Mentoring Kids Through the Digital Age


You can’t keep kids away from technology but you can mentor them about how to use it. This is the idea behind my daughter’s middle school becoming an iSchool.

Dixon Middle School is, in fact, the first public middle school to become a certified smart school. Long story short? They all got iPads.

Check it out here.

So far there has been a steep learning curve for teachers and students alike. Teachers are revamping curriculum to take advantage of the new technology. Not everyone is used to it yet and I know at least one teacher who accidentally posted  something to an Apple TV in another classroom. But that’s how it was when we first got chalkboards, right?

I think the school principle has the right idea.”You can’t keep kids out of the digital world, but you can mentor them through it.”  If we as parents and teachers don’t take the digital age by the horns and set an example for using it and not abusing it, how can we expect our children to be wise about it? It has been my experience that children don’t just luck into wisdom. It has to be hard-won and then imparted. So figure out how to unlock their phone and check out the latest apps. Your kids are in this world and they need help navigating it.