Mom Confession: I Talk To My Kid And Dog Pretty Much The Same


941294_10151642492373582_583942672_n-1I spent the weekend at uncle Carlo’s condo down in Bradley Beach, NJ. My mom lives down the shore too, so JD and I were reunited with Max the traveling family poodle (the dog I bought her in 2006).

My mom and Max lived with us for a few months after Hurricane Sandy devastated the shore. Max peed on my rug. My mom did the laundry, cooked and cleaned.

(It was fantastic—and insane.)

JD and I love walking and playing with Max—and this weekend I realized something else about my little furry friend.

I basically say the same things to him that I do to … my five-year-old child. Yipes!

Things I said to Max the dog and JD the child this weekend:



  1. Stop.
  2. No. NO!
  3. Catch.
  4. I love you, little boy.
  5. Come here.
  6. Why would you do that?
  7. Go by Carlo for a little bit.
  8. Good boy.
  9. Do you have to pee?
  10. Sit.

I’m not sure if my admittance makes me a crappy mom, awesome pet owner, wonderful mom, human—what have you. But, I do know I love my JD. And I love my Maxxy!

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