Lice As I Know It

scratch. scratch. itch.

Oh you guys. OH YOU GUYS. Addie came bursting in the door yesterday proclaiming “I HAVE FLEAS! My head is itchy and there’s black things in my hair!”

“Silly girl, of course you don’t have fleas, come over here.”

I lifted one perfect curl off her perfect forehead and a bug scurried out and back into her golden tresses.

I called my husband and he was home within five minutes, I was at the doctor’s office within seven.

“Yep! It’s lice!” Our tiny little doctor proclaimed. He checked me, told me it’s perfectly natural to feel itchy and crawly at the thought of lice and sent me on my way with a prescription for goo and a very fine toothed comb.

24 hours later? We’re still battling.

I can’t even give you treatment advice as this is the first time I’ve EVER dealt with lice. I never had them growing up nor did I ever know anyone who dealt with them. What I’m learning is that a lot of people have dealt with them and dealt with them recently, they just don’t talk about them.

Apparently in France lice are like zits, everybody gets them, no big deal, just treat them as they come.

The truth is lice can cause no major health problems like fleas or mosquitoes, just a dent to your social life and pride. They have no respect for socioeconomic status, cleanliness or personal hygiene. I keep telling myself that Dr. Sears says I am NOT a dirty person. We are not a dirty family. I do NOT have a dirty house (especially after today!)

The biggest issue we’re having is Addie’s giant head full of thick wonderful curly hair. The prescription we were given didn’t do squat so we’ve moved on to home remedies that include common cooking ingredients, shower caps and days off of school. Tomorrow I’ll do one last treatment, a nitpicking (GAH I HATE THAT WORD NOW) to see if we can get her passed for a return to school.

A return to school with her head coated in this spray. (Seriously, if you’re kids don’t have lice but there’s a chance they could get them? Find out about lice prevention sprays you can either buy or make, because this suuuucks.)

More on what worked and what didn’t later, but for now, what’s your lice history?


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Caring for curly (lice free) hair.

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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