Halloween Town should’ve been on this list.

  777. Dobj says:

    Ah, this list explains so much of who I am.

  778. Anonymous says:

    I must agree with someone else on here…The Last Unicorn was rather disturbing…though I still love that movie lol. :) Most of the movies listed had scary/disturbing parts but as a whole weren’t bad if it’s explained to children it’s just a movie. I just finished a run in Seussical the Musical and there were some disturbing factors in it! (Hence the opening song saying we hope you’re prepared to be scareder than scared cause this ain’t mother goose!)

  779. m with hi says:

    Who are we to condemn the imagination of the writers from whom these fantastical adventures spring. Only a man or woman with the eyes of a child could even concieve of the wonderful infinity in which we hang, and furthermore only such graciousness in sharing of said imaginative conquest is displayed in those who best understand how to remain young. Should it be feeling true disturbance one should seek, I say watch the news and quit picking on the artists who merely imitate if only to make more palatable, the horror blueprint upon which man has made himself out to be great. What a joke. Worlds smallest violin on repeat over here. Relish the imagination. Cut it loose I say let it plunge into hell and then upon return truly understand the sanctity of oxygen.

  780. Melissa says:

    Once Upon a Forest and The Christmas Toy, not for being scary, but for being depressing as hell. There are a lot of heavy elements in most of the films you mentioned on this list that would be disturbing to young audiences. Disturbing doesn’t have to mean scary. In “The Christmas Toy” the toys come to life but if they ever get spotted out of position by humans they freeze forever and can never come alive again. My six year old self knew it wasn’t real, but I still stood in the hallway and warned my stuffed animals I was coming into the room for a good three or four weeks after watching this. Just in case.

  781. these shows says:

    2 shows Pee Wee’s playhouse and

  782. these shows says:


  783. Nel says:

    Dont you dare insult Micheal!!! you are horrible!

  784. Nigel T says:

    The Singing Ringing Tree – German film from 1960′s, very scary for kids

  785. Jule says:

    Secret of Nimh was my FAVORITE movie as a child

  786. Emma says:

    Well being an 18 year old girl, i still remember quite clearly watching some of these movies and some freaked me out to the point where I still have recurring dreams, don’t see why people say the list is bollocks when to be honest, it is a matter of opinion right? No need to be rude about the author. Humans…such a ridiculous rude creatures

  787. SJ says:

    The gremlins and free willy (when he breaks through the glass….. :,(

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