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D*Signed: Dress Your Girl Like a Disney Tween Star!

I was recently in a car full of little girls ages 6 to 9. The topic of conversation was fashion, and not just any fashion. The girls were in a deep discussion about the style of their favorite Disney Channel stars. One talked about how she thought Jessie had a cool look, while another said MORE »

My Kid’s Style: The Year of the Bow Tie

Our girls all have their own sense of style. It's so fun to see what catches their eye and becomes their newest trend. The tween turned 10 just a few weeks ago and officially launched the year of the bow tie.

Shaun White Supply Co. and Target make more than just sweet clothes

I spend a great deal of time at the skate park. There is something so special that happens when your kid nails his first trick. As long as your child is wearing the proper safety gear, you can relax and watch him do his thing. Unfortunately, safety gets overlooked and I’ve heard reasons like “it’s MORE »

All Dolled Up for a Day at the Theater

When we were getting ready for a special day out on the town, I knew our usual wardrobe wouldn't work. So the boys each got a cute new sweater for their big day!

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