Lawmakers: Leave My Daughter Alone

Here in Kansas bullying a huge topic at school.  Our kids have assemblies about it.  They read books about it.  They have recess in bully-free zones.  My kids and their friends are constantly on the look out for bullies.  They are vigilant.  They are ready to defend a weaker person at a moment’s notice.  What they don’t realize is that the bully isn’t on the playground at school, but rather in our capital, Topeka.

This week, the Kansas House of Representatives passed a sweeping bill.  I’m not going to call it an anti-abortion bill, instead I’m just going to call it an anti-female bill.

This bill infringes on the rights of women and I’m shocked that more women aren’t speaking out against it.

Yes, this bill will restrict abortions and make them expensive by adding a sales tax.  But more importantly this bill will allow doctors to lie to their patients without risk of malpractice if they think a patient might abort a fetus.  They can even tell a pregnant woman that abortions cause breast cancer, which has not been scientifically proven.

This is a terrible bill that will adversely affect health care for women and we should all care – no matter which side of the pro-life/pro-choice debate we are on.  We should all care, because women are being discriminated against.  Women will get shoddy medical care.  Women will suffer and women will die from this law.  Without proper, affordable and legitimate medical care, the days of back alleys and wire hangers will rise up again.

As the mother of a daughter, I am absolutely disgusted, outraged, and astounded by my lawmakers.  When I wrote about this matter on my personal blog, I heard from many women across the country who live in states that are also working to adopt such narrow minded and controlling laws against women.  It’s as if a wave of discrimination is coming across the country.  Females are being systematically bullied and we’re being made to be inferior citizens.

Our basic freedom to choose our own health care path is being ripped from us and put into the hands of strangers.  We have been deemed unfit to control our own bodies.

My daughter has essentially been told that she does not matter and that her opinions about her health care do not matter.  She has been told that an unborn fetus has more rights than she does.  If her life is put at risk by a fetus, her doctor could choose the fetus over my daughter regardless of her wishes.  I have a real problem with that.

When I was pregnant with my children, I repeatedly told my husband that if complications arose and only myself or the baby could be saved, he should save the baby.  But that was me making that choice.  That was me saying, I am choosing this for myself and my child and I am willing to sacrifice myself for my baby.

No one told me I had to make that choice.  That’s the difference here.  All I am asking for is the right for women to choose.

Yes, I don’t doubt that there are irresponsible women out there who use abortion as a form of birth control, but to think that most women do that is ludicrous.  The women I know who have had abortions took their decisions very seriously.  The had to make a gut-wrenching and emotional choice.  They did not take it lightly – not for one second.

I am very concerned about where this country is headed and where we rank women and their contributions to our society.  When laws like these take the forefront of politics – rather than more important topics like unemployment or the debt crisis or the wars we’re fighting –  it makes me think that many politicians only see my contribution as a baby maker.

The lawmakers who propose these laws say they’re protecting peoples’ beliefs.  Kansas Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook was quoted as saying, “This is about respecting the rights to conscience and others’ beliefs.  Let’s protect peoples’ beliefs.”  I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like my beliefs are protected at all.

No one is worrying about my daughter.  I will have to be the one who speaks for her.  I am only one person, but I will do what I can.  I am the one who is old enough to vote and donate money to organizations that support our beliefs.  I will continually call out these bullies who preach and advocate against women’s health.   As she gets older, I will teach my daughter to use her voice as well.  I will teach her to speak up for herself and to respect herself enough to demand equal treatment.

She’s worth it – and so is your daughter.

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