Monkey Bar Master {Video}


I was holding Addie’s hand on the couch one night when I felt a rough spot on her palm right under her middle finger. I’m familiar with Cody’s callouses, he has lifted weights several times a week since high school, but Addie is only six and I haven’t ever caught her pumping iron around the house.

“Why do you have callouses on your hands, Addie?”

“The monkey bars.” she answered without looking up.

I looked over at Cody and he said “Do you like how she just said ‘the monkey bars’ as though she is the master of the playground?”

I was a bit of a monkey bar master back in my day, but I would have had NOTHING on my own kid.

I have this odd sense of pride whenever I see her sail across a new set of monkey bars, she hasn’t yet met a playground she can’t master. She can go down the middle, down the side rail and across swinging rings. Her newest trick is going backwards, something I KNOW I never did. When she was a baby we were told she had very loose joints and the three dislocated elbows she suffered before Kindergarten were proof of that. Seeing her effortlessly carry herself across various playgrounds with those same joints that plagued her as a young child further proves just how cool kids are.

Even better? The gentle trash talking at the end of this video.

“I can do the monkey bars!”

“Can you do them backwards?”