Movie Night Is Family Night At Our House


I used to love curling up on the couch and watching television movies with my mother for as long as I could remember even though this was way before DVRs and multiple pay-per-view channel and on demand options. For our Saturday nights, it was whatever the three main stations, being NBC, CBS, ABC, had to offer for their weekend lineup. Regardless of what the movie was, it was the memory of just hanging out with my family on the couch, eating popcorn or leftover Halloween candy and bonding over the fifteenth time we might have watched Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music together that was most important to me.

So many years later and with a family of my own, I, of course, try to keep the tradition alive of having family movie night every Saturday. With the year being 2012, we no longer have to rely on what our basic cable has to offer us, though. With the endless movie channels we have, including our on demand options and our trusty DVR from Dish Network, there’s no crying over missing that Disney Junior channel special or not being able to watch Moneyball three times in 24 hours (um, hello Brad Pitt!). Thank you, technology.

For one of our recent family movie nights we watched one of the most anticipated princess movies of the past year, Sofia The First from the Disney Channel. Unfortunately mommy (that’s me) totally forgot to organize a movie night during its premiere, but luckily I recorded one of its encore presentations with my two children and I cuddled up on our sofa with our blankets and our pink cupcakes with whole milks in hand for a night of pure family fun and Disney magic. My children were absolutely delighted and in love with Sofia and now can’t stop trying to cast a spell on me with hopes that I’ll fall asleep while standing (kids!).

On another one of our movie nights, we were lucky enough to catch one of my all-time favorites, Finding Nemo during a free Dish Network preview on Starz. With the temperatures cooling down outside, it was so wonderful to once again just lay in bed together and watch our favorite clownfish journey across Sydney to find his beloved son. With a few laughs, tears, and “oh my goshes” later, my kids were soundly sleeping right next to my husband and I before the big reunion with Marlin, Nemo, and Dory at the end.

Hopefully my children one day will remember their family movie nights and cherish their memories the same way I have. Twenty years from now I can only imagine how their movie nights with their television network providers are going to enhance their experiences. A hologram of Brad Pitt in your living room, maybe?

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