Mom Confession: I Re-Gifted My Kid's Gift to His Friend


JD’s friend *Tim had a birthday party yesterday. Even though we were invited a month ago and I RSVP’ed yes, it popped up on me and I didn’t have a gift and the party was in an hour! We live next to a Target, but still. It was Sunday. I was recovering from a date and drinking coffee. JD was busy making a card. I thought seriously about slipping a twenty in it and calling it a happy 5th birthday — but then I got another idea and I’m curious if you think what I did was … nuts, mean, crazy, lazy. I mean, I def think it was lazy. I re-gifted a brand new unopened gift JD got at his karate party. It was a remote control truck. JD has four of them—FOUR. He didn’t need another one. In fact, I sneakily hid it after he opened all 16 gifts, because I thought it could end up under the Christmas tree this year. I also “wrapped” the gift in a gift bag from JD’s party. When JD was done with his card he brought it over and asked to tape it on the gift. I sheepishly handed over the sparkly green bag with the toy truck in it. I had no tissue paper, so it was all there for him to see. Here goes …

“This is cool! Tim will like this, mommy!” JD said.

In the clear. Go me!

We went to the gymnastics themed party. It was at a gymnastics gym venue. There was a cupcake cake, favors and adult food. It was a lot like JD’s karate party: Exercise, eats, smiles and fun!














Have you ever re-gifted a gift? Share.



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