Moms Share What They Do When They're Grouchy

I’m never grouchy. Never. I wear a halo over my head, an “S” on my chest and I pull plants and lamps from my handbag. I speak in soft tones all day. I LOVE to only get 3 hours of sleep some nights and I don’t mind being late ever. When I see my kids doodling along when we have to be somewhere at a specific time, I simply tell them to take their time finding the missing shoe and I smile and want to just pinch their cheeks because they are so cute in those moments.

I think it’s fun to trip over the same pair of shoes 10 times a day. In fact, I wish they would spread ALL of their shoes out so I could hop-scotch over them. I whistle while I work and I sing “A Spoonful of Sugar…” whenever I try to get my daughter to take her medicine. I hate to see my kids go to bed at night because I just want to hear the whines a little longer. I mean, who doesn’t? Why listen to the radio or anything else when you can listen to high pitch whines all day?

And I wish all of that were true. Really I do. I’m human. I’m a mother and honestly I haven’t met a mother like that yet. I’d love to though if she exists! Truth is some times, even when we don’t want to, we get grouchy. Or at least, I get grouchy.

I was sitting around with my family the other day having a good laugh with my sisters about the silly things we do when we get upset and the things we get upset about. We remember our mother slamming cupboards and doors. That must have felt good when her 6 kids were acting out. And I realized that we each have our little things we do when we’re grouchy and we’ve become irrational.

Moms share their grouchy moments and finish this sentence:

I know I’m grouchy when…

1. I start punching my own hands.

2. Curse words rush through my brain and I spew out a mumble of words that make no sense instead. Somewhere between my brain and my mouth they found a filter.

3. Shut the door to my bedroom and throw socks at the door so I won’t break anything.

4. Grit my teeth and speak really softly.

5. Rub my face really fast and pull my hair.

6. Repeat things over and over.

7. Say “No” to my kids over and over again about things that really don’t matter.

8. My child has a bad dream and yells that out in the middle of the night and the first thing I do is say, “Shhhh….don’t wake up the baby!”

9.  My child falls and instead of checking to see if they’re hurt, I grumpily tell them to get up and be tough.

10. I turn off the show they’re watching because it’s annoying me.

11. Start snapping my fingers at them.

12. Clap my hands angrily to get my child’s attention.

13. My kid spills his drink and I get upset.

14. I break a toy on accident (or purpose) and it feels good.

15. I yell at my kids because I stubbed my own toe.

16. I give dirty looks.

What do you do when you’re being a grouch?


Photo Credit: Mitarart via PhotoXpress

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