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A Stylish Tradition for Ethiopian Christmas

Since both of our daughters are Ethiopian, we celebrate the major Ethiopian holidays throughout the year. Due to a calendar difference, Christmas in Ethiopia is celebrated on an entirely different day than it is celebrated in the US. This means that we get to have two Christmases in our family and extend our holiday season. MORE »

Kid’s Style Inspiration for the New Year

Last week I went through my kids’ closets. It’s right about this time of year that I always notice their jeans are too short and have holes in the knees. The shoes I bought when shopping for back to school are getting too snug, and they seem to have grown three sizes since I bought MORE »

Choosing Formalwear for My 8-year-old. While I Still Can.

I had big plans for this Christmas season:  this year, by gum, I was going to take my daughter to a musical. Or a play.  Or a ballet.  You know, something fancy, at a venue that cried out for formal clothing. Something where she had to wear tights and patent leather. It was going to MORE »

Living in Our Pajamas for the Holidays

Christmas vacation is here and we are embracing the most glorious of holiday traditions: living in our pajamas! Yay! We adore holiday breaks. We eat up every moment.

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