"Parking" (Making Out) Parenting Style

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“Parking” is such an old term, one that I’m sure my parents used in their day, and perhaps their parents as well. It’s where you’d take your date to a secluded spot, put the car in park and get all hot and steamy behind the steering wheel because you couldn’t go home and make-out on the sofa in front of your parents.

Well, my husband and I have our own definition of “parking.” It’s the parenting definition.

Last week, before my husband left town, I thought I’d be smart and line up a sitter and a date for us. You know, because I’m all about keeping the love alive over here. I was so on top of it, I even checked to see how long the movie was so the sitter could make it home at a decent hour on a school night. We were going to see “The Vow.” Because hey, he was about to leave me for the weekend and having that plot fresh on his mind wouldn’t hurt.

So, Thursday night came and we were off to the theater. I had been watching the clock all day and finally I was hand in hand, having uninterrupted conversation with my favorite person in the world.

The theater was packed and had all kinds of jewelry venues and people filing in and out.

Huh? It’s Thursday night people! What are you all doing here?

Oh. Hunger Games. Crap.

Needless to say, our movie plan did not work out. All the movies were bumped, changed, or sold-out. I neglected to re-check the times that day. My bad.

We had 3 hours to burn, because I wasn’t going back home to tell the sitter…”just kidding.”

And that’s when the evidence set in that we were 30-something year olds, had 3 kids, were 8 months pregnant with our 4th, overworked and married almost 12 years. We went out for dessert and lingered in the restaurant as long as we could. We still had 2 hours to kill, so we went to the bookstore parking lot. My husband put the car in park and reclined his seat. He looked over at me in that sexy way I like so much and I knew we were about to “park,” parenting style.

I reclined my seat, yawned, sighed and returned his sexy glance with my own. We laughed at the sight of ourselves till we nearly peed our pants. We were getting lucky in his little silver car. Rest, relaxation, conversation and laughter made up for the lack of making out. (Come on now, if I weren’t sporting a belly the size the Mexico I would have for sure made a move, but there was just nowhere for me to move!)

We finished “parking” and went in to browse the books. Our date ended with a few purchases, sleepy eyes and kids nestled in their beds thanks to our trusty sitter. Ahhhh, I love a good make-out session!

Has parenthood changed the way you date too?

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