Mommy in Progress: What I Need to Work on So I Can Be a Better Me


Your life (nearly) totally changes when you become a mom. Even before your baby is born and in your arms, you are making changes and seeing changes happening for your new role in life.

The whole thing is a learning process and we work through it as best we can (or we work hard to save for future therapy sessions). I have put a lot of time, energy, sweat and tears into doing what I can to be the best mom I can be. I work from home so I can be here with them, I kiss their boo-boos, brush their hair, read them books, break up fights, feed them, answer a million questions a day. It has been all about them since the moment they were born.

There is a flaw in all that I do for them daily. Just when I think that this is what I am supposed to do, I realize that I may actually be doing them harm by trying to do it all.

I have little time for me, and I don’t actively make time for me. That sounds like it should be a good thing, meaning I spend my time on the kids and work, but that leaves me somewhere I shouldn’t be:

Tired and overworked.

Stressed and worn down.

That’s not good for myself and it’s not good for my kids

So, my goals now — because I am a mommy-in-progress — is to re-evaluate everything on my plate. Analyze the schedule and carve out that very important “me time.” It should happen once a week, even if just for 30 minutes I bet it would do me a world of good.

Also, in order to be able to do that I have to get better at asking for help or delegating tasks.  I have to be okay with not doing it all and getting better at saying “no.”

:: anyone have any tips for me on where to start doing that?::

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