Metabolism? Energy? Where Have You Gone? Can I Convince You to Come Back?


Looking for my metabolism and energyI have been trying to have a baby for 6 months now. I know that is not a long time in the whole scheme of life, but for me it’s the longest it’s taken and I am not hopeful that this month worked either.

I am an avid basal body temperature taker, and I have noticed a pattern with my morning temperatures that signal a possible issue that may be hindering my fertility and is definitely hindering my energy levels through the day.

I wake up in the morning not at all feeling rested. I find myself dragging on during the day in search of any energy. When 3pm hit’s it feels like a mega challenge just to get myself to keep my eyes open.

& I am blaming it all on my metabolism (or lack there of):

I don’t eat terribly bad and I exercise — but the problem is I don’t eat often or enough and I don’t get enough sleep or water. Hello, metabolism killers, right?!

Since I got the clue from my daily temperatures I have been working on trying to increase my energy levels. It’s not been easy and any new food routine always has some up and down curves and I am still working it all out.

I will be sharing some of the things I am trying — what’s been working and what is harder than it should be. I have a goal to increase my energy levels — I bet I would be so much more productive and happy when I find my energy again.

:: Do you struggle with your energy levels? Have any tips or words of advice? ::


Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness


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