Mom Confession! I Am Kind of over Summer Break Already


When I was a kid I would get really excited every May. It meant that the school year was winding down and soon I would be on my own time with no alarm clock waking me up. I would start the count down to the end of June and each day brought me a little bit more happy and relieve.

Oh how life changes completely when I am the mom and not the kid.

My kids have been off for a month now and at first all things were going well. It was nice for me to not have to get up with the alarm clock, struggle to get them to get out of bed and dressed and fed and out the door on time. It was great to spend more time with them and work a new routine that would allow for more fun and play and learning while at home.

Then reality hit …

I know that as a mom I am probably not supposed to say this, but I am over them being on me all the time. I mean, yes I love them and love that I get to stay home with them and still make a living, but I feel like I am back in the land of needy newborns, except it’s worse because they are a lot more (English) vocal now.

The funny or weird thing about this is I know that in another month again I will be posting that I am not ready for them to go back to school and that I will miss them. Maybe I won’t though.

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