A Letter to All Husbands



Hello Husbands,

I have a complaint (and by I, I mean myself and the other wives).

Now in case you are a husband that hasn’t made this unfortunate mistake before, I give you kudos and a high five.

However, after many conversations, I have found that many, many a husband has made this mistake – mine included. And to those husbands, I say Why, Man, WHY?

Dear Husbands of the world,

We love you and appreciate you (for the most part).

But, please, I beg of you, don’t ever use the word babysitting when it comes to your kids.

When a husband says he’ll “babysit the kids”, I (and the other wives) get stabby.

Do you know why?

Because you can’t BABYSIT your own children!

It’s called PARENTING. Seriously.

Signed, your wives.

P.S. Massaging our feet will go a long way to getting yourself back in our good books. Also, designer handbags work wonders.

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