Kid, Urine Trouble


We’ve got a problem. It’s one of those delicate situations that I know I’m supposed to handle all calm and even so I don’t give my  kid a complex. The good mother in me, the one that gives Anders a hug and tells him he can try again tomorrow, knows that. She does. But the bad mother in me, the one clipping Febreze coupons and doing a half dozen extra loads of laundry each week, wants to get kind of, well, scream-y.

You see, despite a couple of years of a near perfect night time potty track record, we have entered a period of failure. Maybe failure is a harsh choice of word. I’m just not exactly sure what you call it when your kid comes to your room each morning for weeks on end with wet pants.

I’m also not sure what the rules are when they climb into the bed next to you and wake you from your slumber by pressing their cold, soaked, less-than-sweet smelling pajamas pants against your bare skin. Add this scenario to the list of things no one warned me would happen as a parent. I’m guessing becoming scream-y mom is frowned upon.

My husband and I are torn on how to handle the situation. I think it’s a phase he’s going through, that it may even be an attention-getting tactic, and that we can help him by not giving in to requests for water after dinner. My husband is convinced it is intentional and that it warrants punishment.

We’ve compromised by offering a reward instead. We’ve given him goals and when he remains dry for a number of nights he earns something he wants. This week he will get to pick out a movie for movie night if he is dry five nights in a row. We’re on day three with no incident. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Anyone else dealing with this? How did you handle it?

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