Mama's Boy Magic

My 5-year-old son, BooBoo is the most spirited and loving child around. Always has been. Whether he’s making fast friendships with strangers or weaseling out of trouble on account of those dimples, he’s always workin’ his magnetic mojo.

As his mother, I’d love to tell you that I’m immune to his charms, but even I’ve been known to weaken on occasion. So when BooBoo started breaking away from me about a year ago, it broke my heart probably more than it should have. While I discovered that he’d make his way back to me, I had to learn how to get comfortable with being there on his terms. Sure, my son still needs me, but I’m self-aware to realize that I may need him even more.

Whatever the cause or circumstance, BooBoo has recently rediscovered his adoration for me. Right now I’m the most beautiful, perfect, caring, comforting, intelligent woman in his life. I swear I’m more than a little hooked on this mama’s boy magic. If I could make this feeling last forever, you bet I would.

For now I’m savoring these moments for as long as they last because nothing this perfect can possibly last forever, and really, I suppose that’s all part of the magic.

Take a look at some of my favorite magic moments with BooBoo:

  • My favorite pics, our greatest hits 1 of 26
    PicMonkey Collage-1
  • Your birthday 2 of 26

    The day you were born I cried tears of gratitude for the blessing of you in my life. And every day since then has been sweeter than the last.

  • My nibbler 3 of 26

    Even as a newborn you were a snacker!

  • So in love 4 of 26

    If it wasn't creepy to still do so, I swear I'd watch you sleep.

  • Always so unsure 5 of 26

    You always required a lot of comfort and I'm blessed to be the one to give it to you.

  • Carry on 6 of 26

    I told you together we'd do great things; watch out!

  • Little swimmer 7 of 26

    Let's just forget about how you broke into a raging rash about an hour after this picture was taken.

  • Happy 1st Birthday! 8 of 26

    Nothing says "Happy Birthday" quite like going to daycare at 6am, but you handled it like a champ.

  • Sick baby 9 of 26

    Oh, the fevers and rashes. Just when we thought they'd never end *POOF!* they were gone.

  • A happy moment 10 of 26
    Picture 782

    A nonspecific happy moment. My favorite kind.

  • Life isn’t fair 11 of 26
    Picture 1519

    Life may not be fair, but being your mommy makes it all worthwhile.

  • Sweet kisses 12 of 26

    I'll take your sweet kisses for as long as you'll offer them.

  • Pre-K blues 13 of 26
    Picture 1655

    So maybe you were less than sure about Pre-K...

  • Typical 14 of 26

    Just a regular day, you know, with tears and stuff.

  • You and me 15 of 26

    About as perfect as it gets for me, kiddo.

  • Watching and waiting 16 of 26

    I'm your #1 fan.

  • Quitters win 17 of 26

    The day I quit my job to stay home with you.

  • Happy 18 of 26

    Putting you first was the best decision I ever made.

  • Not yet 19 of 26

    Not yet big enough to ride Space Mountain with your brother.

  • Family wedding 20 of 26

    You stole the dance floor and everyone's heart.

  • School party 21 of 26

    How lucky I feel to attend your school functions, especially when you light up inside like this.

  • Cuddle buddy 22 of 26

    Remember how absolutely freezing it was there?!

  • Home life 23 of 26
    Picture 3089

    Another hug for no reason - I love it!

  • Your 1st art show 24 of 26

    We were so proud!

  • Mother’s Day Reception 25 of 26

    You performed your heart out at your school's fabulous Mother's Day Reception!

  • How you see me 26 of 26

    The portrait you drew of me is precious, even with brown eyes ;)


Am I crazy for feeling all weeps about this?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago
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