If You Can't Afford to Insure your Kids, Don't Have Them.

If people are being so careless about their children’s health, what else are they being careless about? If you’re willing to forego something as essential as health insurance, what else are your children going without? If you can’t afford to insure you’re {sic} kids, don’t have them.

This was a comment I received on a post about not having health insurance. The same commenter accosted another commenter for being unable to afford health care while her husband was in graduate school.

I love the poster who said their children aren’t insured because her husband is in grad school. Do you not see the problem with that? That’s doesn’t seem just a tad bit selfish to you? If you can’t afford HEALTH insurance to better your CHILDRENS life, then you shouldn’t be affording grad school, yikes.”

I wonder if this girl can eat, let alone breathe, with her judgy pants on so tight.

My husband went to graduate school to better his children’s lives in the long run. And while he was there we did accept assistance in the form of medicaid and food stamps. When he was done with school we went off of the assistance and set out to live the great American dream. We used the programs for what they were intended for during possibly the most difficult phase of our marriage.

As far as “If you can’t afford to insure your kids, don’t have them?” If my husband chose not to work? We would all be insured through the government. How’s that for irony?

It would be easy to make assumptions about this commenter and her life experience. For me it is very easy to see the flaws in her argument yet I learned over the last year that many people feel the way ‘Laura’ does.

In America health care is not a right, it is a priviledge. And right now in our phase of life? It is a privilege we can’t fully afford.

That isn’t to say we aren’t working on it, we will hopefully have some form of catastrophic insurance by next week but it isn’t really insurance. It’s really “just in-case-urance.” The deductible will be somewhere close to $15K and the out of pocket near $5K for around $200/month. Whee!

My kids are not going without. And it’s not careless. My husband went on to gain higher education so he could provide a better life for all of us. Sometimes going into debt for an education is required to obtain a better life later on. The same goes for houses. In the long run the investment is worth it for us. We all go to the doctor when we are sick, we all get our regular yearly exams, immunizations and check ups. The only difference is we pay cash when the doctor is done. I would rather pay $120 to see a doctor every few months than $600/month to only have to pay $35 for when we do need a doctor. We choose to live a healthy lifestyle and in a way that promotes our health.We also do not own a trampoline, a motorcycle or allow Addie to ride a bike without proper protective gear. Nor do we let the baby out back to battle with racoons. Now that is careless.

While I am well aware horrible things can happen (I was accused of being ‘flippant’ about the issue even though I had mentioned investing catastrophic insurance) we are healthy people, we also happen to be in the 10% of Americans without any form of insurance. Our kids do not qualify for any state or federal CHIP programs.

We’re doing the best we can. I’m not happy about being uninsured but I also realize it is no ones responsibility but my own to make sure my family is cared and provided for.

Which is exactly what I’m doing.

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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