Need Motivation to Take More Photos This Summer? Make a Book!


I have spent hours in my mother-in-law’s basement scrapbooking. Every single one of her children and grandchildren have entire binders full of handmade pages dedicated to events both huge and ordinary. We lived with them for a summer and my pages became more and more involved and more and more time consuming. Hand doodling, ornate designs and expensive embellishments made some of the prettiest scrapbook pages you’ve ever seen. The upside? My kids have little bits of my time and creativity forever immortalized in paper and pen. The bad news? Each page would take me upwards of 3-4 hours. Now that I have a baby with a year full of firsts making scrapbook pages full of hand drawn details just isn’t realistic. I haven’t lied to myself saying “Oh! One day I’ll get to it!” because I know I won’t. Not to mention I now live 2,000 miles away from my mother-in-law’s basement and her endless supply of scrapbooking supplies.

Rather than spending hours on one page dedicated to one photo, I’ve begun to rely on online bookmaking and digital scrapbooking applications. A few minutes to a few hours of work, one click sends it off the the printer and in no time you have a tangible book in your hands of all your family memories!

There are so many book making programs available these days, just yesterday I finished, uploaded and ordered a book dedicated to our first year with Vivi. It’s exactly 200 pages long and after making it the largest size available, upgrading the paper to premium and adding in shipping it ended up being just shy of $180. Which is a lot! BUT! Considering the type of scrapbooking I like to do? We’re talking a minimum of $5-$10 and 3-4 hours a page (that doesn’t even include photo printing!) Sure I could scale back, but that’s not my style. Programs that make book making easy from the photos you already have uploaded are by far the easiest to use and Wendy’s is currently offering four free scrapbook themes in their Fresh Pic’d Summer promotion on Facebook. You can choose from one of four simple, well designed themes, add in your own photos already on Facebook (or upload more from your computer) and put together a 20 page book with up to 40 photos! You can have your book printed and mailed to you for $7.60 plus S&H or you can enter it into Wendy’s sweepstakes and for a chance win a copy of it for free! There’s no limit to the number of scrapbooks you can make and enter through July 2, 2012. Not in the mood to have it printed? You can share it with friends and family on your Facebook wall as well!

I think you’ll find that when there’s motivation to get a photo book together of all the best bits of summer, you’ll find yourself more motivated to take more photos of all the little wonderful things that can go on in a season knowing you can put them together quickly and easily online.


A big thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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