Kids Talk Grown-Up Dating Problems [Video]


datingAs my kids grow up, I wonder how their life will turn out. When should I “allow” them to date? Will they have troubles with relationships? Will they date often and have fun? Will they find the love of their life and get married?

I never really had a “dating history”. I married my high school sweetheart and didn’t experience any of the average problems that come with dating. I never had to worry why he wasn’t calling me back, why he was cold with me, why I was in the friend-zone. I am thankful that I didn’t because it doesn’t sound like fun to me.

In a new video on YouTube posted by Matthew Hussey, he takes common dating problems and has kindergarten children talk like it’s their experience as a sort of commercial for his new dating book. It’s just funny and cute anytime a child talks more adult things, and this is no exception  I just sounds so much funnier out of the mouths of kids who, if they weren’t acting, would have no idea what they’re even saying.

Photo credit: adapted screenshot Matthew Hussey /YouTube
Source: YouTube / Mashable

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