Breakfast for Dinner is Sometimes Better Than Breakfast for Breakfast


We are the Mullins family and we believe in breakfast for dinner.

Cody’s and my first date was at a 24 hour diner in Salt Lake City, he ordered biscuits and gravy, I ordered pancakes with strawberry sauce. I’d like to think it was our first date that set us up to become breakfast for dinner lovers for life and thus give birth to breakfast for dinner lovers as well. Tonight? Waffles. Addie’s already written it on our meal planning calendar. She and I would much prefer pancakes while Cody is more of a french foast guy but we can always meet in the middle on waffles. (Eggs and toast is another popular dish around these parts.)

After hearing a comedian joke about “No you cannot have cake for breakfast! Here! Have these pancakes, cover them in sugary syrup and slather them in butter! That’s a much better idea!” I began thinking about ways to balance out what we love about breakfast with dinner (real maple syrup and bacon) with more realistic options so we didn’t leave the dinner table ready for a big long nap.

If you’re going to be making Addie pancakes she is going to insist on a chocolate chip face, we switched out big chocolate chips for mini ones and she still gets the face she loves without it turning into a giant chocolate melted mess. Cody insists on real maple syrup which is totally fine in my book, and the good news is that a little bit goes a lot longer way than the kind I grew up making with sugar and maple flavoring. If you’re going to feed me french toast I insist upon a berry topping with COOL WHIP whipped topping. Bonus points if you have really good, thick multigrain bread with nuts to make the french toast with.

Other little switches we’ve made, turkey bacon for real bacon (Cody isn’t a huge fan of this switch) and adding chopped up apples to our pancakes (my parents always did this, I’m not sure why I slacked on doing it myself for so long.) The great thing about breakfast for dinner is that, depending on what you have, both your sweet tooth and your hankering for something more savory is satiated, meaning you don’t go trolling the freezer at 10pm searching ice cream selections.

What are your favorite breakfast-for-dinner toppings and treats?

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