Kids’ Mental Health

At present there’s no known way to prevent your child from having ADHD. Having said that, there are a few things you can do to help prevent your children from developing some of the symptoms and behaviors associated with the disorder and to maintain your children’s physical, mental and emotional health.

  1. Don’t drink alcohol, use drugs or smoke cigarettes during pregnancy.
  2. Get proper medical care and practice healthy habits: eating healthily, avoiding environmental toxins during pregnancy.
  3. Keep your children away from pollutants and toxins, including cigarette smoke, chemicals used in agriculture or industry, and lead paint or pipes found in some old buildings.
  4. Help your child understand limits and behavioral boundaries by setting limits, making consequences clear, and maintaining consistency in your expectations and responses to your children’s behavior.
  5. Stick to a clear, understandable routine for your child: Keep bedtime, wakeup time and mealtime consistent.
  6. Limit screen time: TV, video games, computer use, etc.
  7. Dedicate some quality time to focus on your child each day: Read to your child, do puzzles together, play games.
  8. Make eye contact when you give instructions to your child, and make those instructions clear and understandable.
  9. Praise your child’s good behavior.
  10. Try to respond calmly and clearly when your child misbehaves.
  11. Include teachers and caregivers in your efforts to help your child.
  12. Try to get your child help as early as possible: Early treatment can go a long way toward reducing the impact of ADHD on your child.

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