Lessons Learned from the Economic Downturn


I really hated the economic downturn. It wasn’t, oh what’s the word, tons o’ fun. Now that we are just starting to come out of it (it’s over, right. . . RIGHT?!), I’m getting some perspective on it.

My husband is an entrepreneur who runs his own business. We’ve had modest highs and livable lows. Over the last few years we’ve gone without paychecks for l-o-n-g stretches and financed his businesses with credit cards. I don’t recommend.

I have not experienced severe hardship. People have suffered financially much more than I have. But things are tight for all of us. I’ve bounced checks to my children’s school. I’ve had my credit card declined at the gas station. I’ve fed my family out of food storage. And as much as I hate learning lessons from being poor, I have learned a few things. Here’s some hard-won insight from the economic downturn after the jump.

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