Let's Go to the Movies! Or Let's Not. . .


File:Cinemaaustralia.jpgDo you take your kids to the movies? How exactly does that work? I’m too scared to try after our last experience. It was a year ago. The movie was Toy Story 3. Find out how it spiraled out of control.

My daughter was fine, but my twin boys were horrible/not ready. They were three years old.  We thought we were being such good parents by taking them to the big theatre, buying a hug tub of popcorn, and even bought Twizzlers for all! The boys were wearing diapers so we didn’t have to worry about accidents or bathroom breaks. The first fifteen minutes were fine, but then they started getting wiggly. They stood up and looked around like prairie dogs a few times. Then, one  boy snuck into the aisle and giggled when I grabbed him and lured him back with popcorn. Then the other boy snuck out.  Same thing, except this time I lured him back with Twizzlers. They started talking to one another.  Finally, 20 minutes into the show, they hit the jackpot: they discovered the large area between the screen and the front seats. Wild play space! Yeehahhh! And that was the end of our family movie night.

My husband took the boys out of the theatre, while I stayed back to watch the rest of the movie with my daughter. I had a delightful time and even cried at the end!  I was wondering about my husband. Where was he?  When I walked out of the theatre with my daughter, I found him with the boys in the arcade. My husband was disappointed he missed the movie, but my boys were thrilled to be in a room with so many lights and buttons!

So it’s been a year. Puss in Boots is getting pretty good reviews. I think my kids might like it. Should I give them another try? If nothing else, it could make for good blog material!

At what age did your kids sit through a whole movie? Do you have any tricks to keep them sitting for so long?